S&D: 22 – A Mysterious Staff

For Mature Audiences Only


Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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wheeze pant…. Safe! We’re here…….」

「Ha~, hah~, haa~…….We made it….. it’s good…..」

Standing next to the classroom door.

Class Rep and I were catching our breath after having run all the way to school. Looking at the hands on the clock it was 8:29 … … …

In other words, there was a minute before the start of homeroom. Amazingly enough we weren’t late.  After that chance encounter in the morning and spending 10 minutes using the “Bell of Sultry Dreams”. Natsuno and I left my house and ran to school in order to make it in time.

Even though Class Rep’s height was quite short, her legs moved so fast, it took a lot just to keep pace and stay by her side. But we managed to get to the classroom before the school chime rang.

「…..Ahaha~haa~~. I felt like, I haven’t done something like that in a long while」

Laughing to herself, Natsuno-san speaks unabashedly. It seems like she had a little fun. Thanks to all this physical activity, it seems like she got over her shyness and anxiety towards me just for a moment. Nodding my head towards her I smiled in reply. Running to school along side a girl is a truly priceless experience. I’m actually quite spry, if I say so myself.

Thinking about it now, I feel like I’m doing much more than a typical teenage boy. I don’t think she knew it herself, but I just saw everything, from her chest to her special-special-place. I couldn’t help but recall those fond memories of her breast and sweet garden, as Class Rep flashed a refreshed smile.

I did also firmly recall her wearing her Miffy-Chan bra….

Smiling and laughing at each other we entered the class together. After lightly waving each other off, we parted towards our respective seats.

Then the school chimes rang and soon after, Harumachi-Sensei entered.


Today’s class ended with no major occurrences.

But it seems Sensei was still sensitive towards me, as there were times when she lost her composure, but as our teacher she managed to maintain a sense of professionalism.

Class instruction was done properly but there were a few times where Sensei hesitated. It was a bit cute though, every time she locked eyes with me her face turned red.

School had come to end. Immediately heading home, I went straight to prepare for the coming exploration.


Adjusting my exploration gear, I heaved a heavy sigh. I’ve done everything I could to prepare. All that was left now, was wait for Sensei to come here.

I’ve already laid the groundwork by preparing Sensei’s equipment, so once she wears it that everything should be set. At that moment my house chime rung notifying me of someone at the door.

Apparently she’s already here.

「Coming! Almost there!」

Yelling out loud before making my way to the front entrance. Looking through the door’s peephole… … … Turns out it really was Harumachi-Sensei.

And without further ado――

… … Huh? What did, Sensei bring along with her? … … …

Seeing Sensei with something in hand, I couldn’t help but wonder what it was for. Isn’t it just a long brown wooden stick? That’s just 180cm long. (About 5’ 11”) It’s much more taller than Sensei’s height. The thickness of the stick is about the same as weight lifting bar and looks easy to handle.

But while I was thinking about these things to myself, its best not to make Sensei wait at all. I opened my front door, while puzzled about the stick Sensei brought with her.

「Sa-saino, I made it…….」

「Right, please, come inside. It be bad if someone saw you come here」

「Ah, you’re right」

Turning away from my gaze, I could see Sensei fidget from my words. Having lulled Sensei into the house, I immediately closed the door.


Once inside, Sensei seems a bit restless as she grips her stick a bit tighter. She’s red from ear to ear, it looks like she can’t keep still even if it was just for a moment.

Well yesterday, we couldn’t even have a straight conversation…. She’s much better now, but it still seems she can’t help but become self-conscious around me.

Without saying, her actions do resemble one of a maiden whose fallen in love.

「Oh, um….. By the way, what’s with the stick?」

Besides Sensei’s bashful demeanor, I curiously asked about the item she kept in her grasp. What was the purpose for the piece of wood that Sensei brought along with her? I couldn’t figure out its use, as it didn’t have any decorative designs what-so-ever. What was this stick actually for?

Still a bit hesitant to respond to me, Sensei meekly answers.

「This 6-Shaku long staff….. is actually my weapon. Actually…… I’m really good in Staff Arts」


「Mm-hm. I’m actually a 5th Rank practitioner of the Mutengi Shinryuu style It’s not a well known martial arts school, you wouldn’t have known about it even if I told you…….」

A 5th Rank Staff arts practitioner of the Mutengi Shinryuu style … …

I’m not familiar with Staff arts, and like what Sensei said, I’ve never heard of the Martial Arts school she just mentioned. I’m sure there are many who don’t know about that school either.

