Vol 3 Chapter 28

Chitose brings down the hammer, laying down punishment.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Spending some quality time with Kazuya, Chitose’s heart pounds rapidly as sounds of writing fill the Presidential office, her thoughts gravitating on this special time.

As no disturbing hinderances from other countries were around, their subordinates were under strict guidance not to intrude unless it was an emergency. Chitose enjoyed this slow period, after a series of annoying events from not too long ago.


….Ahhh~ this is bliss.


Reveling in the moment where it was just them two, Chitose moves her pen at a faster pace than usual, tidying up the stack of documents before her at a serious rate of speed.

「…. … there, it’s finally finished」


After completing the pile of documents before her, Kazuya had finished his stack not long after, putting down his pen and leaning against his chair, breathing with deep relief.

「Thank you for all your hard work, Master」


Within a moments notice, Chitose had already prepared Kazuya a drink, having promptly waited, like a loyal dog ready to do its master’s bidding.

「Ah~ Thank you. …. …*sip* *sigh*, Chitose what do we have going on after this?」

「Currently there is nothing scheduled, there’s no work at all, so in short we’ll be free for the rest of the day」

「Is that right?…… Well then, shall we finish up here and head home?」

「Yes, Master」

Completing their work, Kazuya and Chitose embarked to their residence, where the orphans expectantly waited.




Upon opening the mansion’s door, the orphan children whom Kazuya had saved charged directly at him. This was a common occurrence, every time the children learned about Kazuya’s return.

Kazuya would always be knocked down by the large wave of children.

「You little rascals!!」


Piling themselves on top Kazuya, Chitose hurriedly tries to rescue him, as he sunk in the deeper within the wave of oncoming kids.

「「「Mother’s angryー!!」」」

「「「Run awayー!! Before you get punishedー!!」」」


But then, the children began to scatter, dodging from the enraged Chitose, giggling and cackling while running away towards the nearby hallway.

*Groaning* Oww…」

「Are you in pain, Master?」

「Aah~ it’s fine, I’m alright… … I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the energy  of all these kids」


Voicing a small complaint with a halfhearted smile, Kazuya turns to look towards the children peeping from behind the hallway corner, who were giggling amongst themselves.

「Master, are you okay?」

「Master, are you hurt?」


Getting up with Chitose’s help and dusting off his clothes, the surrounding Elven Maids, hurry over with worried expressions.

「It’s all my fault, Master I’m so sorry. I thought it was alright to inform everyone of Master’s return……」


These maids, were the elven women of the Saltz clan, whom were saved from execution during the Demon Kings punishment of traitors within the Monster Kingdom.

Although they were punished, exiled into slavery and wore slave collars, their treatment was nothing less than a blessing (compared to other slaves of this world) as Parabellum provided them a favorable living environment.

Afraid that they would lose their place here, by gaining Kazuya’s displeasure, the Elven maids apologized immensely with fear.

「Ah it’s fine, I’m okay, all of you can return to your duties」

「「「Yes, Master」」」


Anxiously shaking their heads up and down, the maids scattered about to accomplish their duties, relieved that Kazuya hadn’t given them a death sentence.


… ….I guess it’s still hard for them to get used to this place.

The elven maids seem to fear me, being hesitant and always approaching from a distance. Furthermore they’re always jumpy and anxious in their duties when we’re around. Do they think they’ll be sent away if they cause a blunder?

Maybe with a little more time & training, they should eventually get accustomed to living here.


「… … for now let’s head to the bedroom」



Right when Kazuya stopped thinking about the Elves circumstances and decided to head to his room with Chitose.

The flapping of wings became audible as a black shadow suddenly flew straight towards Kazuya and then diving directly at him.





Knocking Kazuya to the ground once more, the black shadow turned out to be the winged race girl, Clarice.

「Father, father, fatherrr!! Clarice was….. Clarice was very lonely!!」


Kazuya became bewildered by the sudden surprise attack as his head struck the floor. Feigning innocence Clarice used her wings to cradle Kazuya, creating a space for just the two of them. Holding Kazuya’s face she fawns over him, as his eyes adjust from dizziness.


