Vol 2 Chapter 4

I’m just a mere adventurer, so I don’t think it’s alright to talk so casually


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Giving their evening farewells to Phyllis and company, Kazuya and Chitose return to their tent only to bring up the previous conversation that was discussed not that long ago.


「It’s quite possible that we are the Otherworlders they are looking for, should we mention this to Phyllis?」

「I don’t think now is a good idea to bring it up. What’s more, it will be difficult for us to intercede in the conflict between countries, with our current strength」

「I see…… you’re right, I’m sorry, I just thought that, you know, the whole thing with Princess Iris. Should we really be keeping quiet? No actually, Chitose gather information about these monster nests which the Knight Order brought up, I want all the necessary intel and why they’re reproducing at an alarming rate」

「Yes, Master」


Still for her to be sacrificed….. and I can’t even bring up anything. Iris I’m so sorry, but is there really no other way to save their own country?


As Kazuya was lost in thought over what they were talking about, nearby Chitose is seen caring a grumpy expression over something.


「Chitose, something wrong?」



「……Master. You know, I think I deserve a reward, having been on guard duty, while you were away having a secret get-together with Princess Iris」

「Huh? Wait it’s not what you thi――」


What did I do wrong?


Suddenly dragged to bed, Chitose didn’t give Kazuya anytime time to rest until morning.


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The very next day………


「Um, Chitose. Why were you so upset yesterday?」

「……….Well that’s――」


Laying next to each other all naked, Kazuya asked Chitose how come she was in a bad mood. Five of her subordinates and her had caught sight of Kazuya and Iris together, hiding nearby the two, so as they wouldn’t be noticed. That was when Chitose had seen everything and how Iris had been indulging herself in Kazuya’s embrace.


When I returned to the camp, I only noticed the Second Knight Order all in a frenzy.


Recalling the events of the night before, Kazuya understood that the root cause was due to a certain individual.



「Yes Chitose, what is it?」

「Please remember this, we won’t mind how many women, will gather around Master, so long as…. you never forget to give us your affection too」


No, it’s not like that, I don’t want to be surround by……


「Hm, naturally….」


Kazuya didn’t even think about surrounding himself with more women, but shook his head up and down vigorously towards Chitose’s serious expression.


「――If not, I may ――have to―― keep――things balanced」


Near the end, Chitose muttered several words but, none of it managed to reach Kazuya’s ears.


「….Did you say something?」


Having finished getting all dressed up, Kazuya exited his personal tent, but despite it being early in the morning, right outside his tent, Iris patiently waited for his appearance.

Surprised by the early morning guest, Kazuya looks all over in a hurry, and catches sight of her maids quite a bit away.


「Good Morning, Dear Brother」

「Good Mm――….morning. Princess, I apologize for my blunder last night. Not knowing who you were, my actions were very rude, I hope you can forgive me for that」 


Having spoken casually to Iris the night before because he didn’t know her true Identity. Kazuya bends down on one knee and bows his head apologetically. Having heard about the princess through Phyllis’s explanation, Kazuya spoke in a politely mannered way.

But, because of the sudden change, Iris frowns at Kazuya’s behavior.


「……Dear brother, cut it out, don’t speak to me like that, all proper and noble.  Speak to me like how you were last night, casually」

「Ah that…… There’s no way I can… after all you’re….」

「And also…. Last night didn’t you come upon my shameful appearance, didn’t you say you’ll take responsibility!?」

「Urk!? Uh, but your highness, this and that are two diff…..」

「Dear brother, stop speaking to me in that way」

「Nnngh, but Princess? I’m just a mere adventurer, so I don’t think it’s alright to talk so casually」

「Did you just hear what I just said? Dear Brother? I told you, to just talk to me like how you spoke to me last night!」

「Princess Iris――」

「Just Iris」


「Just Iris」

「H, how about――」

「I― R― I― S!! Okay?」


「Good, isn’t that better?」


That was the moment Kazuya caved in to Iris’s overbearing presence.

Having failed at settling how to address Iris, Kazuya gave in to speaking to her in a casual way, only when no other people were around and in the presence of trusted people.


「As for last night’s incident I――」

「You are going to take responsibility for it, right?」


「If you’re not going to answer me back, some how Phyllis might hear something about what happened~」


What the hell is this!? Where is all that dark aura spewing out from!? Is this really Iris, in front of me, why are you so different from the time we first met!?


