Vol 4 Chapter 3

Things are proceeding so smoothly, it’s making me anxious


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Fluttering freely on the castle’s ramparts, the walls of the Fortress City Ballard were adorned with white flags, as the cities gate was wide open and left unprotected.

「Huh, white flags?…. Are they surrendering already?」

Blending in with the surrounding forest, the soldiers of Parabellum were adorned with woodland camouflage uniforms as their faces had been colored with a grease-based green and black face-paint. Having observed the state of their objective, they lowered their Type 89 Assault Rifles while muttering amongst themselves.

「*Sigh* It’s another victory without any bloodshed. Man, this is just anticlimactic」

「You idiot, don’t depreciate the situation. Would we have been better off fighting and have casualties on both sides or have them surrender before a fight. Anyway look at this place, I wouldn’t want to provoke them just test the power of our forces」

「Ah, you’re right…. I didn’t mean to say….」

「……. Hey Aoki, don’t you have a radio on you!? If you have time to lollygag and spout random things, do your job and report this up to Command!!」

「Ahh, right, sorry sir! ―HQ this is 1st Recon, radio check ― I say again, HQ this is 1st Recon, radio check, over」

Fearing his superior who floated a blue vein on his forehead and  releasing a menacing aura, the Ratelo hurriedly grabbed his man-pack radio and began to report the situation to his higher ups.

『1st Recon, this is HQ,― We read you loud and clear ,over』

「HQ, Reporting, were near the objective, but countless white flags are being flown on the fortress. *break* Also their gates are wide open and undefended, over」

『Understood 1st Recon, maintain operational surveillance, over』

「Copy that HQ, we’ll maintain our surveillance over the objective, 1st Recon, out. 」

Following the orders of Headquarters, Soldiers scouted around the Ballard City’s Fortress confirming white flags all over its walls. Looking through their binoculars the men, plotted various routes into the fortress while maintaining their surveillance.

「Are they really surrendering without putting up a struggle? How many times have we gone through something like this? Ah whatever already…. Alright all units get ready to move out!! The 4th Army Division will be taking lead into the fortress, once inside we’ll make contact with the cities lord. Everybody stay alert, there’s no telling if this surrender is a trap」

「Roger that, we get you sir」

With the reconnaissance teams gathering and relaying intel of Ballard’s Fortress, Parabellum’s 5th Marine Division and 4th Army Division began to put together a quick reaction detachment force to send towards the city.

「Things are proceeding so smoothly, it’s making me anxious」

「Ahaha, what’re you saying, you’re just overthinking things」

「Am I really?」

「Yeah, your just blowing things out of proportion, take it easy will ya」

Parabellum’s Soldiers banter back and forth, trying to take the edge of each other’s tension, trying to lighten the mood before saddling up into one of the vehicles headed for Ballard.


With the onset of Operation Vermillion, Parabellum had launched a preemptive strike upon the Alsace Magical Empire, demolishing approximately half of the Empires military infrastructure within the blink of an eye.

And in the period where the Empire had been gathering their forces along their border facilities for the next invasion, Parabellum’s attack had annihilated a fifth of their forces in a single day.

With the loss of their military power and personnel, the Empire was unable to cope with Parabellum’s land offensive which entered their territory like a landslide.

And with their advance, town after town, city after city, fortresses and castles had fallen to occupation.

Trying to minimize collateral damage and harm to civilians ―― Certain fortresses and strongholds had been spared Parabellum’s initial bombardment. But they were inline with Parabellum’s advance.

Practicing towards perfection for the moment they had to take over a city. Parabellum’s military trained extensively, focusing on siege operations and combat within tight quarters.  But as they continued to advance towards the heart of the Empire, many City Lords in their path had surrendered almost immediately.

But that was not always true for some, as several foolhardy leaders employed mercenaries in an attempt to gain achievements by warding off Parabellum’s forces. Their futile resistance ended up blowing up in their faces as the reward for their foolishness. 