「Father, I can’t wait anymore!! Let’s go to my room already!! And lets――」

「CLA~RI~CE~? What are you doing to Master!?」


Furious that Clarice tried to whisk Kazuya away to her room to engage in intimate acts, Chitose brings down the hammer, laying down punishment


「Augh!? Ow ow ow ow ow!! M,mother it hurts!! You’re so cruel, Mother!!」

「Hmph!! For a girl your age to obsess about mating! How many times do I have to tell you, you’re too young for such adult matters!!」


Rubbing the sides of her head with both hands, Clarice protests with teary eyes.

*Sighs* Nnngh…. Clarice? Clarice, can’t you give me break…」


Kazuya finally stands up, after having been knocked down.

「Father, father!! Listen, mother was being cruel to me!!」

「It’s fine, it’s fine, I get it, I’ll listen. Let’s head to the room and I’ll listen to the whole story」


Thinking that Clarice had a long story of complaints, Kazuya interrupts her, with a carefree reply.


「Muuu~ *Pouting Face* (ŎεŎ)  … I guess… fine then, let’s hurry, father」

「Yeah, yeah, you don’t have to be so pushy」


Clarice grabs Kazuya’s outstretched hand enthusiastically, holding on to it as if she were his lover, but after seeing Chitose’s outstretched hand as well, Clarice fussily ignores her.

「… …hmph」


In a tiny voice, Chitose laughs sinisterly after Clarice avoids holding her hand.

「… …ohohoho~」


Stifling her laughter, Chitose grabs Clarice’s open hand, gripping it gently, but in a way where Clarice couldn’t let go.

「… … muuuu…」


Dissatisfied, Clarice pouted when her opposite hand was grasped. Having overheard her menacing laugh, Clarice loosely grips Chitose’s hand.


These kids… … … This is all for Master’s sake…. ….

I’ll just prepare for “that time”…. ….


Even though they weren’t blood related, they acted like a real family while walking down the mansion’s hall. Meanwhile Chitose inwardly began forming a plan to deal with future.



As Parabellum was making preparations for the oncoming counteroffensive.

Military personnel enjoyed the last moments of their vacations as they began training continuously through the mornings and all through the nights.

Factory workers at the assembly line produced munitions and equipment at full capacity, toiling day and night within a 24 hour period. Rotating shifts and increasing Parabellum’s military capabilities for future operations.

「… …Hrmm…」


The silent conference room grew boisterous, with various dignitaries representing the Canary & Monster Kingdom, gathering to discuss their future plans and strategies.


At a time like this…. …. are we really going through with this strategy… …


Looking down on the top secret document passed from Chitose, Kazuya makes a troubled expression.

In big letters the title of the document in front of him『Proposal for the Annexation of the Canary & Monster Kingdoms』, moving his line of sight from the paper to the group of women attending the conference, sitting quietly with proud smiles.








Iris was the first to laugh, followed by Karen, Amira, Feene & Lena, all of them gloated with eerie smiles filled with rivalry. 

All of the girls thoughts became one as they stopped on a certain page within Kazuya’s conference documents, gazing at that page with excitement and joy.


In actually… … I never thought something like this would be part of the plan… …


What thrilled these five women was the part during the final stages in the Proposal for Annexing both the Canary and Monster Kingdoms. The page which specifically mentions Kazuya  『Marrying』 Iris, Karen, Amira, Feene and Lena.


「… … Chitose, please explain to me the finer details about this plan」

「Yes, Master」


Having prepared the documents for the conference, Kazuya asks Chitose for an explanation about this proposal.


「Just as it’s been written already, Parabellum is currently providing support and military intervention for these countries.

The Monster Kingdom had lost a majority of their military power in battle, had they not sought assistance from us, they surely would have been annihilated by the Empire within the blink of an eye. 

On the other hand, the Canary Kingdom has a moderate degree of military forces, but their entire economy and logistical distribution are at our mercy. And without our direct military support, their Kingdom would also fall to the Alsace Magical Empire. 」


「…. ….. Ok, continue」


「Right, well based off this information, before we launch our assault on the Empire we will need to consolidate the power of these countries, by incorporating them into our own.

By uniting these countries under our banner we will be able to solve the food shortages, eliminate dangerous individuals, spies and the rot that has been plaguing their rule.

