S&D: 21 – Peep and Show【※】

For Mature Audiences Only


Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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 Inside my houses living room. I swallowed back the spit in my throat again, while Class Rep had a blank expression. My fingers were pinched on the hem of her skirt. If I lifted my hand now, I’m sure I’ll get to see her underwear.

No wait, hold on…. there’s no way she’s wearing Miffy-Chan down here too?……

 Suddenly a horribly ominous prediction came to mind. Feeling uneasy by the thought, it would make sense considering that it would match her juniors bra. But having made it this far, there’s no point in turning back and not taking a look. Slowly lifting her skirt anxiously. 

 What came into view was――


Oh thank god, it’s just normal!…...


 At an important place, in the valley connecting her thighs. Was a normal piece of clothing, it was actually simpler than I thought. But it still seems a little childish.

 The color is fairly white and the material seems a little fluffy while still being made of cotton. It’s not the type of underwear you would show off to a man, they’re just ordinary panties.


「How about spreading your legs, just a little bit」



 With Class Rep sitting on the couch, I spoke to her while spreading out her legs. Vulgarly spreading her legs like into a shape like an “M”. With a hollow expression, Natsuno doesn’t react nor closes her legs as she was still under a trance.

 Folding & tucking her skirt around her waist, it left her panties in full view.


 Class rep’s secret garden was finally defenseless, except for the final barrier, her panties. Knowing what I had to do, I resolved my thoughts then and there. Whispering my intentions to the entranced Natsuno-san, I could hardly contain my excitement.


「……I’m going to look at Class Rep’s pussy.  But don’t worry, I won’t do anything weird」



 I can’t believe I just said I’m not going to do anything weird, when I’m doing exactly that. Class Rep wasn’t showing any reaction to what I said, but internally I was conflicted as I made myself out to be an idiot.

 Even though the person she had deep feelings for was about to gaze at her secret garden, Natsuno couldn’t do anything as she was still within a trance. Closing in towards her base, my hand trembled as it drew near Class Rep’s legs. And finally――





 Revealing the secret garden hidden by Class Rep’s panties. The scene before caused me to hold my breath as the living room was enveloped in silence.

A slit……..

 That was what popped in my head, the moment I saw it. Natsuno-san’s pussy was so….. No other words could describe, what I was seeing. Even though Class Reps legs were spread open, it still appeared like they were closed.

 What can I say, it’s a garden that has yet to bloom. The color of her valley hasn’t darkened towards maturity, but still gave off a sense of purity.  It really looks like a slit almost hidden by skin.


 While gazing at Class Rep’s secret garden, I couldn’t help but think to myself. There’s not much time left, and I thought I would enjoy this… but this is actually turning me off, it’s not seductive enough to stimulate my desires at all. The situation itself is exciting, I mean getting to this point does arouse me somewhat, but the more I look at Natsuno-san’s pussy, the more I lose interest.

 If I was an eccentric lolicon, maybe this would’ve stimulated me……..

…….but, there’s nothing that will help the situation

 Thinking so, I lightly move my fingers towards Class Rep’s pussy. I wouldn’t get excited just from gaping at it from the outside. But having taken a peek on the inside, it was very much like a maturing womans’, ribaldry and tantalizing. Putting my fingers between her labia and spreading her lips apart. That’s when――




 Gulping from the sight, Class Rep’s lascivious crevasse took my breath away. It was much more than what I had imagined…. No it was more than that, I could feel my heat beat race just by looking.

 Class Rep’s secret garden embodied purity just from its outwardly appearance. But once inside, the walls of her cavern were surprisingly pink and lively. Just seeing it, gave me vibes of a maturing woman, which was in total contrast to what I felt earlier.

 Unlike her pure exterior, her walls were more complex and lewd. Knowing the female genitalia of a woman, I swallowed back my spit, as my mind deemed Class Rep as grown girl. 


 As if compelled by at outwardly force, I drew closer to Natsuno-san’s pussy.

 I want to have a closer look.

 That kind of desire just welled up inside me. And Class Rep just remained motionless, unmoving to stop it. Getting close but staying a small distance away from her garden.


 A scent that couldn’t be described wafted from Class Rep’s pussy, as it lingered through my nose. Staring at her provocative caverns made my mind go numb.

 A salacious place indeed.

 Class Rep, Natsuno-san who was so petite and cute, hid such a luscious erotic lair.

One day, someday….I’ll be in…..

 Staring at her pussy, I imagined sticking my dick into her special place, causing me to gulp. I’m sure Class Rep’s walls are narrow and real tight. How pleasurable would it be if I blew my load in her.

 …..Catching myself from further falling into delusion, I regain my thoughts. The “Bell of Sultry Dreams”  will be ending soon. I had to cut my fun time short and put back Class Rep’s clothes.


 Sighing inwardly, I put back Class Rep’s panties. Closing her legs and adjusting her posture back into her original sitting position, I held onto her bra which had been rolled up earlier.

…… At a time like this, a Juniors bra’s design is easy to put back and fix.

 Just pulling down her Miffy-Chan Bralette and having it return to its natural state. It was simple for a man like me, because there wasn’t any extra need to adjust for a perfect fit. My time with Sensei, it was much more difficult to fix, while this was easy and saved me some time. Pulling down her camisole, tucking it into her skirt, I buttoned back her uniform.

 And in no time at all, Class Rep regained her original appearance.

…….Do I have a minute left to go?