「Well isn’t this a warm welcome」

Entering the city without facing any resistance 4th Army Division’s, 7th Mechanized Infantry Battalion passed through the fortresses gates expecting to face animosity.

Riding inside one of their convoys light armored vehicles Captain Haruto Kirishima watched, he was slightly confused as people lined up on opposite sides of the street waving wholeheartedly towards their supposed oppressors.

Ah Sir, didn’t you know? This place over here used to be it’s own country, but they were defeated 10 years ago and were absorbed by the Empire. So from the perspectives of the residents, that had to live under the Empire’s rule ―― We’re more like the liberators, that have set them free from oppression. These people must have also heard the rumors of our territorial management as well.

「So we’re like their saviors….. Well I guess the warm reception is kind of nice. But… I’ve also been to villages, towns and cities where the townspeople aren’t as lively like the ones here. Apart from them welcoming us that is」

Passing through the city, they finally arrived at the City Lords courtyard while in the middle of a conversation, Captain Kirishima looks towards the fortresses spire, at its peak their flag flew freely with its crimson-red disc at its center.

Um Sir, for something like that, it just couldn’t be helped. These people were taxed heavily in preparation for the Empire’s war expenditures and their men were taken away for manual labor. So you can see why these people are so jubilant towards us

「…….. I see」

「Excuse me. Captain Kirishima, the Battalion Commander is calling for you. You are to report to command as soon as possible.」

「Understood, I’ll be right there. ….. Suzumiya, you’re in charge till I get back」

Got it, sir. …….. Ugh, to get called by that woman again

Receiving a call to report to the Battalion Commander, Captain Haruto Kirishima disappears with one of the Soldiers. Raising her eyebrows and pouting with a displeased expression, 1st Lieutenant Akari Suzumiya was left to deal with the 5th Company’s matters. 

「Every time~ ‘Oh the Battalion Commander is calling for you’. Just because he’s her favorite Officer」

「Hahahaha~ he’s probably used to it already. Somebody seems a bit jealous~」

「True, true But that’s just what you would expect from the man called『Harem Meister』」

「He’s a natural chick-magnet, that unconsciously draws countless pretty and beautiful girls. Well that’s our leader for you. …..You can get tired just from watching all of it」


…… What’s so funny guys?

While the Soldiers of 5th Company were joking and ragging on about their leader, their unit’s Executive Officer 1st Lieutenant Akari Suzumiya, began reaching for her 9mm pistol from its holster.  

「Huh!? Ack, nothing, nothing’s funny, uh XO?」

….. Do you think its funny for our Company Commander to be called out by another woman?

「No um, its actually quite….. Yup, no, its not funny at all, Ma’am….」

……Then all of you shut up, you’re getting on my nerves

「「「「YES MA’AM!!」」」」

What kind of nonsense where they talking about anyway?  *Thought Suzumiya*

As the voices of men and women working inside the Commanders quarters began to grow louder, Haruto followed the Soldier to see the Battalion Commander.

「Excuse me. Colonel, I’ve brought Captain Haruto Kirishima, as you requested」

「Hm-hm, thank you for your hard work. You may go now」

「Yes ma’am, I’ll be leaving now」

Inside  the City Lord’s castle, where a large amount of military gear and equipment were staged, a small functioning command center was created.

Sporting a black short bob haircut, with a younger appearance than her actual age. And a slim and petite body, it’s anybody’s guess as to how this person became a Soldier.

With the average height of an elementary school kid, Lieutenant Colonel Isuzu Furutaka began handing over some documents to one of her subordinates as soon as she saw Haruto. 『The Loli-Commander』or 『The Munchkin Battalion Commander 』 were some of the nicknames she was given, by subordinates who had a peculiar fetish.

「I have some papers for you to sign over here」

「Alright, I’ll sign it」

( ( ( Waaah~ So cute…… ) ) )

Appearing like a daughter helping her father with some paperwork, the surrounding Soldiers in Command room watch as the Battalion Commander was getting along with Captain Kirishima.

