S&D: 20 – It’s Miffy-Chan【※】

For Mature Audiences Only


Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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「Eh, eeeh…. Isn’t this Saino’s house?」

「Yeah…. There was just something I forgot, that’s why I came back.  I’m sorry for pulling you along with me」

「Ah, it’s okay…….」


 From the time I chanced upon her, returning back was just about 5 minutes. After reaching the front of my house, I finally explained myself to Class Rep who was behind me.  It was a dumb on the spot excuse. But with that, there wouldn’t be a reason to ask too deeply about it.

 And to my response Class Rep nodded slightly. Her face glowed bright red, most likely from the fact that I held her hand, while pulling her along with me.  It looks like she could barely respond.


「Sorry bout this Class Rep, but why don’t you come in. It’s a whole lot better than waiting outside here」

「Eh, EEEEHH!? But, I…..」

「It’s fine, it’s fine」


 Raising her head up in surprise, Class Rep panics, while I pull her hand once again leading her to my house’s door.  She was trying to say something, but only ended up fumbling her words. Maybe she wanted to say she couldn’t enter the house of someone she loves, but couldn’t really get it out.

 Even if that was true, lines like that aren’t easy to say at all. She’s already fallen for my charms, so it’s hard for her to retort back to me.


「U ~u~u……Wh-why, how did it become like this?……」


 Class Rep mutters embarrassedly to herself in a small voice. Pulling Natsuno-san along, I lead her inside the house. There’s not much time left before school starts, and even if I follow through with using the “Bell of Sultry Dreams” we could still be late anyway.

 So it’s best to handle this matter with Class Rep as soon as possible. Taking Class Rep to the living room, I had her sit on the couch.


「Please wait here, it will only be minute」

「Um….. Okay…..」


 Nodding to my words, Class Rep fidgets nervously. She’s trembling like how a small animal is being confronted by it’s natural enemy.  Looking at her small frame, seeing her shrink towards herself is making the couch look much more bigger than it really is.

 Turning away, I leave Class Rep and head towards my room. Opening a drawer from my desk, I pull out the “Bell of Sultry Dreams” and immediately make my way to the living room. My heart begins to race with anticipation, it will be the first time I’ll be doing something lewd with Class rep, just the thought of it is getting me excited.

 Standing before the living room door, I take a deep breath and resolving myself, before entering.


「Class Rep, Sorry to keep you waiting」

「Mo~u~u~u……. ……….Huh, wh-what?」


 Natsuno-san who had been lost in a daze, immediately snapped out of it as she shook her head. In response to her kneejerk-reaction I replied「Ah don’t worry about it」nonchalantly, because ――






 I tapped the “Bell of Sultry Dreams” with a pair of scissors from my stationary stand. And right at the same time, Natsuno-san’s eyes lost their light. And no emotion could be seen from her face.

 It looks like she’s fallen into a trance, it’s safe to say she should be unconscious.




 The bell which should’ve been in my hand, suddenly disappeared, I didn’t even see it disappear. I wonder if it dissipated since I used up all the number of uses it had.

 I mean…..

 When you think about it, it sort of dissolved into nothing, like it’s existence was just a dream.

Either way, since its gone….

 Placing the scissors I held onto the desk, I approach the couch where Class Rep sat. Class Rep sat there completely in a trance. No matter what I did now, there is no way I’d be held responsible.

 Even if I struck her face, there would be no reply. But I would never do something like that. Rather, I moved toward Class Rep intently while looking at her wholly.


「Natsuno-san. I really like you Natsuno」



 A Direct Confession.

 I didn’t plan on this and it’s wasn’t a complete lie, but I’m a little torn by my irresponsibility at handling things. But even after that, Class Rep displayed an empty expression. After all, in her current state, it’s not like she has the ability to react. The current situation made it seem like I was confessing to a doll.


「Natsuno-san, I like you….. *Smooch*…….」


 Confessing to her again, I gave her a light kiss. Such supple and juicy lips. Harumachi-Sensei’s lips were also amazing, but Natsuno-san’s where much more tender and gave the feeling of purity.

 How do I describe it, calling her lips『Adorable』is probably  the best way to explain it.

 But, slight sense of guilt lingered in me. I never heard of Class Rep going out with anyone, so it’s possible that this was her first kiss. Such a sinful act, taking it away from her while she’s unconscious.

 But, Class Rep has feelings for me, so maybe I’ll be forgiven…… to some extent……

Well… For now, hopefully this settles Class Rep’s anxiety and worries……

 I deeply sigh in my mind. With this Class Rep will dream about my confession and gentle kiss tonight. When she wakes up from her nights rest 「Could it be, Saino really likes me?……」She will probably ask herself these kinds of things.

 At least she won’t be absorbed in negative thoughts.

With this it should be done...

 Pulling myself off her lips I glance towards the clock. It’s been less than a minute since I rang the “Bell of Sultry Dreams” That’s plenty of time to do something else. Reaching out for Class Rep’s chest, I could feel my heart beat faster. Wrapping my hands over her, I gently began rubbing her small mounds.




 A small sexy moan leaks from Class Rep’s mouth. Even though she was in a trance, her reaction is much better than Sensei’s. Natsuno-san’s weren’t as big, but it seems she’s actually quite sensitive.


「Small and lovely」



 I continued to massage her chest while whispering close to her ear. It’s very important to compliment a girl. That is much more truer for Class Rep’s case, since her best friend has such a vivacious body, there’s a good possibility that she may have a small inferiority complex in this area.

