Ramblings 0.4


Okay so I’m back to a couple of hours of translating a day.  So for my translation style, I sort of have to say it out loud to myself, in order to hear the text. Or have the text read to me via google translate.

*like there is a small speaker icon next to the language & usually I can hear a simple pronunciation*

Yup, so I use online dictionaries, the thesaurus, a lot of resources to fact check.

And because Japanese literature is by character count, let’s just say you have 500 characters, translating that may be the equivalent to 300-1500 words in English. Everything varies by context.

Another analogy is like looking at a tree before the forest, and observing the forest before the mountain.  So I may find the correct term for one character, but in a sentence it may not fit. But then I complete the sentence, but now the paragraph needs an adjustment.

In short, the overall picture I’m getting at, is flow. I’m trying to get the translation as close to what the author wishes to convey. That’s my goal anyway.

Well I’ll try to blog less and focus more on translating, but if my body is fatigued. I will prioritize my rest and sleep, over translations just saying.

Cheers and enjoy the times~