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Promoting artwork from Artist Brandon Dunn

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Promoting artwork from Artist Brandon Dunn
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Here’s April’s 2nd Chapter (I know I’m late)

Volume 4 Chapter 3

Another lengthy chapter, but it has action in it. Yes with 10,000+ characters its basically like 2 1/2 standard chapters in one.   If my college essays are just at around 500-1000 words, then this chapter is like 10 – 20 essays.

It’s okay I’m just joking around, with word length.  And I will have this chapter done in a couple weeks. 

Just know that May 6-10 is my Finals week, so I’ll get started on this chapter after that.

Thank you all for your support and I hope to translate more content for you guys in the near future. 

Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes – Counting Down the Days