「…….By the way Ma’am, was there anything else you wanted me to take care off?」

When you get a good look at her, she really is tiny.

Just when Haruto thought abut something cheeky in regards to his superior. Lieutenant Colonel Furutaka scrunched her eyes and made an irritated expression.

「Hey Kirishima, You just thought of something disrespectful just now didn’t you?…. Were you perhaps thinking about my height?」

「What, nooo. I don’t know what your talking about….. there’s no way」

Crap….. I forgot that this little girls senses are just too good.

Breaking out in cold sweat, Haruto panics in regret, as his superior stares at him with cold  narrowed eyes.

「Hmph….. Ah never mind. After all, you were just captivated by my dynamite body weren’t you. You’re such a lecher」

Trying hard to maintain his composure, while his superior struck a triumphant pose. Sticking out her chest, LT. Colonel Furutaka pointed towards him with haughtily.

……What dynamite body are you talking about!? Aren’t you just parading you flat and smooth features?


And in just that moment Haruto had made a retort in his mind, he couldn’t stop himself from holding in his laughter.

「Hey!! ……. Kirishima you… You just laughed, just now didn’t you?」

「What, no, I wasn’t!! I didn’t laugh!!」

「Don’t lie!! I’m not deaf, I heard you clearly!!」

Having been made fun off, Isuzu turns into a demoness laughing maniacally towards her subordinate, planning to exact a suitable punishment. On the other hand, Captain Kirishima tries to weasel his way out of the situation.

「Ah, um, that’s right! Commander Furutaka, ma’am. What else did you need from me!?」

「…….Damn. I was going to ask you take care of it later, but never mind, this comes first」

Bringing out a bunch of documents, Lt. Colonel Furutaka hands them over to Captain Kirishima.

「You can read all the details in these documents at a later time」

「Oh, what are….. are these for a mission?」

「Uh-huh, you are correct. Simply put, I need your men to survey a village located near a mountain」

Facing the window, Lt. Colonel Furutaka points towards the mountain itself.

「So all we need to do is recon the area right?」

「Well, yes reconnaissance is one of our objectives. But right now I’m sending you out to provide humanitarian aid to that village, if their not hostile」

「Oh, you mean according to the President’s executive orders?」

「Mm-hmm, that’s correct」

In order to minimize the riots and rebellions in Parabellum’s occupied territories, the plan was to bring public order in favor to their side.

And among those various countermeasures, one was providing aid and supplies, such as food to the public.

With the rise in market prices for food across the land, mainly due to the Empire’s stocking up for their invasion. Parabellum’s efforts at distributing food to the public in place of the Empire’s action, caused a shift in the hearts and mind’s of the general public.

「Understood, Ma’am. Commander, I’ll head out there as soon as I can」

「……Wait, don’t leave yet!!」

Saluting promptly towards his superior, Captain Haruto Kirishima turns to carry out his mission, but then, he suddenly felt a tug on his sleeve.

「Geez, I told you already, you don’t have to talk to me like that when no ones around…. just speak normally, it’s fine… Actually, you know what, I order you to talk to me casually!! 」

Knowing that the her subordinates in the Command room left for quite some time, Lt. Colonel Furutaka dropped her soldierly act. Staring intently towards Haruto, she looked like a shy little girl whose heart had been snatched away.

「Huh? But Commander Furutaka, even though no ones around, I can’t just casually――」

「It’s Isuzu!!」

「Uh, that…..so Ms. Furutaka ―― 」


Looking at his superior’s appearance, the Commander of the 7th Mechanized Infantry Battalion, acting like a spoiled elementary school child. Captain Kirishima decided to give in.