Overwhelmed by the dark aura the little princess was unleashing, Kazuya felt terrified as he inwardly gave in.


「My Dear brother, you understand right….. you won’t run away right?」


「You will, right? Having seen a countries princess at her most embarrassing moment, you aren’t going to just up and leave right? You do know what will happen if word ever does get out, right? ( You shared your warmth to person like me……  A warm feeling that I always wanted to feel from everyone―― I can’t anymore, having felt this succulent, I can never leave Dear Brother)」


She’s like a delicate rose, one wrong move and I’ll be executed….. There’s no way I can help it, how about I just agree and deal with it later….. Should I just run away?


「I, I understand」

「It wasn’t a lie right? You really are going to take responsibility, right?」


「That makes me so happy, Dear brother 」


Despite the maids around her, Iris jumped towards Kazuya and began rubbing her cheeks against his chest, like last night.


Though I said, I would take responsibility, I didn’t think she’d be this serious about it, I guess as long as she’s okay.


「(After all there’s no way I’d ever let go, Dear Brother)」


Feeling a little optimistic about his decision, Kazuya plans to deal with the situation later, like a customer who puts off paying the bill until they really have to.

Following their exchange, Kazuya and company clear up camp and make their way to the Capital.

But the journey to the Capital is not at all simple, as Iris stays glued to Kazuya’s side almost the entire time, as they passed through small towns and villages, causing the Second Knight Order to feel somewhat troubled.


W-why!? How did things turn out like this?


It’s been roughly 10 days since they’ve left their base. Palming his head, Kazuya looked forward to entering the Capital tomorrow.

That was because of Iris progressively clung to him with each passing day.

Deciding not to ride within her carriage, Kazuya returned to his jeep, but she would follow and sit on his lap. Not too mention, during meal times she would do the same thing.

One evening she tried to sneak into his tent in the middle of the night while no one was watching (But, Chitose who was sleeping with Kazuya, noticed her and prevented anything from happening).

Brooding over how to deal with Iris’s assertive actions, Kazuya decides to ask Chitose for advice after receiving her report. As she was currently going over the information about the Canary Kingdom gathered through interacting with the Second Knight Order.


「――According to what we’ve learned, the Canary Kingdom’s internal affairs are in turmoil, as there’s conflict with its ruler, Queen Isabella Velhelm and Prime Minister Raven.  Furthermore, they are still at war with the Alsace Magical Empire, a neighboring country」

「I see. Continue to gather information」

「Yes, Master」


As Chitose wrapped things up, Kazuya called out to her once more just before she was about to exit the tent.


「Ah Chitose, hold on for minute」

「Mm. Anything else, Master?」

「I was wondering if you could give me a little advice….. How do I carry myself around Iris?」

「Master doesn’t have to worry about that little bra――*Cough*! I believe the reason why the Princess is acting this way, is because you were the first friend she ever made.」


Chitose spoke of Iris as a naive young girl.


「I was the first person to befriend her?」

「Mm-hm, from the information we gathered from the surrounding knights, the Princess was treated as a detestable child. Even though she is of royal descent, no one approached her, as for the maids around her, none got too close to the Princess herself. The only exception to that is Phyllis and the Second Knight Order which was recently established」

「…..So that time I mistook her for a maid and treated her well, is when she became attached to me?」

「I’m not sure if its just that alone…. But once we deliver the Princess to the Capital, the matter will resolve itself」

「Ah I guess that makes sense. Oh, how’s the operation going?」

「Right, just some minor damage on our end, but the operation itself was a success. The results are detailed in the report here」

「How much damage did we receive?…… It’s fine I understand. I’ll peruse through the report later and also verify how much my level has risen」


Receiving the report from Chitose, Kazuya looked at title of the report placed on the table.


Status Report ・ Large-scale area bombing on Aberrant Monster Nests』


I know I shouldn’t be mixing personal affairs while managing an army, but Chitose and everyone with me are my summoned people, what’s more I can’t leave Iris to die. But in a predicament like this shouldn’t I just raise my level, yeah I should do just that.


「Now then, Chitose. Care to join me for dinner?」

「Yes Master, gladly」


And so Kazuya exited the tent along with Chitose, as they left to eat the last meal of the day

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TL Notes: The ending scene from “Love, Death + Robots : The Secret War” is what I imagined what happened to the monster nests, in the Canary Kingdom.

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