 I hope you’ll feel even more confident in yourself, I’ll be cheering for you.  I like small breasts too.  With things like this, I get to enjoy Class Rep’s modest breasts as much as I like. There’s only 10 minutes, but I’ll savor every moment of it.

 In the first place, I never intended on going this far.

But, now that were already here…..

 Class Rep probably doesn’t have any experience with the opposite sex. And I don’t want to take away Natsuno’s other first time without her knowing either. Class Rep may have completely fallen in love with me, but it would be better if we took the time to experience, getting to know each other and also flirting too. Taking away her first kiss may be alright, but taking away her virginity carries a different weight.

 And realistically, it would be hard for me to finish the act in just 10 minutes, with a virgin no less. There’s not enough time for foreplay, and it would be hard to enter, because there won’t be enough love juices.


.….Anyway, I’d like to enjoy this as much as I can


 Inwardly battling his deep intentions, Saino proceeds to unbutton Natsuno’s uniform. Whatever, I want to see them directly, I want to touch them. This whole event will just be a dream for Class Rep, it should be fine, even if things do become wilder. Likewise, since I’m not going to enter her, there is plenty of time to do other things.

 Unbuttoning her uniform top and exposing her camisole. Unhesitatingly I rolled her camisole up. And that was when――


「………………。 …….Wow, your bra is really cute」


 I couldn’t help but exclaim such, after pulling up on her outer clothes. Class Rep’s bra just appeared from behind her camisole. It obviously wasn’t the kind of fashion a girl her age should be wearing.

 A bralette…… I wonder if it’s something like that.

 There’s no cup, but the cloth of the bralette wraps just under where it should be. I thought it was strange when I felt her up, over the top of her clothes, but I never thought she’d be wearing a juniors bra.

 Not only that, but the best part about this bralette was really it’s design. Class Rep’s juniors bra had a very distinct decorative design. Spaced exactly in the center of her chest. Was none other than――


It’s, Miffy-Chan!……


 The moment it hit me, my hand which coiled up Class Rep’s camisole, trembled.  I couldn’t stay calm.

 In the very center of her bralette was a giant…… what was printed on there was…….. on Class Rep’s bra…… there was a very special national character, which was really popular with young girls.

 A bra like this, is not something a girl her age should be wearing. The targeted age even specified by the manufacturer, was intended for girls 10 years younger than Class Rep’s age. It been well known that Class Rep hates being called cute, but the truth is she’s quite childish and has a great interest towards cutesy things.


「Wow, you like Mi-Miffy-chan……..」



 I tried to genuinely smile, while trying not to laugh, even though Natsuno-san’s expression didn’t change. It was to be expected, considering she was still in a trance.

 Class Rep would be dreaming about all this tonight….. I wonder if this is still okay.

 I can see it now, Class Rep the moment she wakes up, she’ll be rolling in her bed, screaming into her pillow dreading life.


Well now, how about we forget all about this bra….


 Anxious if I should continue, I take one more look at it, then I proceed to roll up her Miffy-Chan bra. What appeared next were cute bulges and light pink tips that matched her body well.

 The size of her breasts…… they were still on the small side, but they were much more prominent that Fuyushima-san’s.

 It was a bit hard trying to massage Fuyushima-san’s chest, but Natsuno-san’s on the other hand was much more fuller & richer. The maturity of her underwear was a turnoff, but her body’s growth was what won me over.


This whole thing smells criminal, but what I’m doing now definitely fits the bill…..


 Gulping deeply I swallowed back my spit, while agonizing thoughts over comparing the two. Generally speaking their size is similar, its a close game, but even with my immoral and corrupted senses, I could tell it was Class Rep’s overwhelming victory.

 Most of all, her petite frame is what’s truly dangerous.  Class Rep whose height is about 150cm (4′ 11″) and has a diminutive body figure almost no different than a child’s. Making it feel like I’ve seen something I really shouldn’t see.

 Her Miffy-chan bra also solidified that impression.




 Without me realizing, I had pulled out my smartphone from my pants. Class Rep’s breasts which didn’t match her age. A miraculous scene that will never see the light of day, suddenly an urge to capture that image sprung up within me.


「How about I just take a little picture」



 Class Rep’s expression remains unchanged towards my outrageous request. Making nice her camisole and bra with one hand, I held my smartphone in the other. And that was when――


 The sound of a shutter goes off. Looking at the smartphone I held in hand, it was the exact same scene in front of me, well preserved in time.

 Her face and tits were perfect.


「…..Thank you for this, I’ll treasure it」



 Excitedly, I still managed to thank Class Rep, while being aware my behavior was suspicious. But this photo is truly outrageous. I don’t want to waste this chance, so I’ll release one shot some time today while looking at this. There is a lot of pressure on me right now, and it’s starting to hurt a little down there.

…….About that

 Checking the time again, I try to stuff the phone back in my pants.  There’s only about 5 minutes left before the “Bell of Sultry Dreams” ends.  Even if I account for putting back Class rep’s clothes, there’s still some time left to have a little fun.




 Swallowing my spit, I gulped as my view went lower. I feel like I’ve enjoyed her upper body enough. So how about that――


「Natsuno-san…..Please let me take a look over her too….」


 While mouthing those words to my unconscious partner, pinching her skirt, my hand slowly began to raise it.

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Kai: … … … “My mind’s tellin’ me no, but my body, my body’s tellin’ me yes” … … …

Narko: This kid is so cringe, I get its youth and he has raging hormonal moments, but damn… Props that he knows he’s a douche though, he wants to be a playboy but at the same time is kinda considerate. Curious to see how he grows.

Btw Miffy-chan is just a little rabbit girl character, that young girls are into. You can look it up on a search engine, if you so desire.