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Well I know that Modern weapons fantasy world is still with an active translator. Their most recent post was actually today. Maybe several hours ago.

So I’ll just be guest translating “or” re-translating various novels I decide to just do. (no idea what)

I won’t make promises, just because I’m bad at keeping them.  I’m just going to say I will translate chapters if something is missing.  I don’t feel like taking another translators glory, if they are continuing the project.  (except is the 3 month rule)

Anyways, I’m still taking a 2 day break before I pick up the Vol3 Chapter 7 of “MWFW”

I’ve been bugged to look at NuF’s novel pick up requests, and I am reading possible projects. But still I won’t give a schedule, just because its a hobby to me. And my attitude is just to fill in until someone (like a part-timer translator/ full-time translator) picks it up.

So cheers and enjoy life!