Vol 4 Chapter 13

If we allow the Leviathan to escape from us at this very moment, it will be a shame that will last for generations!


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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『We’ve encountered an immensely large unidentified creature within Area Echo 5, at the coordinates 5-2-5, we’ll be moving into a defensive posture as we prepare for combat』


It was quite some time, but after receiving an initial report by the B-227 Vyborg of what they encountered, they had lost contact with the 7th Submarine Squadron. 


Unable to get in contact with their missing patrol, leaders of the Expeditionary Fleet sent out the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet equipped with a Shared Reconnaissance Pod (SHARP) which is a high-resolution, digital tactical aerial reconnaissance system.


Flying directly over the area where last contact with 7th Submarine Squadron were, the pilot encountered two oil spills and wreckage of two submarines as various floating objects were on the oceans surface.


Witnessing the debris, the Super Hornet’s pilot expands his search of the surrounding area, and comes across a large creature spanning the size of what could be described as a small island. Three gigantic ridges crest above the water, cutting the oceans surface, as six large fins propel the creature forward. Moving at a pace of 15 knots right in the direction of the Expeditionary Fleet, the ridges above the water or rather its dorsal fins help to identify its progress. It’s lengthy neck stuck out farther than its body, giving it a a distinct appearance of what someone could call a dragon.


「HQ, this is Romeo 02. I’m in the vicinity of Area Echo 5, and I came across a large creature of some kind….. It looks like some kind of dragon. It is currently heading west at 15 knots.  It seems to be making its way towards the Port City Gloria. At this time its roughly 90 Kilometers away from the Expeditionary Fleet. ………… It’s size and everything are completely different, It could be a dragon of some kind but it looks a lot like a Plesiosaurus, it has a really long neck with a large body at its base. 」


Streaming the unbelievable footage from it’s reconnaissance pod, the information reported by the F/A-18E/F Pilot created even more chaos for the Naval leadership in  Gloria’s vicinity.


Already dealing with the unexpected accident concerning their VIP (the otherworlder who had been exiled), the Main Landing Force was temporarily held back from mobilizing onto the beachhead, furthermore the advance landing force had met intense enemy resistance and had become isolated from each other.  They were currently in the process of sending in the Marine Corps to rescue the advance landing party and to bolster their troops in the capture Gloria as well.


The appearance of the gigantic aquatic monster, came at the worst possible time for the Expeditionary Fleet. As it was reported to be 90 Kilometers away from their current location. If the Sea Dragon were to attack them at this moment while they were ferrying their men ashore, the amount of losses they would incur would be devastating.


Much like what happened before when they sent in the Ranger Regiment, their advance landing party, which became isolated from each other almost after they had entered the city. By suspending the Marines Corps mobilization, they would be leaving their remaining troops on their own once again. And due to the nature of their emergency, the Expeditionary Fleet needed to leave coastal waters immediately. 


In the midst of all this, orders from the Parabellum’s mainland called for the destruction of the gigantic sea creature, given the code name “Leviathan”.  With nearly 200 naval vessels towed in a line from end-to-end. All at once each ship started up their missile launch systems and began to fire. BGM-109B Tomahawk Anti-Ship Missiles (TASM) and the RGM-84 Harpoon missiles soar into the sky all at once.


In the rear, which was further away from the battle line, the aircraft carrier group launched wings of fighters with anti-submarine and anti-ship payloads. The plan was to strike the slow moving Leviathan, in an attempt to provoke it into surfacing.


The Expeditionary Fleet’s commanding staff wholeheartedly believed that the mass onslaught of weaponry would be enough to annihilate the Leviathan or would at least give them some time to take more effective measures. “It should be fine,” they thought to themselves, hadn’t they taken enough precautionary measures?  They’ve already sent away their non-essential vessels.  But this was the start of a terrible nightmare, that would hound the Expeditionary Fleet. 


Hundreds of Tomahawk & Harpoon missiles decorate the sky, soaring at subsonic speeds from all of their corresponding battleships. Video telemetry being relayed from the Super Hornet’s reconnaissance pod, as the pilot flew from a corner of the battlespace, captured real-time video of the Leviathan and the incoming wall of missiles.