Once that has been accomplished, everything will become like a well oiled-machine as Parabellum will then concentrate, on its counteroffensive against the Empire」


「I can see the reasoning behind this, but is marriage really necces――」

「Dear Brother!!」

「Ah, that hurts. Kazuya, are you that much against marrying me? Did you only seek me, just to toy with my body?」



As Iris cuts off Kazuya’s remarks, Karen teasingly adds fuel to the fire, lightly laughing to herself. While Amira and her daughters squint dangerously towards Kazuya, waiting for his next words.


「Ack, no it’s, yes I, this isn’t what the issue is about…. … ..

Ah….. … …this is bad… …

Chitose, did you skip explaining this part of the plan on purpose?」


Realizing Iris and the girls reactions, Kazuya panics, deflecting to Chitose as he was unable to come up with an excuse.


「… … Yes… … I’m sorry for causing Master to be distressed. But I thought this would be the best way to get rid of Master’s worries (by creating a self-sufficient governmental structure that doesn’t rely on Master).

This was also the best method for getting rid of…. I know Master isn’t at fault… … But Amira’s drastic actions were not in my calculations….. 

Ugh! But of course it’s like that… But then Master had to reveal his true feelings all of a sudden!! I wanted to get rid of those pests…」


Alternating between her desires to monopolize Kazuya and plans for the future, her voice trails. Realizing she blurted her thoughts aloud, Chitose slightly panics, reminding Kazuya to forget about what she said.


I see, it’s no wonder these plans are made like that, Chitose you’re really…. … So if Iris and I were to marry, then the plan to annex her kingdom should proceed smoothly and quickly.


After those times of having embraced Iris and Karen, Chitose had incidentally attacked him at night thereafter…. Glancing over to Chitose once more, Kazuya sought to comfort her on the matter.


「Chitose, you don’t need to be so anxious, it’s not like you were trying to deceive me. You’ve done all of this while thinking of me right?」



After hearing Kazuya reassure his trust in her, Chitose became all teary-eyed.


「But… .. Iris are you okay with this? Parabellum isn’t setting up a colony within Canary Kingdom’s borders, an annexation means that your kingdom will become a part of Parabellum. Your country will cease to exist?」

「I don’t mind what happens. It doesn’t matter what the country turns in to, as long as I’m with my Dear Brother… …」


Towards Kazuya’s query about her country losing its power, Iris replied as though it were never an issue.

In retrospect it would be hard to instill loyalty towards ones own country after being treated as an outcast, receiving great prejudice for being different.


「My thoughts are similar to what Princess Iris just said. While in the past, her Majesty has taken care of me. I have never sworn my allegiance to the Canary Kingdom. Anyway, my Noble house (The Lautrec Duchy) has always been originally viewed as an independent power in itself」

「I see….」


After confirming Iris and Karen’s responses, Kazuya turns to face Amira asking the same thing.


「Well then, are you also okay with this Amira? The entirety of the Monster Kingdom will……」

「Aah~, It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s in our nature to follow the laws of the jungle, the strong will always dominate the weak. That’s been our national policy for a while. It’s just even during my time in battle I was unable to drive back that damn Empire. But if the Monster Kingdom were to be annexed by you, will you persecute my people as well?… …

Well, it’s embarrassing for me as a ruler, but if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have been able to survive. Oh and don’t misunderstand my daughters nor my intentions, we aren’t marrying you for the sake of our country, but we truly want to marry you from the bottom of our hearts」

「………………alright, I understand」


Affirming along with Amira’s answer Feene and Lena nod in agreement, as Kazuya acknowledges their response.


I guess it’s to be expected…. …. Wow, Heh, haha, *deep sigh*…. …. I just need to man up. But I never expected that at 20 years old, I’d be with five gorgeous women….. to be married to such beautiful brides…..


「Ah Chitose, there’s something I want you to check on for me 」

「Understood, what can I do?」


In order to realize the plan to annex his allies kingdoms―― And to also prepare for his marriage with Iris and the other girls, Kazuya asks Chitose if she planned for any contingencies.


「For the annexation of the Monster Kingdom. The individuals who will oppose, the annexation as well as my marriage with the Demon king and her daughters. Do we have a plan to deal with them?」

「Yes, our plan follows the Monster Kingdom’s national policy at its core」

「So suppress them with military might? There may be too many casualties or even deaths….」

「Master, in actuality…. … our tactics will be quite different. We’ve already made plans to minimize the amount of projected casualties, so please rest assured Master 」


Aware of Kazuya’s apprehension for such things, Chitose laughs lightly before explaining.


