Ramblings 1.5 (Vol 3 Ch28 & Ch29 news)

Artwork is from Artist Christopher Schiefer

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Here’s the latest chapter.

Volume 3 Chapter 27

Edit: February 11, 2019 

Here’s another chapter

Volume 3 Chapter 28

Hi everyone, here’s the latest update on my translating situation-ish.

I’ve been focusing on College work recently, but I haven’t forgotten about translating either. Coordinating with my classes group members for our history project, we’ve divvied up our roles, tasks and whose responsible for what. After planning out my course of action I can affirm what I am able to accomplish, within a reasonable timeline.  So just expect the next chapter near the last week of February, for now.  [Edited: 2/11/19]

The following Vol 3 Chapter 28 is still being translated Complete. Here’s the Analysis and Status for that. [Edited: 2/11/19]

Approximately 10,385 Japanese Characters equivalent to 9750 words.  In small breaks I’ve roughly gone through 70 segment pairs (sentences/ dialogue). 



In addition to that here is the Analysis and Status for Vol 3 Chapter 29

Being on the lighter side of character count (5844), I could finish Vol 3 Ch 29 at a faster rate than Ch 28, but for consistency, I’ll finish Ch 28 first.

Basically carrying over into March, when Spring Break rolls around, I plan on finishing Volume 3’s Chapter 30 & making up January’s missing release with several extras. Which I will upload after completion. 

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  1. Thank you for all your efforts. But RL should come first.

    Knowing that you’ll continue this series. Is good enough for a leech like me.

    Your fan translations are really really appreciated. If you need more time for college, just focus on college.

    Wish you all the best Mr. Translator!

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