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Okay… this is a bit awkward…. but I sort of just translated Vol3 chapter 6 on a whim. I’m actually going back to the beginning of this series and reading it.

Now while, Japanese is not my primary language.  I’m a bit speechless…

I’m just making this random blog post to vent, because I can read the English translations and in my head, make the proper term conversions. It’s like an editor would have been much appreciated in improving the quality.  (started reading from Vol 1 to Vol 3 Ch 1)

Granted the translators that took on this project are one-man armies. And they take the burden on themselves to make this readable for everyone else. I’m just reflecting on myself and reminding myself. To do several takes before posting. (Also why I must scrutinize my own work before publishing)

I can complain up a storm, but past is past. Can’t cry over spilled milk. So I may take a bit more time to translate Vol 3 Chapter 7 of “MWFW” just because, names of places, people and certain things needs a little improvement.

So I’m going to make a work in progress term library (Glossary of some sorts) It’s basically going to contain spoilers. But at this point in time I might have to go back chapters and pull actual parts to figure out what’s being pronounced and stuff…