Suddenly the Leviathan halts its advance, and begins to wade in the water, the creatures head breaks the surface as its long neck stretches above the water bearing its long sharp fangs.


「What the? The hell is it doing now…..?」


Observing the Leviathan’s mysterious actions, the Super Hornet’s pilot turns his head to face the creature, and before the pilots eyes, a geometric pattern forms before the monster. The Leviathan had opened its mouth, widening it as energy from the nearby  surroundings began to swirl and become drawn to the luminescent pattern, even with the naked eye, one could tell it was magic. 


「Hey!…… That’s, that’s, that’s a―!! This is bad, it’s going to do something messed up!!」


One of the large towering fins on its back began to glow as magic from the air and sea were being drawn towards it. This organ attracted the surrounding energy as it condensed it along with its own power, compressing it all within seconds to create a sphere.


Within moments the grand magical sphere becomes compressed to the size of a bowling ball and it was at that point it unleashed a black ray of sheer destruction. Turning its head from left to right, fanning back and forth the Leviathan’s magical beam surged.


On the horizon, the incoming wall of Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles which were targeting the Leviathan were struck by its magical beam. Explosions rocked the air as the skies became painted with over 100 fireballs.


「…….Are you fucking kidding me!?」


The reconnaissance pilot watched in devastation, slightly forgetting to fly his own plane as he was left stunned by the scene. Meanwhile, hundreds of missiles which were still left undamaged by the Leviathan’s initial attack, continued to fly towards their marks, with hopes of defeating the Titan.


But then the Leviathan opens its mouth once again, and this time a different geometric pattern emerges, with more details than the previous one.


Energy surrounding the creature gathers but this time it doesn’t fire a beam of magic, instead countless balls appear and these magical bullets dart off in all directions.


Like a machine gun, firing off countless rounds, these magical bullets take down the Tomahawk and Harpoon missiles with terrifying accuracy.


「This is bad, this messed up, this is fucked up!! All the missiles are being shot down by the balls of magic!!」


With no more than 30 missiles remaining the F/A-18E/F Pilot screamed, as the amount of Harpoons and Tomahawks could now be counted with just the naked eye.


But luck would have it, as the Goddess of Fortune smiled towards Parabellum’s side.


The Leviathan’s attack had stopped after it had exhausted all the energy it had collected up.


Clear as day, a mix of 15 Tomahawk & Harpoon missiles remained, and without missing a beat of this golden opportunity, plunged themselves into the Leviathan’s body as if to make up for all the missiles that failed to make it, creating a grand explosion enveloping the so called sea dragon.


「Fuck yeah!! Phew…. I thought for a second that nothing would hit it, *Sigh* but its dead and now we can―― huh!? It can’t be!!」


Patting his chest in relief, the pilot regaled having seen the Leviathan wrapped up in the inferno and smoke, but he celebrated too early as it left the smoke completely unscathed.


This marked the beginning of the battle against the Sea Titan, the Leviathan.


After the first missile barrage, an Assault Wing tried to intercept the approaching Leviathan, but were met with heavy anti-air resistance, having received considerable damage, they were forced to withdraw.


As a result of the Assault Wings inability to halt the Leviathan’s approach, Four waves of missile barrages were launched instead, the bulk of which were made with Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles.


Due to this method of attack, there were quite a few successful strikes in between the Leviathan’s strong luminescent defense with magic, which had rendered most of their armaments useless.


With the realization that half of their attacks were ineffective, their final response towards the Leviathan which boasted a considerable defense, was a strategy which relied on the heavy firepower of their warships guns, by means of heavy bombardment.


Weighing their chances for victory or defeat, they temporarily composed a special fleet of ships organized from their current force, to take on the Leviathan head on.