「In the event where we are met with some opposition…… Nine times out of ten, we will respond with non-lethal weapons, or weapons without live ammunition… ….

A non-lethal weapon we would deploy, is the Active Denial System (a directed energy weapon), we’ll also be using tear gas grenades, rubber bullets, flashbangs, concussion grenades, taser guns, water cannons and other types like such」

「Won’t this be like riot police… … hushing up an immature group of deviants? Ha~, hahaha, I guess that’s fine, that should be more than enough for those who’ll oppose us」


Lauding Chitose’s plan, Kazuya smiles with relief.


「Well since the biggest issue with the annexation of the Monster kingdom is over, what are our plans for the Canary Kingdom?  Canary Kingdom’s royalty, Queen Isabella Velhelm and Iris’s older sister Aria Velhelm, still wield some authority. Even if Iris and I were to marry and I were to use Iris as my proxy, with full control over their economy, won’t they still retain their sovereignty? Let’s say we annexed their country, I’m sure that geezer――Prime Minister Raven and those greedy noble houses will surely become obstacles down the line.」


「I understand Master’s concerns, but we will deal with these issues step by step. Going forward, we’ve already received Queen Isabella’s consent for this matter. In regards to Princess Aria Velhelm, her nature is similar to mine, so there’s no problem convincing her.

And Master, as for that『*Bulging vein sound*』vile geezer who looked down on Master『*2nd bulging vein sound*』We’ve found evidence  which proves the Prime Minister Raven’s corruption  and his behind the scenes deals with the Alsace Empire. 

Additionally, the noble houses that have been found to be corrupt and engaged in shady activities will be purged」


…. …. It seems, there will be a lot of purging soon.


Listening to Chitose’s desire to eliminate Canary’s filth, Kazuya massaged his temples to ease his mind.


「Alright… … We’ve received Queen Isabella’s consent, Prime Minister Raven will be dealt with, as well as opposing noble houses…. …

Now… as for Princess Aria, what did you mean, when you mentioned she’s the same as you?」


「Ehehe… As for Canary Kingdom’s Princess Aria Velhelm, after negotiating with her, she agreed not to ascend the throne and would be fine with the countries annexation to Parabellum under one condition…. …. …..

Her condition was not to interfere with the First Imperial Knight Orders Captain Vargus Leonhart and her modest lifestyle together.  Anyhow, seeing is believing so we’ve set up a video conference with the couple in question, please review their responses for yourself, Master」


Chitose turns on the flat screen television in the conference room, appearing on the LCD screen was a girl whose splitting image was very much similar to Iris, Iris’s older sister Aria Velhelm.


『Ah, something appeared. *Cough* Ahem, Greetings Parabellum’s President, I believe this is the first time we’ve conversed』

「That’s correct, nice to meet you as well… … I believe we can skip the pleasantries and get straight to the point…. …As Canary Kingdom’s royalty, are fine with your country’s dissolution? 」

『Yes, as long as I have Vargus~ by my side, It doesn’t matter to me』


…. ….These sister are truly related, they both said the same thing.


「I see. If its fine by you… …Is it possible for me to have a chat with Vargus, by chance?」

『……………………………. That’s fine. But only for a little bit』


Aria’s eyebrows twitch slightly, when Kazuya nonchalantly asks to speak with Vargus, before disappearing from view.


…. …. What was that, was it something I said?


While Kazuya was lost in thought by Aria’s demeanor, a handsome man appeared on screen. Beside Canary Kingdom’s 1st Princess, was the 1st Imperial Knight Orders Captain Vargas Leonhart.


『Greetings President of Parabellum, I am Vargus Leonhart』

『Yes, right you are……』


Hmmm….. something about this doesn’t seem right.


Cranning his neck toward the flat screen before him, Vargus appeared strange.

「…. … Captain Vargus, your complexion doesn’t seem very good, are you alright?」

『Yes…. I am fine. I am living happily with Princess Aria』

「…. ….Ah, I see. Well if you have any requests, I’ll try to make arrangements for you」


「Huh? Did you say something? 」


Towards Kazuya’s offer, Vargus mutters, starting off like a small buzzing insect, before increasing the volume of his voice.


