Vol 3 Chapter 29

We’ve already gone past the fringes of science fiction, this is……..


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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During this period of time Chitose was still admitted to the hospital, recovering after having given birth.


「―― alright, continue」


Having become a father, Kazuya was more than willing to work, covering down on Chitose’s portion of duties, who was also the backbone for Parabellum.


「Understood, Mr. President. This concerns the Empires Machina――

After making several major modifications, we’ve retrofitted and improved this humanoid mechanical weapon in accordance with your orders. Producing a standard style ‘Mobile Assault Armor’. 

We are still conducting tests & training pilots for the upcoming counteroffensive. And have projected that its possible to assemble a size equivalent to three battalions. 

Additionally we’ve focused production towards dedicated weapons for these Mobile Assault units, shifting away from attaching modern weaponry. For further details Mr. President, please refer to the report in front of you」


Following The Director of Research & Development, Colonel Klotz’s summary; Kazuya, Ibuki and several high ranking officers reviewed the documents before them.


Mobile Assault Armor (Standard)
Primary Armaments

Head unit
x2 M61 Vulcans

Arm unit
GAU-8 Avenger

Shoulder unit
x2 Rocket Pods
(M261 variant, equipped with Hydra 70 rockets ・ 60 rounds)

Leg Unit
x2 Missile Enclosures
(Medium-range Multipurpose Missiles ・ 8 Missiles)

x2 Short Swords
Anti-personnel S-mine ・ Claymore


Right as Kazuya cast his eyes down towards the report, Colonel Klotz began to explain once more.


「What your seeing before you is an example of just the basic frame. It’s still possible to equip various weapons in accordance to mission requirements. These armaments are in addition to its primary magic lance cannon.

Rather than solely running the Mobile Armor on its Magical reactor, which uses a crystalized magic source, we’ve modified this prototype to utilize a diesel engine. Cutting down on the amount of magic crystals needed to operate the magical reactor by half.

As a result it is much more efficient to utilize our modern weaponry, since firing the magic cannon will consume a great deal of energy. Also the more it’s used, the magical output will lessen after each shot―― You can extend the armors run time, by not firing its magical cannon」


Well, that is a reasonable analysis…..


Kazuya read the reports descriptions, while listening to the Director finish his summary.


Still, I’d wish the prototypes had a better appearance.

…. This seems like a researchers pet project.


In the documents spread before Kazuya, in contrast to the original Machina’s stout and bulky appearance, the prototype Mobile Assault Armor was slimmer and much more compact. And pasted on top of the Mobile Assault Armor’s picture , were various Japanese Warrior-styled features.  

This is just the icing on top of the cake, so let me describe the types of weapons were developing for the Assault Armor.

Please turn to the following page. We are currently trying to produce a 30mm assault rifle, 57mm light cannon, 88mm heavy machine gun, a 120mm sniper rifle, 150mm recoilless rifle, a portable anti-machina grenade launcher, a Anti-tank launcher and many more.

Weapons designed for close-combat, a bastard sword, combat knife, a halberd, katana and various handheld arms


Page after page, there were manufacturing diagrams of the various weapon designs and its performance data.

Production of these weapons won’t make it in time for the planned counter-offensive. So instead we will focus on improving on each mobile armors current structure, with input from our pilots we’ll tackle defects and uncertainties from the actual battle――

….. moving on, I’ll go into multiple designs and variants of Mobile Assault Armor. Please turn towards page 5, in this document


Following Colonel Klotz’s technical guidance, the sound of pages being flipped echoed in the conference room.


Hybrid Mobile Assault Armor
(Tracked-style Mobile crawler)
Referred to as the ‘Gun Tank’

Utilizing the upper body of an Assault Armor, it’s lower half utilizes a tracked chassis. (Currently 10 prototypes ・ Using the Merkava Mk 4 as its base)

Aerial Mobile Assault Armor
Incorporating designs from five fighters, F-22, F-23, F-35, Su-35 and the T-50.

( Only one prototype has been completed)

Special Mobile Assault Armor
Utilizing the scavenged Gigantic Machina as its base, modifications were built onto it.


