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Have a Happy February!


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And here’s the latest chapter for this month.

Volume 4 Chapter 13

Yup Chapter 13 took awhile to research, especially all those ships used against the Leviathan.

On another note, I realized I overlooked some things when I translated v4ch2 back in April of 2019. Basically the ships used in that chapter are Kongo-Class Destroyers, not the Kongo-Class Battlecruisers.

Besides the naming & classifications, there were no other edits to that chapter. So essentially v4ch2 is still the same story.

Moving on, I haven’t posted stuff like this in a while, but here’s the next chapter analysis.

Yup back to the original standard (4k-6k characters). With 5744 characters, and a brief overview, Chapter 14 is mostly dialogue heavy.

As for the timing of this release, I should be able to get it done by the 21st of February. If anything pops up, I’ll be sure to make another announcement.

Cheers, and as always Enjoy the Weekend and the rest of the month!!

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