「……..Do you have any news of the 7th Submarine Squadron?」


「Sir! Well I’ve been trying to contact them as you ordered, but…. neither the Virginia, Kuroshio or Vyborg have responded back. We received reports of two oil spills in vicinity of where they were last, so it’s likely known that two of three submarines have been lost at sea」


「I see…….*Sigh*」


「……As of right now, we have three submarine rescue crews enroute to that location, they’ll be taking a detour away from Leviathan’s path. I’ve told them to contact me the moment they find something」


「My apologies, I had you take care of something personal of mine 」


「Ah, don’t worry sir. ….I’m sure your concerns are valid」


The flagship spearheading the temporary special fleet was an Iowa-Class Battleship, the BB-63 Missouri. Leading the crescent formation of ships was Vice Admiral Douglas Mayfield. As the father of Captain Fran Mayfield, he was uneasy about his daughters whereabouts. 


That foolish daughter of mine, why does she cause so much trouble.


Her (marriage) ceremony was just approaching!! ….. I should’ve…. I should have stopped her from mobilizing in this operation.


On the surface, Vice Admiral Mayfield exuded a calm exterior, but inside he was filled with so much anxiety and regret.


「…..――Huh!? Contact!! Leviathan has dove beneath the surface!! Distance is 30,000 meters at a depth of 150 meters. Its coming straight towards us!!」


It couldn’t be helped, as the situation around him continued to progress in ways counter to Vice Admiral Mayfield’s desires.


In the short time the Special Detachment Fleet had lost sight of the Leviathan, dozens of SH-60 Seahawks carrying MK50 Torpedoes released them in large quantities on the projected Leviathan’s path. The MK50 Advanced lightweight torpedoes, were designed to be used for fast, deep-diving targets.


Detecting the Leviathan 30,000 meters from the Special Fleet at a depth of 150 meters, they set up a formation in order to ensnare the sea Titan.


「It’s here….. Notify all staff, battle stations」


「「「「Aye aye, Sir!!」」」」


The moment Vice Admiral Mayfield sends out his orders, the Special Fleet suddenly moves in a frenzy.


「Notify the Shark, Whale and Dolphin Aviation Wings. Each Wing will launch their attacks immediately」


「Have the Hyuga and Ise begin their assault as well」


「All ships prepare for anti-submarine warfare」


Equipped with AGM-114M Hellfire II’s the SH-60K Seahawks flutter in the skies as they are followed by two Hyuga-Class Anti-Submarine Warfare Carriers, the Ise and Hyuga, with their payload of Type 97 Torpedoes and depth charge explosives.


『Missouri, this is the Wing Commander, we are in position.  Are we cleared to engage? Over』


「This is the Missouri, you have the greenlight, do it, over」


With the three wings of Seahawks overhead, simultaneously they all drop their MK50 torpedoes toward the Leviathan.


After its release, the torpedoes deploy a drag chute from their tails, making the MK50 torpedoes slowly descend with their heads aimed straight to the bottom of the sea.


The moment the torpedoes break water the drag chute disconnects and the engines take over. Moving at break neck speeds, which was approximately 40 knots, they track and zero in on the Leviathan with their acoustic homing systems.


Closing the distance between them in no time, the Mk50 torpedoes hit the Leviathan detonating one after another, fulfilling their purpose.


The high level impact created shockwaves that broke the surface as large columns of water dotted the area.


『Missouri, this is the Wing Commander, all torpedoes have detonated.  But we can’t confirm the target’s status as no debris has come to the surface, we’re leaving the battlespace to replenish our munitions 』


Having dropped all their ordinance, all three Wings turn their noses and fly back to their respective ships to resupply.


「This is the Missouri to all personnel. The Operation is still active, we are to continue the assault」


Even after dropping a large amount of MK50 torpedoes on top of the Leviathan, the three Wings could not confirm the Titans position, but considering the Leviathan’s defensive exterior the Special Fleet detachment continued their assault.


SH-60K Seahawks which had flown from the decks of the Ise and Hyuga circle the torpedo drop site and indiscriminately dump depth charges in the vicinity.


Likewise a familiar tower of water breaks the surface with each corresponding blast.


