S&D: 19 – A Test and Summertime Angst

For Mature Audiences Only


Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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「…….Alright then, I should get going」


 This was after I agreed to Harumachi-Sensei’s insistence to accompany me. Immediately making it home, I readied myself as I stood before the underground labyrinth.  I wasn’t wearing my usual exploration outfit, but my everyday school clothes.  It’s a bit tacky going exploring like this, not going to lie.




 I sped-fully made my way into the stone corridor. Because this time I had my worn out sports shoes, traversing atop the stone halls felt a bit different from usual. But it wasn’t that bad, as these were easier to move in.


 Eventually the stair that led to the first floor came into view. After a slight pause, I decide to go down the steps a little at a time. Anxious, my hands felt a little sweaty as I trembled lightly.  But I couldn’t keep calm.

 Walking into a monster’s den without equipment or weapons was just suicide. Even with the torches lining the walls I could still defend myself from the danger ahead, but this time I’ve chosen not to fight.

….. because I needed to confirm something, just to be sure.

 Sensei will be accompanying me in my explorations starting tomorrow. Since that will be the case, there’s just one thing that I needed to know at a minimum.




 After making it to the first floor, I give out a deep sigh. Taking a right, entering the first floor rather than making my way to the second floor. Although the second floor would have been good as well, the first floor was more than suitable for the test I was about to check.

 Hopefully all of my pains, won’t be in vain.


 As I proceeded down the passageway using the “Right-hand rule” for exploring, I suddenly found exactly what I was looking for.

 10 meters away from me, was a giant and beautiful flower, one that I was familiar with.

 The “Blue Rose”.

It’s a Lv4 monster…… I’m currently at Lv8, a fine match up in some way

 Checking it’s level against mine I nod to myself. After having sex with Sensei yesterday, my level had risen all the way to 8. If I had fought as usual, normally this wouldn’t be a hard battle. But my goal right now isn’t to win. Rather than that, I was looking for something that dealt quite some damage.




 Having noticed my presence the Blue Rose shrieks. It appears to be heading towards me albeit quite slowly. Rather than wait for it, I walk towards the Blue Rose without any hesitation.





 As I approached the Blue Rose, one of it’s vines smacks my body, like pounding mochi.

 Damn, that hurt, like a lot.

 Besides recoiling from the impact from where I was struck, the thorns which protruded from the vines tore some skin. Looking closely at the area I was wounded, cuts ran across my arm as my clothes were also shredded.


 But even after that, I steeled myself to take even more. All this pain was necessary, just to make sure of something I had in mind.




 The Blue Rose merciless attacks continued to strike me as stood like a stone. This is surprising. I managed to block the attacks with my face, as it came to me all at once.

 Frankly, this all hurts like hell.

 My clothes were shredded into rags, and my body was now glossed in blood. It’s really great I didn’t wear my usual exploration gear. It was roughly 10 minutes into being attacked and I was already nearing my limits.

 How long have……have I been bleeding like this?

 With how much blood was streaming all over, it was more than enough for a blood draw. Bruised and bleeding all over, if anyone saw me I’m sure they would scream at the top of their lungs.

 But I remained stoically still. All my efforts would be useless If I gave up right now.




 Raising its battle cry with tremendous ferocity it finalizes its attack. Moving with great momentum its vine struck fast and hard. Having clenched my teeth in anticipation for the shock I had received, the pain was finally ove――




 Surprisingly at the end, mixed in between my pain a sound of relief had leaked out of me. The Blue Rose which I was facing was no longer in front of me.

 Taking a look at my surroundings, the scenery around me had changed, I was back at the entrance of the dungeon right next to my basement door.


 …….Apparently I came back to the very start of the labyrinth.


「………Was this the forced transfer that book spoke off?」


 While muttering to myself I check my body’s condition. I didn’t have wounds anywhere. Additionally, my clothes which were cut and tattered were back to normal as well.

 Contrary to my expectations, everything is back to how they were from before I started exploring.


「I guess that makes sense……..」


 I nod to the thought while checking for any abnormalities. I was able to verify my concerns properly. And through this experiences, this test was a success. Unsure about the forced teleportation, and I wanted to know the specifics of it. The description the book gave was general and vague to understand.


 How much damage does one take to be instantly returned to the beginning?

 What happens to the injuries that one sustained?

 Will damage to the equipment remain?

 And was there really a phenomenon which forcefully teleports a person in the first place?


 There was no way I could allow Sensei to accompany me into the labyrinth if I didn’t figure out the answer to these questions.

 I didn’t have time to verify all this yesterday, and had no choice but to explore the dungeon with Sensei that time. I had to make sure that exploring this place was safe. Since starting tomorrow, Sensei will be accompanying everyday from now on.


….. For now, it looks like there won’t be any scarring. Now that I think about it, all the injuries I had before disappeared before I knew it. I wonder if the labyrinth has mechanic that heals all my injuries.


 Bringing my body towards the house I thought to myself. I don’t really understand what principle maintains it, but for now I can say this labyrinth is relatively safe.

 After all that, there should be no issue, exploring with Harumachi-Sensei.




 Having mustered all the energy I had left, I made it to my houses living room. Even though I did this just to confirm the forced teleportation, the whole thing was an ordeal. Having to continuously suffer for more than 10 minutes, was torture in itself. I praised myself greatly for not running away during that time.