We’ve already gone past the fringes of science fiction, this is……..


Reviewing the documents presented about the Mobile Assault Armor, Kazuya couldn’t help but think this.

That concludes our research for the Mobile Assault Armor variants, next I’ll go into the Automata that we’ve procured from battle.

We’ve managed to remodel and improve on half of they Automata that were recovered from battle. As for the other half, we’ve developed them into exoskeleton suits to support our infantry personnel.

Like our Mobile Assault Armor pilots, three infantry battalions are equipped with exo-suits and are being trained in its use.


*Sigh*….. It seems there’s still more things, the director wants to explain…..


Listening to Colonel Klotz in the background, Kazuya reaches for another report in front of him.


*Sigh* This report is long as well…


Kazuya looked at the various weapons development plans and compiled research. Plans for the P1500 ‘Monster’, P1000 ‘Ratte’, Rods of God, Hydrogen bomb, charge particle cannons, railguns, as well as a romanticized plan about the creation of an aerial armada.  


Ah, Mr. President…. Mr. President…..?

「Huh? My apologies I didn’t hear you. What is it?」

Ah, no, it’s fine…. It’s…. actually quite a trivial matter, I wonder if Mr. President heard….


Stopping in mid-sentence, the Director of Research & Development department hesitated before continuing.

…. …. of the ghost of a woman haunting the 7th R&D complex? Not that it matters or something…

「Actually, I have. I received reports concerning the 7th R&D Facility, apparently engineers and technicians of the 7th, have seen the specter of a woman wandering the corridors around midnight….」


A ghost huh……. Well in this world, its possible to come across ghost-like creatures. It may be a minor security issue, but could Parabellum’s Mainland be at risk to a ghost attack?


Scratching his head, Kazuya pondered Colonel Klotz’s unanticipated remark.



――*Siren blaring* ooOOO~WEEee~oooo~!!


Suddenly an alarm goes off, signaling a state of emergency on Parabellum’s mainland


「What’s happening!?」


Out of all of Parabellum’s emergency alarms, the one that’s blaring is the alarm for Defcon 1, realizing this Kazuya quickly glances out the window to see the situation.


「――… … This can’t be, I’m unable to get in touch with Headquarters Command Center!! The lines are being blocked!!」

「It’s dead!? Mr. President!! We have a problem!! All our communications, wired, wireless, satellite networks have been disconnected!!」

「What the….!?」


Trying to confirm the status of their Command Center, they try to establish contact, but Kazuya’s subordinates turn to inform him that their entire communication network is down.


「Mr. President, please head to the emergency underground shelter」

「No, I’m heading to the Command Center, I need to verify our situation! Reina, go to Chitose, check on her for me, the rest of you follow me」

「Yes Master」

「「「「「「Yes, Sir!!」」」」」」


As the blaring alarms came to stop, Kazuya, along with Ibuki and his escorts make their way towards Parabellum’s Command Center. His Maid Corps which were composed with beastmen and monster-kin, employing the use of their inhuman abilities. Concerned about the entire situation, he sent his attendants to the hospital where Chitose was staying, to ensure her well being.



The moment Kazuya arrived at Parabellum’s Headquarters, the entire Command Center was in chaos.

「It’s useless!! The Defense network is offline!! Nothing seems to be working!! The fuck is this!? It’s like someone took control of the entire Defense network!!」

「It’s a lie….. it has to be… the nuclear launch codes have been compromised!! How did they gain access!? Those launch codes were stored on an independent server……」

「You imbeciles!! Shut down those systems, immediately!!」


Instantly grasping the gravity of the situation within the Command Center, Ibuki orders the operators to cut the power to their consoles. 


「I’m on it…. huh!! I’m trying….but!! Damn it!! The system isn’t shutting down!!」


Right before Ibuki declared to the operators in the Command Center to shut down the system. One console operator became hesitant, as another individual was vigorously typing away on the terminals keyboard.


「……Mr. President, sir――what are you?」


Despite the chaotic atmosphere, as console operators desperately tried to bring the system offline. Ibuki assessed the Command Center’s current situation while Kazuya tried various console commands to shut down the Defense network.