「Having taken these many attacks, it should be as though it were struck by a meteorite….」


Within the Command information center, Vice Admiral Mayfield mutters under his breath as he watches several water columns from his screen display.


「It doesn’t look promising. We still haven’t found the Leviathan――huh?……. Isn’t this it!?」


「――Contact!! We have the Leviathan, approximately 23,000 at our 12’」


Breaking the surface and forming a grand pillar of water, the Leviathan reveals itself.


「How are you still unharmed!?….. Everyone let’s show it the might of Parabellum’s Navy」


「「「「Aye aye, Sir!!」」」」


The Special Fleet orchestrated a maelstrom of metal & fire towards the balking Leviathan.


「All ships weapons free, use anything and everything you’ve got!!」


「This sea battle has just begun!!」


Countless missile capable ships were part of the Special Fleet,  four Virginia-Class Nuclear Guided-Missile Cruisers (Virginia, Texas, Mississipi & Arkansas) and four Kirov-Class Battlecruisers (Admiral Ushakiv, Admiral Lazarev, Admiral Makhimov & Pyotr Velikiy) were part of the formation.


Puffing up its long neck, like an adder the Leviathan shakes its body while emitting a shriek. And as if that was the signal, a barrage of anti-ship missiles were launched from 20 battleships of the Special Fleet.


Japan’s warships, the Yamato, Musashi, Kongo, Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima, Fuso & Yamashiro.


America’s warships, the South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusetts, Alabama, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Jersey & Missouri.


Great Britain’s warships, The Prince of Wales & King George V.


And Germany’s warships Bismarck & Tirpitz.


―― Each battleship lighted up their main guns firing a full salvo, followed by their secondary armaments.


「Notify the 5th & 6th Torpedo Squadron to begin their assault!!」


In addition to the symphony of thunder and awe which rocked the seas, two torpedo squadrons move in synchronous motion. The 5th Torpedo Squadron’s Mogami-Class Cruiser, the Mogami & Mikuma, Tenryu-Class Cruiser the Tatsuta and Akatsuki-Class Destruoyers, Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi and Inazuma.


6th Torpedo Squadron’s Mogami-Class Cruisers, the Suzuya & Kumano, Nagara-Class Cruiser the Abukuma, and the Kagero-Class destroyers Urakaze, Isokaze, Hamakaze and Tanikaze.


On opposite flanks of the Leviathan the two torpedo squadrons fire off their main guns *Doga Doga* one after another, and from their mounted torpedo racks they launch their Type 93 Torpedoes, a 61cm oxygen propelled torpedo which the Imperial Japanese Navy considered advanced for its respective time period.


These Type 93 torpedoes which were vaulted into the sea didn’t create streaks like other torpedoes and quickly crept up on the Leviathan unnoticed.


「15 Seconds until the1st wave of Anti-ship missiles strike the target!!」


To prevent the Leviathan from utilizing it’s anti-air magic attacks, fifteen SH-60K Seahawks distract the Titan with a barrage of AGM-114M Hellfire II’s. Their rotary wing  aircraft flew around as decoys so their ships could launch Tomahawk missiles, Harpoon missiles, the 3M24 Uran & P-700 Granit anti-ship missiles before it could evade them all.


Finally noticing the wall of missiles coming towards it, the Leviathan had no way of countering the screen of fire and metal. The Seahawks had done their duty in distracting the Titan peppering it with small fire and minor missile attacks, long enough before turning tail and leaving the blast zone.


「Everything….. has hit their marks!!」


Hundreds of anti-ship missiles fly toward the Leviathan without missing a beat, and struck the sea Titan in rhythmic fashion, in an attempt to crush a monster which was nearly double the size of a Yamato-Class battleship.


Engulfed in conflagration, the Leviathan croaks a pained reply.


「Shells landing in 3, 2, 1, contact!! 」


As the Special Fleet’s assault did not cease after the anti-ship missile barrage, what followed up next was a storm of searing metal, as countless shells had been fired from their corresponding battleships and smaller vessels.