「*sigh*……Fine, I get it.――….. So Isuzu」

「Fufu~, you should’ve said that from the beginning, idiot」

Every time Haruto called out to her in a formal manner, like as his superior or another person, Isuzu Furutaka had shouted back at him to call her by her first name. After hearing him say her name, Isuzu chuckled with a satisfied expression.

「Well, I should get go-ing…..huh!」

What the hell is with this situation, I’m not into little girls….this is….

Closing her eyes Isuzu Furutaka puckers her pink lips, while Haruto leaks a sigh inside as he watches his superior try something strange.


Since Haruto wasn’t doing what she wanted, Isuzu releases a sexy complaint wanting for Haruto attention.

…. ….*Sigh* I guess it can’t be helped.

Because Isuzu had held onto his sleeve, there was no way for Haruto to escape.

「Here…. just the forehead…..」

Towards Isuzu’s adult-like actions, Haruto resigns himself by kissing her on her forehead, making Isuzu grumble with dissatisfied eyes.

「Please be fine with just this」

「Hmph. If that’s how you want to be~ then I guess I can just leave things at that.  I’ll get you next time!  Just you wait, I’ll turn into a proper lady, that way you can’t ignore me, do you understand? 」

「Ahahaha…… Please treat me well, when that time comes….」

After laughing off, the Battalion Commanders declaration, Captain Kirishima, heads towards his men’s location with details of their next mission.


Just when he returned back to his unit Haruto was confronted by his second in command. Staring daggers towards him, Lieutenant Suzumiya all of a sudden began sniffing his body, and started to cause quite a scene.

…….Hey you smell like that woman. What did you do!? Why do you smell like her!?

But from those who watched, it could be taken as a one-sided affair.

「The road一 is quite rough一 over here. It’s getting一 kind of bumpy」

Enroute to a village within the vicinity of Ballard’s domain, Haruto held onto his Type 88 JSDF Helmet, as the his light armored vehicle rocked and swayed from the unpaved roads.

Dispatched to survey the area and provide humanitarian assistance, Haruto’s convoy consisted of his JSDF Type 82 Command Vehicle equipped with a remote weapon system to fire its turret. Two JSDF Type 96 Armored Personnel Carriers, one Komatsu Light Armored Vehicle and a Type 73 All-terrain Medium sized truck filled with food, fuel and extra ammunition.

Haruto managed to get a hold of a JSDF Type 89 Infantry Fighting Vehicle from another unit. And with 6 vehicles in total, 35 personnel in tow, the Commander of 5th Company had set off to follow Lieutenant Colonel Furutaka’s orders.

「Sir, I can see our destination!!」

The convoys lead truck, slows down as the machine gunner bangs on the light armored vehicles top, informing the guys inside of their destination.

「*Sigh* Finally…..」

Reaching their objective, the 5th Company commander pats himself down after having to deal with the rough road on the way here.

「Alright guys, dismount the vehicles and stay sharp」

Catching sight of the strange carriages approaching the villagers all hid within their houses, frightened by the unusual sight. Parking their vehicles at the villages center, Haruto had his men step out, standing by with their Type 89 assault rifles and FN Minimi light machine guns.

「…….Uh excuse me, not to be disrespectful, but who are you people? What do you want from us?」

Amidst the countless stares from the surrounding houses, Haruto tenses slightly as an old man comes walking out from one of the nearby dwellings, his complexion seemed apprehensive.

「We are Soldiers from Parabellum, Are you the leader of this village?」

「Yes, I’m the Chief for this place.」

With the appearance of armed men suddenly in their village the Chief just answered back hastily.

「I see. So you know about us then?」

Maybe these people don’t know of us.

Thinking to himself Haruto tries to analyze whether or not, the villagers know who they are.

「Your country is Parebellum right? That means you’re the people who are at war with the Empire….」

But to Haruto’s surprise, the Village Chief did know something.

…… well that’s quite the surprise. I wonder how they get information up here in the mountains.

Do merchants pass by here on a regular basis?

