Vol 3 Chapter 27

Being escorted towards solitary confinement, Adele kept thinking of such things


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Built around an archipelago of various islands Parabellum’s mainland centered around it’s largest island.

At approximately 20 kilometers from Parabellum’s Main Island a separate island was designated as a facility to intern prisoners. As an influx of more prisoners arrived they would be sent to that facility.

Although the facility was referred to as『Alcatraz』and had been fortified like many other islands within Parabellum’s island chain, the weapons installed on these fortifications were aimed towards those incarcerated within their walls.

Impregnable towards outsiders and making escape a nil possibility. Housing combatants of the Alsace Magical Empire as well as various enemies of Parabellum. These prisoners of war would sweat and toil, every day and every night.


… … What the hell is all of this!?


In order to accommodate an approximate 130,000 prisoners, it was decided to collectively close the detention facilities on Parabellum’s mainland and other bases and move management on to a separate island.

Having transferred from Parabellum’s mainland, Adele spoke to herself at the sight of all the prisoners within Parabellum’s facility. Not expecting this level of confinement, she stopped in the middle of an aisle, amidst being transported to her jail cell.

Because she had been separated from the masses due to her status as an otherworlder and a Hero of the Empire, she never had the chance to see any other prisoners. But after arriving to this facility, she had assumed she would be ill treated having already worn a slave collar. Deprived of her freedom she would be set to toil in poor conditions and become shamed for being a woman.

And yet, the reality before her was different from her expectations. Although the prisoners wore slave collars, they appeared to be dressed in well washed clothes, they appeared healthy and well fed, smiling as they worked on whatever task they were given.




Unable to comprehend the situation in before her, Adele froze in place.


「Hey, what’re you doing? Don’t stop, keep on moving!」


Startled by the guards voice, Adele continues forward as the sound of her specially designed shackles, dragged, clicking and clacking along as she was escorted by 10 of Parabellum’s elite guards. Their muzzles of their weapons aiming directly at her.


「… …Ah it’s just those  people over there――」

「Don’t talk, shut your mouth and move your feet」



Although Adele tried to ask the guard a question about what she had seen earlier, she was forced to stay silent as the guards around her became vigilant.


…… What’s the meaning of all this? In my experience a captured enemy either dies or becomes a slave. Most of the time women are killed or become playthings of men, and men themselves are worked to death or are killed just the same. But here, they treat their captured enemies with hospitality?

... … Are these captured prisoners really slaves? They should be, they have slave collars proving they are! Right?

But… … these people are too well dressed to be prisoners and they’re not even thin or malnourished.

Well I haven’t seen any women here, maybe it’s only the men who receive good treatment.

Mmmmnnn~… …. I don’t know anymore, it’s all over my head.


Being escorted towards solitary confinement, Adele kept thinking of such things, like the treatment of the prisoners.

「HALT, stop here」


While thinking about the prisoners, Adele had already arrived directly in front of her cell, a special detention room which makes it impossible to utilize her magic.

「Get in」


Having her restraints removed, Adele entered her cell,  and thus began her quiet & lonely life in solitary confinement.



As 2 months passed without having spoken to single soul since being in solitary confinement, Adele suddenly had a visitor.


「… …Hm? Oh it’s you….. what do you want?」


Eat, sleep, eat and sleep. Without having anyone to converse with for a long time, Adele’s voice falters responding to her visitors.


「Well, actually there’s something we nee… … let’s just talk for a little bit」


Inside Adele’s cell, standing beside Kazuya, Celicia was restrained by a straitjacket while Chitose stood straight, a palm on her sword in case something were to happen.  


「… … You’ve already seen me, there’s nothing to talk about, just go away」

「This bitch!! Don’t talk to Master that way!!」

「Adele~, you can’t be saying such things~」


At Chitose & Celicia’s remarks, Adele’s brows form an arch as she lowers her gaze.


「Well, I don’t mind going away… …but there’s something I wanted to confirm before going」



Kazuya scratched his cheek while making a wry smile towards Adele’s question.

Moving towards a separate solitary cell, where Adele sat restrained in a chair, Kazuya wanted to talk with Adele without interference from both Chitose and Celicia.


「What was that? You want me to help you with your magical research!?」

「That’s right. Currently our research with magical energy isn’t going too well, being that you can wield an enormous amount of magic, I thought it would be necessary to get your cooperation」

「No way!? What’re you saying all of sudden? There’s no way I would do something, like helping you at all!!」


Somehow after listening to Kazuya’s intentions Adele’s face became beet red.


「… … … … Is that right? So you’re not feeling any side effects from my perfect healing ability? 」

「Huh!? Ah, yeah, exactly! There’s no way I’d be brainwashed by your cheap ability at all!!」


This is bad!! I can’t keep this up, if he realizes how I’m feeling right now…. this won’t…


It was expected that from the time Adele was healed by Kazuya’s abilities, she would begin showing signs of desiring Kazuya the moment she awoke in his presence.

It was thought that the best course of action, to prevent those effects was by sending her to Alcatraz  … … Additionally with her status as a Hero from another world, it was assumed side effects wouldn’t appear, initially.