Like the tip of a spear, columns of water shot up into the sky all around the Leviathan and the flames which had previously engulfed it were no more, but visible damaged could be seen on its body as more shells took a toll on its surface.


In the following seconds an unrelenting rain of metal, along with gravity the shells mercilessly struck their marks as well as dotted the waters surrounding the Sea Titan.


The Type 93 torpedoes which had been creeping up on the creature, finally made their appearance as they detonated on the Leviathan’s sides creating even more pillars of water.


While it was a gross miscalculation, of the hundreds of Type 93 torpedoes launched only three struck their mark.


Nonetheless, with just those three torpedoes alone, they were magnificent in damaging the beast.






「……What’s the status of the Target?」


With a break in their attack, an eerie silence filled the Command information center, as Vice Admiral Mayfield broke the silence to confirm the enemy’s status.


「……….Aah, the target, is still active――― its…. there doesn’t appear to have any significant effect」


Various reports from radar and detection systems confirmed the Vice Admiral’s disappointment.


「Huh!?… What the?….. You’ve got to be kidding me!?」


Instead of showing a scene of destruction and the Titan’s carcass, the Command information center’s display relayed a very alive creature which was infuriated and ready to attack.


「In that case, continue the assault!! Don’t give it a chance to retaliate!!」


「「「「Aye aye, Sir!!」」」」


Fearing the Leviathan’s counterattack, Vice Admiral Mayfield ordered to continue the attack, but his orders had come a step late.


「Detecting high energy readings from the Target!!」




Numerous balls of magic had been fired from the Leviathan, who had been beaten like a punching back, expressing its rage with its counter.


And in the following moments, the Missouri is rocked all along its hull as explosions surrounded her.




「Shit!!――Damage report!!」


Gripping a nearby object to endure the shockwave, Vice Admiral Mayfield barks to his crew, asking for a damage assessment.


「We’ve taken damage on the starboard side of the 2nd & 3rd main gun turrets, we’ve also lost the 1st machine gun nest!! There a numerous casualties!! 」


「There’s a fire in the main guns ammunition’s depot!! The fire is spreading!! 」


「Fuck, put it out immediately!!」


「「Yes Sir!!」」


Rounds stored in the 3rd main gun turret cache were at risk of exploding after being damaged by the Leviathan’s magical attack. With a fire breaking out in the center of the ship, the Missouri’s crew deployed teams for damage control, fire suppression, and casualty collection as they ran in and outside the ship, to prevent further loss.


This scene occurred on a number of ships within the Special Fleet, as they had been battered the same like the Missouri, several of them even had black smoke rising from their ships.


「Reporting!! 17 ships have sustained severe damage, 25 ships have moderate damage, 19 have minor damage and 9 ships have been sunk by the Leviathan’s attack!! There are only four battleships which weren’t damaged, they are the Kirishima, Yamashiro, Alabama and the New Jersey!!」


The Leviathan’s counterattack had damaged more than 40% of the Special Fleet’s ships.


It had sunk most of their smaller craft, like the cruisers and destroyers, even their battleships which were the heart of the fleet had sustained significant damages.


「…….Damned Monster!!… Since it’s become like this, we should use “That”!!」


「Sir!? Wait, sir, we can’t use “That”, were still doing tests and its not entirely operational!!」


「I understand it perfectly!! But the situation has become dire, we have no choice but to use “That”!!」


「……Roger. Understood Sir. Contacting the Long Beach, Bainbridge and Truxtun」


In a single moment the Special Fleet suffered a devastating blow, due to the Leviathan retaliating. Pushed into a corner Vice Admiral Mayfield decided to use a certain weapon, despite his Chief of Staff’s objection in using an experimental weapon undergoing tests in actual combat.