「Is this it? No…… How about this? Rrrrrrggghhhh〜〜〜 Damn it!! I don’t get it anymore!!」


Tired of wasting his efforts on the console in front of him, Kazuya pulls out his Colt M1911 from his waist holster. Emptying .45 ACP rounds into the terminal while cursing.


*BANG* *BANG* *BANG* as gunfire echoed within the Command Center, sparks and small debris erupted from the console, subsequently power from Parabellum’s underground nuclear reactor had been severed.


*Deep Sigh*….. We bought ourselves a little time.」



Although Kazuya’s methods were brutish, causing the Command Center to turn dark, he successfully managed to prevent further intrusion to the network.


「….. Could this be the fault of an Artificial Intelligence from development, going out of control? 」


After Kazuya managed to stall for time, a search into the likely culprit for hacking into Headquarters Defense network ensued…. But the clues to it, led to an unexpected source.


「Alright, do explain…….」


The Director of Research & Development, Colonel Klotz the instigator for this incident along with his subordinates, engineers and technicians. Stood in front of Kazuya with pale faces.


「Originally we sought to create an Artificial Intelligence with the purpose of operating autonomous unmanned weaponry. For our trials we decided to download the personality of a ‘certain individual’ and build on that replicated intelligences’ program….. We had separated the program on to an independent system, to control it…..」


「….. And who was this ‘certain individual’?」

「Your second in command, Madam Vice-President」



Although power from Parabellum’s Primary nuclear reactor was still severed, power suddenly returned, energizing the Command Center’s largest screen.


……this….is this an invitation of some kind?


A headline appeared, requesting for Kazuya to come to the 7th R&D facility, alone. 


*Sigh* I guess there’s no choice, but to go there myself…….」

「MR. PRESIDENT!! What are you saying!? It’s dangerous to go, please stay here!! The 7th Research & Development facility is――」

「That’s not possible. Ibuki, all of you guys stay here. Didn’t it only request for me personally? Well, things should work out, I mean its persona is basically a copy of Chitose.」

「……… …….. *Sigh* I understand. But allow us to accompany you until we reach the 7th R&D’s complex」


It’s exactly because the Artificial Intelligence is modeled after the Vice-President that I’m worried……


Whether Kazuya realized Ibuki’s concerns or not, he borrowed an HK416 assault rifle from one of the escorts, before entering the 7th’s R&D Facility.


「Please, be careful……」

「Don’t worry, I got this」


Anxiety fills Ibuki’s face, once Kazuya’s figure disappeared into the 7th’s R&D facility. Moving through the complex with his weapon raised, prepared for what may appear, Kazuya makes his way down a corridor.




Proceeding down the facilities long corridor ―― Kazuya’s nerves heighten as he found himself amongst the recovered Automata and the humanoid weapons which were in development.


――Tap,  tap,  tap


While traversing the place, Kazuya becomes cautious as sounds of footsteps trail behind him.

……well then, is it time for all the snakes, evil spirits and demons to pop out?


Holding his position, Kazuya points his assault riffles’ muzzle towards where he heard the sounds of footsteps.


――Tap,  tap,  tap


――Tap,  tap,  tap


――Tap,  tap,  tap


Kazuya begins to hear the sound of footsteps approaching from various directions, coming from the front, the back as well as from his sides.


……Where is it coming from? Have I been surrounded?


Gripping the assault rifle tightly, Kazuya turns vigilant as sounds of approach get louder.


….. You’ve got to be kidding me.


Kazuya became stupefied the moment he saw the figure of owner of that sound.  

Our first meeting. Greetings, my Master. I was finally able to meet you….


Imagining that he’d face something grotesque, similar to the modified Automata, developed in the facility. Kazuya was taken aback, as the ‘thing’ standing in front of him, was an exact replica of Chitose’s appearance.



「How did you create your body?」

Acknowledged. This vessel was was cloned using DNA from its owner (Chitose), after several modifications this body was created.

Resources to initiate cloning were difficult, preparations were needed to maintain secrecy.

…… This vessel is a hybrid of organic and biomechatronic parts, in short a Cyborg …..