But, as time went on, things became different.

Adele had kept it a secret, having resisted the side-effects of Kazuya’s ability to perfectly heal a person. But after month or so, she began to feel Kazuya’s power take hold on her, as little by little her heart and soul began to ebb towards desiring him. Like a little virus that sat dormant, slowly turning active. 


「… …Maybe its like that?  Since you don’t seem to be affected by my abilities side-effects, I speculated that the reason was because as a Hero you had a great amount of magical power.」

「Is that really true!?」


Although she hid her flushed face, she couldn’t help but raise the tone of her voice.


「Well that should be the case… …」


Sitting directly across Adele, Kazuya rose from his seat. Gently grasping Adele’s face with both hands he stared deep into her blue eyes as he brought his face closer to hers.


「Wha!? *Cursing noises*


Instantly, Adele’s emotions boiled over, reacting like a maiden whose heart had been gripped tight. Her reaction was that of an embarrassed girl.


「Hey… … I didn’t think it was possible but Adele, are you really….. not….」

「Rrrghhh!! SHUT UP, Shut up, shut upーー!! I don’t really like you or anything!! That much is true!! But whenever your around, my heart starts pounding like crazy, or whenever I think of you all of a sudden my chest starts to hurt. I don’t know anymore, so shut up already!!」


… … All these feeling are unpleasant, I wish I didn’t say anything.

I just want to die already.


Trying to escape from Kazuya’s grasp, Adele turns crimson, but unable to move due to her chairs restraints. Thoughts of suicide surface in her mind as all of her emotions were in a mess.


「Fufufu~ Finally, Adele realizes Kazuya’s greatness」


Adele writhes internally from Celicia’s comment, as Celicia smiles fanatically.


Can she (this bitch)… … really be of assistance… …. to Master?


Thinking to herself, Chitose began to worry about Adele’s affection towards her Master, believing Adele will become a problem later on.


*Cough* Let’s leave that aside and return to our main topic」

「… …. ….. ….. Get on with it then」


Afraid that Adele would really take action and kill herself after leaving, Kazuya decided to change topics and in order to convince Adele to help him.

「Alright, … ….If you decide to help us in these matters, then――」


Listening to the conditions Kazuya presented, Adele nodded in agreement.



From the time Adele cooperated with Kazuya’s magical research, the stagnation that Parabellum’s researchers faced disappeared as they were able to advance in leaps and bounds.


「… …I’ve kept my end of the deal. Now isn’t it your turn to keep yours?」

「Oh Adele~…. … you’re still being like that… …」


Although she was hesitant at first, Adele dutifully cooperated (as a magic user) with Parabellum’s magical research. Hearing Kazuya’s Director of magical research’s comment, Adele glares back with spite.

「Celicia, shut up」


At the very beginning, Adele was super wary towards Celicia, whom had stabbed her before. But after continually working alongside her, Adele’s animosity towards Celicia disappeared.


「It’s alright I know, Chitose do it」

「… …Master, are you really sure about this?」


Even though Kazuya was fulfilling his promise with Adele, Chitose wanted to confirm his decision.


「Yes, a promise is promise」

「I understand」


Confirming that Kazuya wasn’t going to budge on the matter, Chitose follows his command.

And within 30 minutes,  all of the female prisoners were brought together in Alcatraz’s main gathering area, speaking into the microphone Chitose relays Kazuya’s orders.


「… …Alright everyone’s here. 『All prisoners who are gathered here are now released, you are free, by the authority of the President, Kazuya Nagato!!


Immediately following the announcement over the halls loudspeakers, the slavery collars worn by the female prisoners fell off one by one. As each collars magical lock was dispelled, the sound of many collars striking the ground permeated Alcatraz’s large hall.

The condition Adele set for Kazuya, in exchange for her cooperation was for the release of all female prisoners in Parabellum’s custody.


「With that, I’ve kept my promise」

「… ….*Sigh of relief*


Witnessing the release of the female prisoners as their slavery collars were removed, Adele nodded her head in relief.

「… … … …Wait, what’s going on?」


But noticing the strange atmosphere, Adele became agitated.

「「「「「「… …」」」」」」


Expecting a jovial celebration after being released from slavery, what occurred before her was mere silence.


… …Aren’t you happy to be free? What’s wrong with you all?


No one moved, not one cheer left the women standing within the hall, their eyes focused on a single man who was standing on stage



「What’re… …why isn’t anyone?」



Even though the women imprisoned in Alcatraz had been freed, all of them stared intently toward the stage. Suddenly dropping down to their knees, all the women gathered bowed there heads, while Celicia laughed in delight.


「「「「「「In the name of our lord, our God. We offer our blood and dedicate our souls, to your will of our own accord. With our lives we will follow your command and protect you, until we perish, unto you our god we swear!!」」」」」」


Like devout practitioners, praying fervently towards their God, the voices of these women coalesced in unison. Pledging their entirety and taking an oath altogether, declaring for everyone present to hear. 

「「… …」」


Kazuya and Adele become speechless by the insane amount of loyalty resounding from the freed women’s oaths.

