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I’m thankful for all the readers which pass by


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Without further ado here’s

Volume 4 Chapter 7

edit: I totally forgot I translated this after I got back from vacation & also forgot to post it.

Re-translated Volume 2 Chapter 4

I don’t recall giving you guys an analysis for the chapter, I know its late but here it is.

Why did it take longer than usual, I’ll attribute it to stuff happened. One I underestimated college work, I didn’t think I had to write essays again for Speech and Psychology. Okay I expected it from Psych class, but not Speech class. Moving on…. here’s the Analysis for volume 4 chapter 8

Haha, would you look at that, its about half the characters of the previous chapter. My plan is to wrap this up before the end of the month. So maybe next Sunday (29th), at worst it will be the first week of October.

One thing for sure, I’m thankful for all the readers which pass by and comment on my work. You know this hobby of mine, can be stressful at times if I don’t manage my time. But at the end of the day, I feel its worth it. I practice my linguistic skills, it helps my grammar and just exercises my brain in some areas.

To cut things short before I ramble on some more, I’m just grateful to you guys. I honestly never thought I’d be managing a translation website, much less juggling it with my busy life.

So cheers and enjoy your month of September and I wish to bring you guys more content in the future! Woohoo!

Meg & Dia “American Spirit”

…psst these girls haven’t produced an album in nearly a decade, I’m happy to hear their back at making music again XD their latest album is called Happysad