 Glancing back at the clock, about 9 minutes had passed since I rung the “Bell of Sultry Dreams”. The effectiveness of the item was only 10 minutes, where the target would be in a trance, so I roughly had less than a minute to go.

 But having put on all her clothes back, there was no way I could disturb what I’ve done, did that mean that this last minute would be in vain.

 Should I use this remaining time to confess what I like about Class Rep to her?

… … … Naahhh, that’s way too boring.

 Gazing back towards Class Rep’s blank expression, I changed my mind. Since I’ve used up the “Bell of Sultry Dreams”, I might as well use all the time I have effectively.  Which means doing everything I can to make this fun and memorable.

 And just when I thought I couldn’t think of anything else, an idea popped into my head. A way to have some fun without, messing up Class Rep’s clothes. That’s when――


「I’ve seen every part of Class Rep, so now it’s my turn to show you something too」


 Saying so, I immediately pulled down my pants and underwear. Standing tall and fully erect, I waved my dick right before Natsuno-san’s face.

 ….Yeah, that’s right. There’s other ways to be lewd than just playing with Class Rep’s body.

 I excitedly pump my hips, showing off my dick to Natsuno-san who has no experience with men. Just thinking about how the naïve Class Rep will dream about this tonight, aroused me even further.

 I mean as soon as time is up, all I need to do is hide my member, or go somewhere out of sight.




 With a vacant expression Class Rep just stares at my dick in front of her. She might have screamed from the moment my dick appeared, but in her current unconscious state there’s no reaction.

 While she’s unable to turn away, I make sure she can see every bit of me in her dreams.


「I really like Natsuno-san, that’s why I’m so big down here」


 For now I flaunt my manhood, while making up an excuse. If I just expose myself in front of her, her liking of me will probably go down. But If I say that I’m aroused by her, maybe it won’t drop down that much. Well all of this will just be a dream, so there’s no reason to think too deeply about it.

.…….Alrighty, times up

 Glancing back over the clock, I shove my dick back into my pants as I pulled everything up. That one minute went by so fast. There I was enjoying myself and soon it was over so quickly. Removing myself from Class Rep’s view, I returned to the living room entrance. And just as I did that――


「……… ……..Eh?」

「Hey, sorry bout that. I already grabbed the thing I forgot, so let’s head to school now」

「Eh, wha…….ah, okay」


 Regaining consciousness the very moment I made it to the door, Class Rep tilts her head a little confused, as I give her an excuse. Rather than be shy about, I acted as if nothing happened.

 After all, everything that occurred during the time she fell into a trance won’t be remembered.

I’m looking forward to the next time I see her….. I wonder how her demeanor will change?

 Obviously I’m a bit on edge about any fallout, but more than that, excited of what to come. Class Rep will be dreaming of this experience tonight.

 She’ll dream of being confessed to, being exposed to a person she likes and seeing my manhood altogether….. I don’t think she’ll be the same after seeing all that. Well, all that will occur once she goes to bed.

 But wait, tomorrow is Saturday. School isn’t open, so the next time I’ll be seeing Class Rep is Monday, which is three days from now. It’s a bit disappointing that I won’t be able to see her reaction right away.

 Both Class Rep and I head to my house’s front door. Taking a glance at my watch, the time now, was the window of possibly being late for school. But just as I was about to tell Class Rep, we were about to be late――





 Unexpectedly Class Rep still carried that blank expression like she was in a trance not long ago. Noticing the irregularity, I immediately called out to her. Holding Natsuno-san, until color return to her face.


「……Eh? Wha, huh, oh sorry. It felt like someone was calling me….」



 Class Rep’s reason at the end made me feel nervous.  「It felt like someone was calling me」

….. Didn’t Sensei tell me something similar too. I’m certain the same phenomenon that happened to Sensei, is what’s happening to Class Rep. But I have no evidence to prove it. Still, even though the labyrinth is below us, it seems the dungeon has some kind of trick.


「Uh, maybe you’re overthinking things. There’s no one around that could have called out to you」

「Really?…….. But I’m sure, someone had called out for me…….」

「Natsuno-san, uh Class Rep? Could you be feeling a little tired or something?」

「…….. I guess so …….」


 She makes a face, unsure if what she experienced was just her imagination. So sure that what happened was real, until I told her otherwise, before following me along to my front door.

Ah damn, that was dangerous…… What was that, that had called out to her?…..

 Inwardly wiping the cold sweat that gathered around my heart. Had she responded to that call like Sensei, she would’ve discovered the dungeon as well. It’s an unusual phenomenon centering from the dungeon, but now I know it will be dangerous bringing girls home. If I do bring someone, it’ll be best to be together at all times.


「Eeeh….. Sorry for bothering you」


 After putting on her shoes, Class Rep bows deeply.  After that, we finally left my house and made our way to school.

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Narko: Dude is a natural voyeur & exhibitionist when he ain’t exploring dungeons.

Kai: This chapter, kind of made me feel dirty…Where is this guy’s parents? Seriously. This MC-POV side is totally different from the Manga perspective. I think I would’ve used the manga translation of “Nightmare inducing Bell” for this.

I can already imagine the horror Class Rep would wake up with. But she’s already charmed by his items, so it will probably turn into pleasure for her. If we ever get a Hentai-adaption I want it from the different heroines perspectives (Like from Akitsu’s POV).

Narko: One can only hope there’s a studio out there willing to make it. I would prefer the screen-time to be on Sensei & Akitsu. It’s going to be a harem anyway, so maybe they’ll go ham on the fan-service.

Kai: I know Saino is a perv, but still “Riajuu go explode”