「Since you know who we are, that speeds things up a bit. We’ve occupied Ballard Fortress and have come to check the surrounding area.  And now that we’ve arrived here….. There are some things you’ll be helping me with」

「Some things to help you with….. uh.. what does that…?」

「Ah don’t worry about it. It’s just a small job. Lieutenant, we’re good to go, you can start now」

Yes, sir. Hey you lot, time to work

「「「「「Oora!! (Understood)」」」」」

Fulfilling Haruto’s orders, Lieutenant Suzumiya gathers the men around their Type 73 Heavy Transport Truck, and begin pulling out boxes of food.

「Uh, um , excuse me….. this is quite hard to say, but not too long ago, the Empire’s tax officials came, because of the war they took an extra amount in taxes from us….. so… so… our village has nothing left to offer」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, that’s why…. that’s why… we can’t….」

Watching Parabellum’s Soldiers bring out boxes (filled with food) off their vehicle under Lieutenant Suzumiya’s direction, the Village Chief assumes they are here to collect taxes from their village.

「Wait a minute, aren’t you misunderstanding something….」


「We didn’t come here to collect taxes from this village」

「…..then…then what are you?」

Unable to follow the situation, the Village Chief panicked from Haruto’s vague explanation. Chuckling to himself, Captain Kirshima tells the Village Chief something good.

「We’re here to give out food」

「………….Give out food?……. What does that mean?」

Dumbfounded by Haruto’s response, the Village Chief’s mouth opened with shock unable to say a thing.

「Hahaha, it’s just like I’ve said. We’re here to distribute food to you guys. That’s why we’re here」

「…….But…..Why would you…?」

「These are part of the commands from our President, our Country’s leader. Our President is a compassionate man, and for the impoverished people who face daily hardship, we are sent to help alleviate that.  And this goes for all the people under our country’s occupation」

「Is, is that really true!? Those boxes you have there! They’re not boxes to collect taxes from us!?」

「You mean the ones coming off our vehicle? That’s your lunch. It’s already midday.」

Following Captain Kirshima’s nod, Lieutenant Suzumiya dumps out one of the boxes filled with military rations (UGR-Express, Meals Ready-to-Eat )

Within the boxes piled up to the side, are self-contained meals prepared with frozen or preserved ingredients. Coming with a water activated chemical heater, that warms up food for its recipient.

「See, that’s what’s in the box. I don’t think you’ve mentioned it, but how many people are in this village?」

「……We have about 150 people」

…… There are a lot more villagers here, than I originally thought. But since we brought a large amount of food with us, we should be fine.

「Well then, I think you should gather everyone out here, it would be a shame if the food get cold, don’t you think?」

「Ah, right! yes, I’ll call everyone out immediately!!」

After hearing Haruto’s cheerful response, the Village Chief rushes to gather the villagers, his face was full of admiration.

「There’s no need to rush, we have a lot to go around」

「Everyone, please stay in line」

 At first the villagers were wary, unable to believe the Village Chief’s words about food being given out for free. But after seeing food displayed for distribution, people started coming out of their homes with wooden bowls and tableware, gathering in line one after another.

「We were only able to prepare a simple meal for you all, but once the roads become much more developed, we can bring better dishes, so please look forward to it」

Village Chief smiled and laughed to himself, listening to Captain Kirishima’s proposal while watching the villagers gladly accept their meals.

「What you’re saying, sounds ridiculous. But at least, it be like a real feast for these people」

「Is that right?」

「Yes, it really would be. Never in our wildest dreams, did we think that we would be able to enjoy something such as this  For all this, you have our deepest gratitude」

「I’m glad you guys like the meal….. but there’s something I’d like to know…」

「Um, what would that be?」

「For a while now, I’ve seen some villagers get their meals and return to there houses to eat, only to return back in line for more food. Wouldn’t it be easier to eat the food out here, rather than go back and forth like that?」

Listening to Haruto’s curious inquiry, the Village Chief paled. Because just like he mentioned, the villagers would take their meals back home and go back in line to refill their bowls.