『….. …help me……HELP ME!! I CAN’T, I can’t keep living like thi―― 』


In the middle of Vargus’ cry for help, the video connection suddenly gets cut off, but after a few moments video telemetry returns, but Vargus’ figure is no where to be seen.


『I’m sorry you had to witness something unsightly, President Nagato, Vargus still needs to be “educated” on his manners』

「………..Ah don’t fret too much about it, but I believe I heard him say “Save me”」


Brushing off Kazuya’s response, Aria smiles deviously while retreating.


『Ah~, I don’t think I have time for this anymore….. I’m really sorry about before, President Nagato. But it’s time for Vargus’ education to continue, please excuse me』

「Um, well, uh, you see….」

『Well best of luck to your conquest, bye bye~』


Dismissing Kazuya’s earlier remark, and claiming to be taking care of personal matters. The video conference was terminated from Aria Velhelm’s end.

….. ….What did I just see? ….. …..Since there’s nothing I can do for you, please rest in peace.

Realizing Vargus’s plight, being at the mercy of a delusionally obsessed woman, Kazuya said a prayer before driving the memory of this incident into oblivion.




「Okay that should be all, in regards to the proposal to unite the Monster and Canary kingdoms under Parabellum. In the future I may ask for more details, but that will be for later……. Now for one last……thing……」


Come on!! Do it, just do it!! Rrrggghhhh〜 〜 ngggghhhh  Be a man!!


Advancing the discussion in order to forget about the matter with Aria and Vargus, Kazuya hesitates, internally debating an important action.

「Chitose…….there’s something….I…..marry……..will you……..Chitose, will you marry me?….. Or, you don’t want to?」


Not wanting to miss this opportunity, Kazuya tries to build the courage to propose, but stumbling on his own words he looks down while turning bright red. Raising his voice he declares his intention, raising his face once more staring directly into Chitose’s eyes.


Ah, I, ha!? Um, right, no I, ah! Here? Is this?…..What do I……」


Shocked by Kazuya’s shotgun proposal, Chitose couldn’t react. Slowly registering what Kazuya asked, she turns crimson as her words become a mess.

「So sneaky!!」

「So unfair」


「…… I wish Kazuya proposed to me」

「THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!! Why is only one person getting proposed to!? Lena wants Kazuya to propose to her toooooo〜!!!」


In the middle of Kazuya’s proposal, Iris and the rest of the girls protest, raising their discontent.

「I GET IT!!  I’ll propose to each one of you individually at a later time!!」


Appeasing Iris and the other girls discontent, Kazuya focuses on this once in a lifetime event.



Not willing to ruin the mood, Iris and the girls remain silent after Kazuya’s outburst, but each one scowled, implying they won’t forgive him if he breaks his promise.

「…………….*Deep breath*, so may I hear your answer?」

「YES……..I’m…so happy….」


Chitose’s reply echoed within the silent conference room, as tears of joy fell from her eyes. In an instant the conference room burst with banter as the two were showered with blessings.



As the uproar from before finally settled, the agenda to unite the Canary and Monster Kingdom under Parabellum came to an end.


「Yes? Did you need something Chitose?」


Pleading with Kazuya Chitose’s eyes moisten.

「Its just…. It’s a bit difficult to talk about right now…. I was planning on taking a leave of absence, just for awhile… 」

「Huh?…. Oh, ok, that’s fine, you can just take a vacation… what’s the occasion?」


Troubled to respond, Chitose became tense, causing the atmosphere to be a little awkward, as Kazuya was puzzled by the sudden request.


「Ah… I… I just won’t be able to work in about two weeks time…… because….. I’ll be giving birth」

「「「「「「「「「…*Long Silence*…」」」」」」」」」


Silence dominated the conference room, after Chitose dropped a bombshell.

「… ….. ……. …… ….. giving… …b-birth???」


Wide-eyed and dumbstruck Kazuya asked Chitose while dazed.