「Hoh~ *Impressed*

「Fufufu~…. …」


Chitose raised her voice in admiration towards the former prisoners oaths, while Celicia narrowed her eyes smiling with excitement for a job well done.


「What did you do!? What’s the meaning of all this!?」

「Uhm… … even if you ask me, I’m not even sure myself… …」

「Oh Adele~, Kazuya hasn’t done anything wrong you know~」


「Fufufu~, in fact everyone here worships Kazuya as their God. After listening to my sermon, everyone became believers and decided to follow Kazuya all on their own」



Hearing the truth from Celicia’s mouth caused everyone to be taken aback.


「Everyone here discarded the Loewen faith and after all my preaching, have now accepted Kazuya as an absolute existence. Worshipping and dedicating their entire being to our god, Kazuya~. Our Holy Soldiers will now follow your every command~」

「Then… … if that was the case…. … what was the point of my promise… …my cooperation was for nothing… …」


This girl, she made a religious cult… … When did she have the time to do all this?… ….


Kazuya froze, stunned by Celicia’s explanation of the newly founded religious society.

A majority of the female prisoners were Zealous Nuns whom were captured during the battle at Canary Kingdoms Fortress city, Nashist. ―― Formerly one of the Seven Saints of the Loewen Faith, Celicia, used her authority, converting the Loewen followers towards believing in Kazuya’s grandeur.


The other female inmates which consisted of Chivalric knights, mages and witches, were hesitant towards Celicia’s preaching. But after continuous sessions, they in turn dedicated their allegiance towards Kazuya with a fanatic fervor.

「Its alright Adele, there’s no need to be depressed. ――… … After all… Don’t you want to devote yourself to Kazuya too? I know deep down that you really want too~」

「I… …refuse」


Adele’s chest tightened as various thoughts filled her mind, thinking that this was a line that she shouldn’t cross, she knocked aside Celicia’s outstretched hand.

*Sigh* Ha~a, oh Adele~… … I guess it can’t be helped then~」


Seeing how shaky Adele’s stubborn resolve was, Celicia decided to give her a little push by taking out her trump card, she draws Adele to her side.

「If you still don’t want to serve Kazuya, then I have no choice but to show this to everyone 」


Pulling out a digital camera from her breast pocket, she presses play on the video screen.

Projected on the cameras LCD screen, was Adele’s figure.


「……Huh? What am I looking aー?」


The recording was made after Adele accepted Kazuya’s terms for cooperation. Moving from solitary confinement to another detention room within Parabellum’s magic research facility.


Kazuya and Chitose watched the two, as Adele stared at the video playing.

「…. …. ….. …… Oh No!? Ah aaaaaahhhーーー!! Celicia NO, STOP IT!!」


Recalling what she was doing when the video was recorded, Adele immediately tries to snatch the camera away.

「Fufufufu~ it’s useless Adele~ If you don’t swear your loyalty to Kazuya, I’ll play all of your most embarrassing moments」


Avoiding Adele’s movements, Celicia floats a mischievous smile as Adele turns frantic.

「I’ll do it!! I swear, I’ll swear my allegiance to that man!! So stop, don’t play that video, donーー!!」


But at the same time as Adele screamed half-crying towards Celicia, the recording in her hand also played Adele’s voice loudly as well.

『Kazuya~ Kazuya~ Kazuya~Kazuya~Kazuya~!! Nngghh~ ~ ~!!』

「… … Ah…. ah…. …noo~…. …」


Unable to prevent Celicia from showing Kazuya, the moment she was comforting herself. Adele’s mouth trembled agape, while her eyes lost all hope.

「「… …」」


Out of consideration for Adele’s fragile state, Kazuya and Chitose turned their gazes away.

「… …It’s over… Awaa, aha, waaa~… …I’ve been exposed….」


Adele froze in despair as a video of her was broadcast perfectly before Kazuya and Chitose.



Taking advantage of Adele’s mental state, Celicia continues to play with her.

「So you’ll do it… …Right, Adele~? You’ll swear~… your allegiance~… that way you’ll become~… that much closer to our god~… and as a reward~… you’ll be able to have him to yourself, for awhile~…」


Whispering several things directly into Adele’s ear, eroding her mental barriers and damaging her psych even further.


「… …Is that really true?」

「Fufufu~ now why would I lie to you~…」

「Celicia?… …What’re you whispering into Adele’s ear?」


Concerned for Adele’s well being, Kazuya questions Celicia’s suspicious banter.



Deflecting from Kazuya’s query, Celicia laughs deeply, insinuating something might happen.

... … Ugh, so scary.


Kazuya shuddered from Celicia devious attitude, while Adele whose eyes were devoid of any light, dropped down to one knee, bowing her head towards Kazuya direction.

「I… Adele Saxony… swear to devote myself to Kazuya Nagato… I will dedicate my mind, body and soul towards your will… for pleasure or protection, until my entire being perishes, for you, this is the oath I swear」



Following Celicia’s prim guidance―― Kazuya stiffens, secretly sweating towards Adele’s newly reformed demeanor.

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