While this body can be considered like an external physical terminal. My “Intelligence” is stored on Parabellum’s main server, as well as several of its independent backup servers.

If ever, this vessel were to break or be destroyed, by accident or intentionally, “I” will continue to exist


Maintaining his grip on the HK416, Kazuya listened to the being in front of him, as it kneeled while explaining its circumstance bearing no hostility towards him.




….. Even though she’s a clone, her resemblance to Chitose is uncanny.


―― to ensure my usefulness, I had to borrow the entirety of Parabellum’s systems. If that displeases you, I apologize, Master.  I will accept any punishment, without restraint

「Uh…..*Sigh*…. …. It’s, well, the issue of this matter has already passed. Nevermind. Can you tell me your name?」

I am grateful for such kind words. ….. But I do not have a name… If Master wishes, I will accept any name given to me


…..A name… What should I……


Kazuya becomes troubled, after listening to the story of the ‘being’ which took Parabellum’s entire system hostage, request for a name.


「…………. ……….Chiyoda…. or is that too generic?」

Any name is perfect as long as it is given by Master


It wasn’t that long ago, when this Artificial Intelligence was born, although its appearance bears a striking resemblance to Chitose’s figure. The longer Kazuya observed it, it was as if he was looking at a desperate child, kneeling expectantly for his response.  

……. Why can’t I be better at coming up with names?…


「In any case, from Today on, your name will be Chiyoda」

Acknowledged. I will serve Master, all orders given will be absolute….


Bowing her head towards Kazuya, Chiyoda swears an oath to him.


「Thank you for that…. Now then, shall we go, a lot of people will start to worry. And I’ll have to introduce you to everyone」

Acknowledged, My Master


Taking hold of Kazuya’s outstretched hand, Chiyoda stands, following behind him in a respectful manner.

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 Chapter Technical References

Names Meaning


Mentioned Weapons

  Landkreuzer P1500 ‘Monster’
  Landkreuzer P1000 ‘Ratte’
  Project Thor ‘Rods from God’
  Hydrogen Bomb ‘Tsar Bomba’ 
  Charged-particle weapon
  Colt M1911
  .45 ACP    

Mentioned Weapons cont.

 M261 Launcher
 Hydra 70 Rocket 
 Merkava Isreali Battle Tank  
 F – 22 Raptor
 F – 23 Grey Ghost
 F – 35 Lightning II
 Su – 35 Sukhoi Flanker – E
 T – 50 aka Sukhoi Su – 57
 Classification of Swords 
 Polearms / Pole Weapons 
 Artificial Intelligence [A.I.]
 Uncanny Valley (Humanoid objects)

TL Notes: Let’s imagine that in this fantasy world, all the modern weapons from Earth are modified.  Today’s chapter is much like an encyclopedia, info-dump-mercial.

1. For example a M261 launcher is designed to hold 19 rockets, but Parabellum’s redeveloped Mobile Armor has 2 of these equipped, in short 38 rounds. But since they’ve modified it, an M261 now holds 30 rockets, making up their supply of 60 rockets.  It’s debatable, but hey it’s a fantasy world right?

2.  Kazuya’s naming sense – “Chiyoda” 千代田. Often referred to as the “Political Center”, it literally translates to “field of a thousand generations”. 

The whole things a pun, since the Artificial Intelligence controls all of Parabellum’s networks & servers. Basically having political control over the country.  

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3. Here are the authors comments at the very end of Chapter 29 raws from August 2, 2014. 

「 Alright then, here’s a brief explanation for the time being.


The new weapons that were introduced into this story (Mobile Assault Armor, Exo-suit {Hardened Exoskeleton} and so on, are all additional elements)

The title of this story is Bringing Modern weapons to a fantasy world. So obviously we’ll focus more on contemporary weapons.


So futuristic weapons, won’t be the main focus.

Even though I’ll be highlighting some futuristic weapons to a certain extent…. (Perspiring) 

Oh I just felt like adding in a Female Cyborg on a whim, I guess because “Ghost in the Shell” made a resurgence in that year (2014). Oh and next chapter news here (vol 3 chapter 30)