「Ah, ah, that’s, you see, ah it’s like……well… that’s because, we have an old custom we follow! Yes, one of our traditions is not to eat out in public view. That’s why our people would get their meals, eat it in their homes and come back if they wanted more」

「Is that really the case?」

Observing the Village Chief’s suspicious behavior, Haruto didn’t really believe the Village Chief’s excuse.

…… Should I try something, to check it?

「Huh, Captain? …….Where are you going? 」

「Ah don’t worry, I just need something」

Putting one of his ideas in to action, he decides to test the Village Chief’s words.


Reporting! Sir? Was there something…

「We brought some apples along with us right, can you go get one for me?」

「Oh~ Alright, I’ll go get it. Just one right?」

Holding the apple which Lieutenant Suzumiya had handed off to him. Captain Kirishima began walking down the distribution line and stopped by a girl who was waiting in line for food.

「Hey there little girl」


「Would you like to eat this?」

Smiling gently, Haruto holds out an apple in front of the young girl.

「……Can I really?」

「Yeah of course you can. But can you eat it out here?」

「It’s okay, I can eat out here」

Did the Village Chief just lie about their old customs?

Listening to the the village girls reply, Haruto knew that something was up, and that the Village Chief just made an excuse.

But right when he was about to confront the Village Chief for an answer, he witnessed something unbelievable.


―― *Swallow* *Gulp*

「Ehehehe~ That was tasty, thank you older brother」


Huh?……What did I just!?

Unhinging her jaw, something impossible for the average human being, the young village girl had eaten the apple whole. Her mouth wrapped around the entire fruit, and just as it had gone down, she gulped it in a single moment.


Soldier’s of 5th Company were astounded by the young girl’s gulp, some could even hear the sound. All the while, villagers in the surroundings paled simultaneously from the girls small act.

「Little girl, are you ok――」

「A, Anise!! Are you OKAY!? We need to hurry home, your choking!!」

「You swallowed something too big!!」

「You, take her home immediately!!」

Just when Haruto was about to ask the little girl a question, the Village chief and the girls mother grabbed her immediately, trying to flee.

「Hold on, just wait a minute!!」

But there was no way, Haruto would silently let this matter slide.

Stretching out his hand, Haruto held the woman who tried to pull the young girl away, calling out to her, to just wait.

But this action caused a ripple effect, as it incited the woman’s husband to react.

「Rrrgh!! Sana!! Take Anise and run away!! I knew something like this would happen!! We need to kill them all, don’t let anyone survive!!」

Thinking Haruto was planning to harm his daughter, he calls his wife to take her to safety, the girl’s father then incites the villager men to attack, knocking back two Soldiers in the process.


In unison the men in the village bore their fangs, revealing their true nature towards the Soldiers of 5th Company.

「Stop it!! All of you settle down, don’t!!」

The Village Chief paled as his pleas towards his fellow village people were in vain, as the village men’s emotions exploded, calling for blood.

―― *BANG!!*

「Augh!! It hurts, Aauuugggghhh!!」

「「「「What the!?」」」」

……. Captain…….

Right when villagers where about to attack his subordinates, Haruto discharged his weapon towards a young man whom was targeting his Lieutenant, the bullet went through the man’s leg. Just like a chivalrous knight, Haruto saved Suzumiya and essentially caused the surroundings to freeze due to the sudden change in the situation.

「All of you freeze, nobody moves. If anyone tries, there will be no way for me to can guarantee your safety 」

After seeing smoke rise from the barrel of the leaders 9mm pistol as well as the 5th Company’s armament (Assault rifles and light machine guns), the village men completely lost all motivation in attacking.

「Alright then…. Can you explain to me what’s going on? And don’t leave out any details」

「……I, I’ll tell you everything…..」

Replying in a low voice, the Village Chief resigned himself towards Haruto who still held his 9mm in hand.

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