Having to go this far, I might have grown more attached to Sensei than I thought…..


 Vague musings go back and forth in my mind. In reality, I was thinking about Harumachi-Sensei the whole time I was being attacked by the Blue Rose.

 Persisting through all that pain, was to ensure Sensei’s safety. Reflecting on it now, I felt like I was able to endure it while having those thoughts. Well, considering how much Sensei cares about my safety, this much is a small price.


 Sinking deeply into the sofa, I heavily sighed. As my eye lids began to flutter and my body grew heavier. I don’t have the energy left to move.

 I don’t know if it’s from exploring, being attacked or if it was from the forced transfer, but now I was racked with drowsiness. Well no matter the reason, there was no problem with me falling asleep like this.


 Entering into a deep sleep, I never got up from my sofa.




 Friday Morning

 Ready to go to school, I exited my house from the front door and apparently Natsuno-san & Akitsu-san weren’t here today.

 It felt a little lonely, but now that I don’t have to be wary of Akitsu-san, going to school felt a lot easier, since I was walking by myself.




 But on the way to school, I saw something unusual. Some distance ahead of me, behind a vending machine on the side of the road.

 Was a little girl in her school uniform hiding while looking at a direction opposite from school.


Isn’t that?……Class Rep, what is she doing?…….


 A short petite frame with a ponytail. I couldn’t see her face, but that is definitely Natsuno-san. But why is she hiding?

 Tracing the direction of her gaze, I followed it to see what she was looking at. On the main street were a sparse bunch of students heading to school.

 But isn’t that――




 Roughly 20 to 30 meters in front of Natsuno-san. There was a lone girl in uniform who stood out glamorously from the rest. A voluptuous body whose hair was fashioned into a sidetail, it was none other than Akitsu-san.

 Her wide hips and thicc thighs accentuated her butt, when watching her figure from the back, one could say her strides were erotic.

 But why is Class Rep just tailing Akitsu-san. Aren’t they best friends? I wonder if I should just ask, honestly. Wondering what I should do, I snuck up right behind Class Rep, to ask.


「……Good Morning, Natsuno-san」



 Natsuno’s body jolted in surprise to my greeting. Her flabbergast expression of shock had turned my way.



「Yeah. Yo……So whatcha up to?」

「Eh, uh, I………I, ah Saino just hide!」


 Class Rep just pulls me in the back of the vending machine she was hiding behind. And after looking back towards Akitsu-san’s direction, sighed in relief.


「That’s great, looks like we haven’t been seen…….」

「……………Um, Natsuno-san why are you tailing Akitsu-san?」


 Looking in the direction of Akitsu-san walking away, I prod Class Rep with curiosity. Coughing to clear her throat, Class Rep answered my question in a meek voice.


「…..Well, she’s been acting strange lately. It looks like she’s having a lot of fun…….And she’s a lot more lively than usual……」

「So you’re trying to find out the reason why?」

「Mm, that’s…… It’s, it’s not like I don’t have an idea why….. but it’s…..」


 While staring at me, Class Rep muddles her words towards the end, replying inaudibly. Looking at her appearance and actions, I can kind of figure out why she was tailing Akitsu-san.

 It’s a bit over speculative on my part, but I think Class Rep suspects her best friend has fallen in love with me.

 Thinking about it more, there’s various things that come to mind. It all started when we shared an umbrella with each other and not to mention she was enthusiastic about going to school with me yesterday morning.

 Thinking back at Akitsu-san’s actions, one could think she’s taken an interest in me. Adding onto that, she was having a lot more fun in those respects.

 …..But in truth, she was just curious and wanted to uncover my secrets.

 She only spent about 10 minutes under “The Umbrella of Intertwining Fate” with me, so I can’t really deny that she has some feelings.


「Don’t you think your overthinking this whole thing, aren’t you worrying a little too much?」

「Wh-why, what do you mean by that?」

「No, well, actually it’s……….」



 Class Rep stares at me intently, her eyes questioning me, as I couldn’t respond back easily to her. Her expression turns uneasy as she watches me. It’s become more troublesome to deal with than I initially thought.


……How should I, how do I calm her down. There’s not much I can explain to her, but……


 I like Natsuno-san. If I tell her that, maybe it would blow away Class Reps anxiety.

 But since I’ll be continuing to get involved with other girls in erotic ways, making such a confession is too risky.

 It’s not like, I don’t like her.


But how do I say these kinds of things?


 I was trying to think of the right things to say. But nothing came to mind, as it wasn’t that easy. I couldn’t say I wasn’t interested in Akitsu-san either.

 But while I was brooding over what I should be saying, another idea came to mind. Come to think of it, that item should be good for a situation like this.



「Eh, Eeh?」


 Holding onto Class Reps hand, I took her in the opposite direction from school…..Making my way towards a certain house.

 Class Rep leaked a puzzled reply, she didn’t resist my abrupt actions either and instead followed along.


 …..I couldn’t tell her「I like you」out loud.

 But with that item, I could say it as many times as I wanted.

 “The Bell of Sultry Dreams”

 With that, I should be able to give Class Rep a sweet dream at home.

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Kai: Alternate Title: “The Investigation and Natsuno’s Anxiety”

Narko: My alternate title ” The Melancholy of Natsuno & Labyrinth mysteries”.