「Captain!! Orders received from the Missouri, the Long Beach, Bainbridge & Truxtun are to operate their railguns and fire upon the Leviathan!!」


「What was that!? That has to be a joke!! The rail gun hasn’t even completed its test trials, what is top brass thinking!?」


「……Um Sir, it’s not like we can oppose a direct order! These commands came directly from Vice Admiral Mayfield himself. There’s no way for us to refuse…..」


「I know that!!…. It’s just, this is ridiculous. Doesn’t he know it’s a pain, preparing the railgun to fire!! Nevermind, let’s just show this Leviathan everything we got!!」


「「Aye aye, sir!!!」」


Following the orders set out by Vice Admiral Mayfield, the Captain of the Long Beach was perplexed by the strategy of utilizing these experimental weapons which haven’t been fully tested, but still followed the order.


「Safety valves No.1 through No.4, are released!!」


「Power supply systems are all green!!」


「Energizing the firing system…..95…..96…..97….98….99…. 100%!! Railgun system is ready to fire!!」


In order to accommodate the Railgun upgrades, the Long Beach had removed its 38 caliber 127mm main gun on the forefront of its main deck. The equipped railgun had been powered to full capacity with 30 megawatts of energy generated from the ships reactor plant. Ready to launch its ordinance, it moved to the front of the Special Fleet’s battle line, directing its muzzle straight at the Leviathan along with the railguns of two other ships. The experimental weapons hummed and buzzed while emitting a pale light.


「High energy readings confirmed!! Target is firing a second salvo!!」


「Shit!! Evasive maneuvers, hard to port now!!」


「We’ve already maxed the steering controls!! ――It’s not enough, we won’t make it, we can’t evade!!」




But the moment when the railguns of the Long Beach, Bainbridge & Truxtun were ready to fire, the Leviathan unleashed a barrage of magic bullets towards the Special Fleet once more.


「………? ……..Huh!?」


Expecting to blasted to smithereens and bracing for the impending shock, the Captain of the Long Beach closed his eyes and had cursed as they were unable to avoid the attack.


But as explosions rang around them striking ships nearby, the Long beach didn’t sustain any damage.


Were they lucky enough to avoid getting hit? No, in front of them was the battered hull of the Kirishima, which had sailed in front of them, becoming a shield for the Long Beach, preventing the Leviathan’s magic attack from damaging them. Trembling while opening his eyes, the Captain froze, lost in his thoughts. 


「Did they…. sail in to protect us?」


「Captain, it’s bad!! The Bainbridge was severely damaged in that last attack, the Truxtun was also hit and can’t fire their railgun!! We’re the only ship left with an operable railgun!!」


「…..Notify the Railgun crew to fire. Don’t let the Kirishima’s efforts go to waste, and blast the hell out of the Leviathan right now!!」


『『Aye aye, Sir!!』』


A flame ignited within the eyes of the Long Beach’s Captain, the Battleship Kirishima, had defended them with its body, passing the torch to the Long Beach to end this fight.


Picking up Kirishima’s torch, the Long Beach’s Captain emboldened his crew as they passed in the shadow of the hulking Kirshima, which had taken the full brunt of the Leviathan’s attack.




Like a lightning bolt, the railgun’s muzzle glowed having fired at the same time as the Captain’s order.


And due to Lorentz force, the railgun sabot accelerated to speeds comparable of Mach 6, striking the Leviathan which was 14,000 meters away with tremendous kinetic force.


Due to a slight deviation in aim, the sabot ended tearing through part of the creatures body taking a good amount of flesh along with it. Considering how relatively unscathed it had been prior to the shot, they had successfully injured the Titan in a serious way.


「Prepare the next sabot!! We’re going to hit again!!」


「「「「Aye aye, Sir!!」」」」


Taking advantage of the Leviathan’s pause as well as Kirishima’s sacrifice, the Long Beach’s railgun had significantly injured the beast as it wailed in pain. Not letting go of this moment, the Captain of the Long Beach rallies his crew to reload and fire again.


「――What!? Anomaly detected in the Railgun’s transmission line!!」


「Anomaly detected in the Railgun’s muzzle compartment!! The thing seems to have melted!!」


「Reload is impossible―― we can’t do it!!」


「Dammit, we’ve made it this far!!」


Having not completed its test trials, the backup systems could only detect anomalies and couldn’t fix them, rendering the weapon essentially useless.


