Happy New Year 2021!

Have a blast and forge on ahead to the future ya’ll dream off!!

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Happy New Year from us at HIscension to you guys all our readers. I know our boss Kuro isn’t active with us at this time, but he does send his heart felt wishes & always hopes for the best.

2020 was a doozy for most, and I’m not going to delve deeply & reminiscence. But everyone managed to pull through, life is arduous and everybody did what they could.

For anyone new to this minor blog site, our rag-tag crew here consists of Kuro_Oni, Kaimana (K4!M@|\|a) & myself Narkolepsi. We had a guest translator for a few chapters, that was Lævateinn.

And truthfully we had another guest translator for another few chapters Airzac 123, this was back in the beginning of 2020. Credit were credit is due, he was working on Modern Weapons Vol 5 Ch 1 & 2. And before the year went to shit, we were supposed to release them in sequence. Who knew that a pandemic would change the course of this blog, I didn’t.

But I don’t want to air out dirty laundry and behind the scenes stuff, without at least conversin’ with Kuro. So since I’m the messenger here, I will say thank you for taking the time to read the content on his blogsite. Thanks to all the guys putting in their efforts for the enjoyment of the community, Kai, Læ & Airzac 123. And Thanks to the authors of the stories, without their imagination, we wouldn’t be here.

So with hopes that 2021 will be awesome, We wish ya’ll the best! Have a blast and forge on ahead to the future ya’ll dream off!!

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