Rambling 1.9 (Vol 4 Ch3 news)

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Hey everyone and Happy April! Here’s the latest chapter for MWFW

Volume 4 Chapter 2

Heading into the next chapter, here’s a rough analysis

8929 characters or 8589 something odd words. Doing a general review on chapter its split into 3 sections. There doesn’t appear to be a heavy use of military terminology, so i don’t have to do a lot of research, yay!

Anyway, if no hiccups appear in the near future, I will try to get this down by mid-April. 

As for my other pet project, the Discarded Hero, I may post something later in the month.

Thanks to all me readers for passing by and showing your support and liking my content, and helping me out sometimes with my grammar, you have my gratitude.

Cheers and Enjoy your weekend!

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