「What the!? The target is submerging itself!!」


As the Captain of the Long Beach grovels at their inability to continue their assault, the Leviathan realizing its in a bad spot, dives into the sea to escape.


「This is bullshit!! There’s no way we can miss this chance!!」


The Special Fleet was unable to continue and chase after the creature, after having suffered two waves of indirect attacks.


Despite the sporadic bombardment by the combat ready ships, none were capable of giving chase at the current Leviathan’s speed, and could only watch as it began to slip away.


But it was at that final moment, just barely out of range.


Missiles and shells from out of nowhere, had struck the Leviathan’s open wound, caused by the Long Beach’s railgun.


As the missiles and shells dug deeper into its injured body, explosions from their detonations had maimed it even further, causing the Leviathan to give up from diving to safety. Widening the injuries it already sustained and causing it to bleed even more profusely.


「Where!? Who launched those attacks just now!?」


Filled with resentment towards losing the opportunity to defeat the Leviathan, the Captain of the Long Beach raised his voice in surprise towards the barrage from out of nowhere. Questioning one of his subordinates for an answer, he suddenly hears an announcement over the ships radio.


『This is the Commander of the 1st Independent Assault Fleet, we’ll be joining this battle and assist you guys in annihilation of the Leviathan!!』


The 1st Independent Assault Fleet, was a search and destroy armada heralded by Rear Admiral Susumu Sato, it had been in other various battles before making its way to link up with the Special Detachment Fleet.


This was a key turning point in Parabellum’s naval battle with the Empire’s Leviathan.


The situation had turned around in Parabellum’s favor as 12 warships  gathered together to form a single cohesive formation.


「If we allow the Leviathan to escape from us at this very moment, it will be a shame that will last for generations!!  No matter what happens, we’ll definitely stop that Titan!!」


「「「「Aye Aye, Sir!!」」」」


As the ship moves at maximum speed, inside the Ise’s bridge Rear Admiral Sato inspires his crew to act with their honor on the line, as they bravely respond back to him with fervor.


With the 1st Independent Assault Fleet’s morale at its highest, they were able to continuously bombard the Leviathan without fear as they encroached upon the Titan.


「The enemy is moving into an attacking posture!!」


Greatly injured the Leviathan slows down and raises its head, preparing to unleash an attack, all the while the 1st Independent Assault Fleet continue to advance towards it.


「Maintain course, slow down the engines and continue the bombardment!!」


Gauging the timing of the Leviathan’s counterattack, the Captain of the Ise drops their speed, so as not to get ahead of the Hyuga that was trailing behind them. In a few moments two 35.6cm shells left Ise’s main guns and fell just short between the ship and the Leviathan.


「They missed!!」


「No…. they did that on purpose!!」




Some of the sailors within the Special Fleet shook their heads, confused by that the Ise’s missed the target, but it was in the following moments that they understood the meaning behind those actions. 


Right when the magic bullets fired from the Leviathan soar towards the Ise, the pillars of water made from those two 35.6cm shells had blocked the incoming magical attack, as they exploded right when it made contact with the wall of water.


「Set engines to maximum, steer the ship 50 degrees port!!」


「There, now were in position!!」


Utilizing the Ise’s ingenuous strategy to counter the Leviathan’s attacks, the 1st Independent Assault Fleet forms a line of ships 8000 meters before the Titan. Rotating their ships into position they all turn their main guns at the Leviathan. In this formation along side the Ise was it’s sister ship, the Ise-Class Battleship the Hyuga,  Aoba-Class Cruisers, the Aoba & Kinugasa, Nagara-Class Cruiser the Isuzu,  Kongo-Class Destroyers, the Kongo & Kirishima, and the Akizuki-Class Destroyers, Akizuki, Teruzuki, Suzutsuki, Hatsuzuki & Niizuki.  With the muzzles of their main guns all pointed towards the Leviathan they open fire.


Salvo after salvo, the guns of the 12 ships expand the Leviathan’s injuries, and end up blowing away the Titan’s internal organs.