「Yes, I’m pregnant with Master’s child. And by the way, we’ll be having a girl」

「….. ….. ….Ah…W-when did you get p-pregnant?…. ….No, ah, no, when did you find out??」


Examining Chitose’s appearance from top to bottom, her belly was slim as her usual self, different from a pregnant woman’s appearance which Kazuya imagined.

「I found out the other day, after the battle with 500 of that Demon Kings subordinates. I only received a minor scratch, so I went to see one of our female doctors. It was then, that the doctor noticed something peculiar, and told me the news」


….. Wait, was that the reason why, when you came bursting into our room, you said to only do it in the butt? That time??


Irrelevant with Chitose’s story, Kazuya began recalling several useless memories.




Ehehehe~ After all, the affection I receive from Master is greater than you lot.


While Kazuya was still overwhelmed with the sudden bombshell, Chitose glances towards Iris and the other girls, flashing a triumphant smile. 








Iris and the other girls groaned and cursed while Chitose flaunted her superiority over them.

Instinctively all five women thought in their minds I’ll catch up to you soon.

Inciting competition amongst the women present, and having boasted about getting pregnant with Kazuya’s seed, Iris wallowed with thoughts of defeat. Chitose’s confession had in short proved that she had been overtaken.


… … I’m having a daughter? … I’m going to be a father??


「Ahaha, Chitoseーー!!」

「Ah, Masteeerr!?」


Finally realizing that he would become a father, Kazuya embraces Chitose gently, ecstatic with news of her pregnancy.



「Mr. President please kindly wait over here」

「….rrrgghhh.. I… understand」


Having been in the delivery room to holding Chitose’s hand during labor, Kazuya was trying to give her his support. But after becoming too rowdy, the nurses were forced to remove him. 


Shit…. Damn… ughh, I can’t keep still…. I have to be there!!


Having been kicked out of the delivery room, Kazuya couldn’t stay calm. Waiting for Chitose, he kept pacing back and forth around the delivery room doors, like a dog wandering around aimlessly.

「Mr. President please relax, you need to calm down」


Coming to check on Chitose and Kazuya, Ibuki tries to calm the restless man.

「I know!!…. But.. how can I just stay calm…. at a time like this… I should be in there….」


Lashing out at Ibuki, Kazuya’s voice gradually lost its strength fizzling down, before plopping himself down on the couch outside the delivery room, groaning in worry.

「Kazuya Nagato… … I can understand how your feeling, but you are Parabellum’s President, our leader. You, who holds the fate (life) of millions of people (soldiers), must maintain your composure.  If you can’t keep calm now, then what about the future…..」


Ibuki makes a bitter smile while giving advice to the restless Kazuya.


*Sigh*… … I guess now isn’t the time to tell him… …

He was just a former High School boy, who all of a sudden became the leader for an entire army and then a country.  It’s easy to see why he would be so worried about his first childbirth…..

It’s at times like this, I should support him as best as I can.

……But what if I told him that I waspregnantat a time like this? ……………




He might actually faint.

Why don’t we wait until after the Vice-President gives birth?


Cradling his head in his hands, Kazuya leans forward until his elbows were touching his knees. Trying to get a grip of himself, Ibuki rubs his back trying to calm his nerves.

While Kazuya was anxious with Chitose’s labor, Ibuki decided to keep her pregnancy a secret. Laughing bitterly, smiling, so Kazuya wouldn’t notice.


「…*Sigh*… Thank you. I’ve been able to collect myself thanks to you Ibuki」

「That’s good, I’m glad your doing better」


Regaining his sense of composure, Kazuya was grateful to Ibuki.

Enduring the pain, Chitose’s screams from labor traveled through the delivery room walls before coming to a stop. Suddenly the sounds of a baby’s cries were heard.


「AH, Mr. President!!」


The moment he heard the audible cries of his child, Kazuya couldn’t hold back, rushing into the delivery room.


*Chuckling*… Really now…. Finally becoming a parent―― He may turn out to become a doting father in the future.


Standing outside the open delivery room doors, Ibuki watched the scene of Chitose handing off their baby into Kazuya’s arms. Wrapped in a white blanket, Kazuya holds his daughter, with tears streaming.

A month later, following Chitose’s childbirth. Kazuya was back in the delivery room, his appearance mirrored the events of his first child. This time holding his child with Ibuki, Kazuya’s tears were full of gladness.

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