But I feel that 5th Rank is still high in regards to martial arts. Could Sensei be really strong at her martial art? She doesn’t seem to have the muscles for it, nor does she give of the aura that she’s a master of her martial art … … …

「….Alright, for the time being why don’t we gather our things. I have some hand-me-down adventuring gear that my mother once wore, you can wear it」

「Hm?…..Oh, ok」

Nodding obediently towards my suggestion, Sensei continues to avert her eyes away from me. Guiding her to one of the rooms, I have her change clothes.

… … …

While she was changing, I secretly took a peek. Sensei’s underwear was quite racy to see.


「Alright then. Ready to go exploring?」


At the dungeons entrance. Having finalized our preparations, we set off to explore. Sensei brought her long staff along with her. It seems like she intends to fight all the monsters with it.

At the same time, I’m also curious about her martial arts skill. I wonder how well a 5th rank practitioner of the Mutengi Shinryuu style will fare inside the dungeon.

But just before we were about to enter the labyrinth, I gave Sensei a little book.  That’s when――

「Sensei. Please read this before entering this labyrinth」

「Eh?…….. What’s this?」

「It’s like a dungeon exploration guide. It also details what kind of monsters will appear, I really think its kind of helpful」

「I see……..」

Receiving the guide book from my hands. Sensei had a doubtful expression.  Well I’d question the existence of a guide book as well, because it would feel too game-like to be true.

But the more I watched Sensei absorb the content written, turning page after page. I secretly hoped that my plan would be a success.

Hopefully this tricks her……

In reality the book I handed to Sensei. Wasn’t the original book I had picked up when I first entered the labyrinth. It was actually an imitation I made after copying all of the original books’ content.

But I didn’t really copy the books entirety. There were some parts that I had secretly changed. Needless to say, the parts I modified, were in regards to leveling and items.

Levels for Monsters and Humans can be raised through combat experience. Items found are merely trinkets with no effects, and the rest of the instructions are a trivial joke really. But when one collects all items on a floor, you’ll receive a valuable reward.

Those were the parts I changed in the fake exploration guide book.

「Ones level can be increased through combat experience…. Staring at the palm of your hand shows your current level?…… What the?!!」

Sensei looks at the palm of her hand after reading what was written in the book and jumps slightly. She was probably surprised after seeing the number displayed on her palm. I knew how it felt, having experienced that reaction myself.

With this act, the credibility of the guide book should be guaranteed. And once she accepts the content within the guide book as fact, my plan will become a total success.

Speaking of levels, I wonder what level Sensei is at. I’m pretty sure we’ve had sex like about 6 times so far. Sensei didn’t seem like a virgin when we first did it, so maybe her level is actually at 7. I’d be shocked if her level was 100 or something…..

In truth, I’m really curious of what her actual number is? Anxious to see what her level was, I closed one eye and looked at Sensei.  The number that floated over her head was――.


A dumbfounded sound leaked out of me involuntarily. But, no matter how many times I looked at Sensei, the level that appeared was still the same.

…… It really was 6…..

But….how can that be?…….Why is her level equal to the amount of times we had sex?…..

Sensei continued to read the guide book while I was left confused.  And after some time, she closed it.

「Hmmm, for now I got the gist of things. But I’m speechless….. This place is really quite strange, don’t you think so?」

「Eh, huh, yeah, you’re right」

Shaking my head up and down towards Sensei’s assertion, I try to stay calm. It appears like Sensei has been tricked into believing the guide book, but the shock of seeing her actual level was still rampaging in my mind.

I was doing all I could to hide the mental turmoil raging in me.

With those thoughts still in the back of my mind, I realized I couldn’t freeze up and just stand by.  Before turning towards the dungeon, I just said 「Let’s go」, as I willed myself to move.

Sensei’s level just doesn’t make any sense…….

Forget it, for the time being we should just explore the place.

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Kai: I’m not super good with Kanji ” 無天技神流 ” Mutengi Shinryuu to my understanding comes out to Unheavenly Divine Arts.

無 – un-; non-; nothingness; naught; nought; nil
天 – heavens, sky, imperial
技 – technique; art; skill; move
神 – god; deity; divinity; spirit; kami; soul
流 – fashion; way; style; manner; school (of thought)

Maybe someone who is proficient in reading Kanji can help build a better meaning, unfortunately I am still lacking here. At the same time reviewing the Hirigana for it, I could call it “Infernal Divine Dragon School” or “Temporal Godly Arts”.

Narko: I think keeping the Japanese name, is fine in itself. This is not a martial arts story, please don’t add extra fluff to my editorial duties. For the passing reader they probably won’t care about it either. Even in Japanese it still sounds cool, don’t overthink it.

Kai: Ok… on another note, “Shaku” is a unit of measurement for the Japanese foot (30.3 centimeters or 11.9 inches). Hence the story-math Harumachi-Sensei’s staff is rounded to 180cm.