Exhausting all their munitions and making a torrential rain of shells, what was left from the 1st Independent Assault Fleet’s onslaught was the Leviathan’s carcass adrift in the sea.


After wreaking havoc upon Gloria’s Expeditionary Fleet leaving them with countless casualties, the battle with the Leviathan and Parabellum’s Navy finally came to a close. 

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Chapter Technical References

Naval Vessels 

 Kongo-Class Battlecruiser
 – Kongo (金剛)
 – Hiei (比叡)
 – Kirishima (霧島)
 – Haruna (榛名) 

 Kirov-Class Battlecruiser
 – Admiral Ushakov
 – Admiral Lazarev
 – Admiral Makhimov
 – Pyotr Velikiy 

 Mogami-Class Cruiser 
 – Mogami (最上)
 – Mikuma (三隈) 
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 – Kumano (熊野)

 Tenryu-Class Cruiser
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 Aoba-Class Crusier 
 – Aoba (青葉)
 – Kinugasa (衣笠) 

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 – Texas 
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 – Arkansas

 Long Beach-Class Cruiser
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Naval Vessels cont.

 Yamato-Class Battleship
 – Yamato (大和)
 – Musashi (武蔵)

 Fuso-Class Battleship
 – Fuso (扶桑)
 – Yamashiro (山城)

 Ise-Class Battleship
 – Ise (伊勢)
 – Hyuga (日向)

Iowa-Class Battleship
 – Iowa
 – New Jersey
 – Missouri 
 – Wisconsin

 South Dakota-Class Battleship
 – South Dakota
 – Indiana
 – Massachusetts
 – Alabama 

 King George V-Class Battleship
 – King George V
 – Prince of Wales

 Bismarck-Class Battleship
 – Bismarck
 – Tirpitz

 Hyuga-Class ASW Carrier 
 – Hyuga (日向)
 – Ise (伊勢)


 Kagero-Class Destroyers
 – Urakaze (浦風)
 – Isokaze (磯風)
 – Hamakaze (浜風)
 – Tanikaze (谷風

 Akatsuki-Class Destroyer 
 – Akatsuki (暁)
 – Hibiki (響)
 – Ikazuchi (雷)
 – Inazuma (電)

 Akizuki-Class Destroyer 
 – Akizuki (秋月)
 – Teruzuki (照月)
 – Suzutsuki (涼月)
 – Hatsuzuki (初月)
 – Niizuki (新月)

 Arleigh Burke-Class Destroyer
 – Bainbridge
 – Truxtun

 Kongo-Class Destroyer
 – Kongo (金剛)
 – Kirshima (霧島)


 Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
 Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk 



 Kh-35 (3M24 Uran)
 P-700 Granit
 Mark 41 VLS
 Tomahawk (Missile)
 Harpoon (Missile) 
 AGM-114 Hellfire
 Mark 50 Torpedo
 Type 97 Torpedo
 Type 93 Torpedo 
 Depth Charge 


Miscellaneous Articles

 Lorentz Force (Lorentz force law) 

TL Notes: More time was spent on researching the ships & armament mentioned in this chapter compared to time spent translating and editing this.  Next Chapter news here.

For anyone that is confused with the 『Ise’s & Hyuga’s』 appearing in the 2nd scene and the last scene of this chapter.  The Special Fleet’s 『Ise & Hyuga』 are Hyuga-Class Helicopter Destroyers aka Anti-Submarine Warfare Carriers. The 1st Independent Assault Fleet ‘s 『Ise & Hyuga』are  the Ise-Class Battleships.

Same goes for the 『Kongo & Kirishima』, the Special Fleet has the Kongo-Class Battlecruisers and the 1st Independent Assault Fleet is using the Kongo-Class Destroyers, these are missile guided destroyers similar to the Arleigh Burke-Class destroyers.

Same names, but two different types of ships for both pairs. I hope this helps clears things up.

Also the 1st Independent Assault Fleet appeared in Volume 4 Chapter 2. I’ve gone back to edit Vol4 Ch 2 to reflect the changes in ship classes.

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