Vol 4 Chapter 14

Haruto!! You’re back―


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Tucked away on a mountain not so far away from Fortress City Ballard, was the hidden village of the Snakemen. The village itself turned quite boisterous, due to the appearance of the Behemoth and the sudden large amount of monsters roving throughout the Corrad Plains. As the village itself was just a stone’s throw away from the wave of monsters approaching.

「You can only take one bag of belongings with you!! It’s one per person, all extra gear and items will have to stay here!!」

「Ladies and gentlemen, please form two lines right here!!」

「Stay calm, don’t panic!!」

After taking down the Snakemen Village’s Fallen Deity, the feral Hydra, Soldiers of the 7th Mechanized Infantry Battalion and 5th Company which were assigned to the Village, were in the process of evacuating the villagers to their 2nd line of defense, per HQ’s orders.

In order to accommodate the tribe of Snakemen, they only allowed one bag full of their personal belongings to take with them, since they could only fit so much people in their vehicles. Lining the people up into two columns they evacuated the villagers onto their Type 73 Heavy-Duty Trucks. Bringing them to the 4th Army Divisions civilian evacuation area.

「Lt. Suzumiya!! How’s everything?―― What’s our progress like?」

5th Company’s Commander, Captain Haruto Kirishima came to check on his second in command, Lieutenant Akari Suzumiya who was in charge of the evacuation of the village.

「Sir, we’ve evacuated over 80% of the residents, but we still need a bit more time, it will probably take 15 more minutes」

「15 Minutes….. That’s a lot, we don’t have much time, try to speed it up as best as you can」

「Yes Sir」

After hearing his Lieutenant’s meek reply, Haruto faced the other direction, got a hold of two subordinates and they went around the village, checking to see if there was anyone that still hadn’t evacuated.




「Hey, Chief? Why haven’t you evacuated yet?」

Just as Haruto had finished checking on the villagers residences, he ran into the Village Chief who was standing just outside the village, staring quietly towards the Hydra’s lair.

「Oh, ah Captain」

「We are all evacuating, what are you doing?」

「I’m sorry Captain, I wanted to give my final goodbyes to this place, I had completely forgot about the time」

「…… I see. Have you finished your parting farewells?」


「Then we should go」

After saying that, Haruto began to guide the Village Chief towards the plaza where their vehicles were waiting. On the way there the Chief looks around the village for the last time, his feelings mixed between hope and sorrow.

「…….You know Captain….. no amount of thanks will ever be enough, for what you’ve done 」

After walking for a small time, the Village Chief began to speak his mind.

「Not only did you save my people from the curse, of forever being the Hydra’s caretakers, but you also have given us tremendous aid 」


「My people are free! And they can live their lives moving forward, choosing whichever path they wish」

「I’m happy you feel that way, but right now, we first have to get you to a safe place」


「You don’t have to look worried. Be at ease, we’ll protect you & your people no matter what. We’ve already made arrangements for where your tribe will relocate to, so it will be alright」

「Is, is that true!?」

「Yes, that’s the truth」

「Aaaahh…..Thank you, really, thank you so much」

「It’s alright, we’ve been in your people’s care for the last few weeks. Don’t worry about it」

「It has… it has truly been a blessing for you to have come to us…..」

「Ah hey come on. Don’t go crying on me right now」

Haruto smiled back towards the Village Chief, giving him a good pat on his back, as the Village Chief was filled with an indescribable feeling of gratitude, tears naturally fell from his face.



「Captain, we’re all set to go」

「Alright, I’ll be there」

Having patrolled the entire village to make sure there weren’t any more stragglers and escorting the Village Chief back with him, Haruto did a final cursory check, before having his men set off.

「Everyone’s all here, right?…….Time for us to leave!!」

Making sure everyone was in their vehicles and that they evacuated all the villagers, he sent the convoy on their way. Getting into his light armored vehicle (LAV) Captain Kirishima & 5th Company embarked towards Fort Ballard, where the 4th Army Division was stationed.



「Shit, did they already break through?」

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom. Ratttatattatata-ratatatatatata.

Clashes, bombing and gunfire could be heard in the distance.

Utilizing cluster bombs like the Type 3 Multipurpose Round meant for 155mm cannons and M26 rockets nickname “steel rain” which dispersed anti-personnel grenades, soar and decorate the battlefield.  20 Kilometers away from the Fortress, artillery and rockets fired from artillery units like the 155mm Type 99 Self-Propelled Howitzer, heavy artillery units like the 203mm M110 Self-Propelled Howitzers, and other MLRS units.


The sounds of artillery explosions echo and reverberate from a distance.

Having left the Snakemen Tribe’s village without any hiccups, Haruto and company make their way into Ballard. But as they entered the city’s walls, the 4th Army Division was already embattled with groups of monsters that broke into the Fortress.

The 4th Army Division had made a hasty defense, relying on what ever was available as the fortresses main gate had been destroyed and monsters began to plague the city within the gaps of their defense.

As a result, there were actually quite a few monsters which had made their way towards the city’s central areas, but in various other places closest to the breached gates & walls 4th Army Soldiers were defending as best as they could.

「Captain, we have to hurry!」


Captain Kirishima and Lieutenant Suzumiya rush towards 4th Army Division’s temporary headquarters, as more Soldiers try to defend what’s left in order to buy time for the civilians.

「Send two platoons to the cities west side, have them hurry it up, if we lose the defense line, we’ll have to move back even more!!」

「Yes Ma’am, understood!!」

「Lt. Colonel Furutaka, pardon me Ma’am. Reporting back for duty, I, Captain Haruto Kirishima of 5th Company have just returned from my mission」

「Haruto!! You’re back――*Cough cough* Captain Kirshima, its good to see safe and sound」

Giving out orders to her subordinates in flurry, while wearing an elementary school backpack in her Military Uniform, was an odd sight to see, but everyone carried on as the situation was dire. Seeing her favorite subordinate at this time, Lt. Colonel Furutaka’s face lit up with glee, but realizing her surroundings, she coughed to clear her throat and tried to act normal.

「…..Colonel, how’s the situation here?」

……….Oh, right……

It was like a scene of an elementary school girl, who was ecstatic and wanted to give either her father or big brother, a welcome home greeting (hug).

But due to the current state of things, Lieutenant Colonel Isuzu Furutaka just bears with it and begins to explain the state of things. (She wanted rush Haruto, but drives the thought away)

「Things aren’t looking very good out there.  No…. actually, we’re in a really rough spot」

Furrowing her eyebrows together and making a bitter expression, the Battalion Commander spills her thoughts dejectedly.

「The initial wave of monsters that attacked us, arrived faster than our predictions, our troops weren’t able to evacuate all the civilians in time.  Right now we are using delaying tactics, and having our Soldiers retreat sporadically, but it’s only a matter of time…… That’s our current situation」

「Understood. Ma’am…. what would you like 5th Company to do?」

「Save as many of the civilians who are near the front lines, most of our Soldiers already have their hands full dealing with the monsters, we have no one else to send to retrieve the civilians」

「Got it. We’ll go there immediately」

「Wait!! …….. I almost forgot to tell you. We’re abandoning the fortress, in two hours we’re doing a full withdrawal from Ballard, don’t forget okay. And be careful out there, we’re getting reports that the monsters are moving as if someone is commanding them. 」

「「Yes Ma’am, understood!!」」

Don’t forget.

Emphasizing not to forget to retreat in two hours, Lt. Col. Furutaka raises her hand and salutes, Captain Kirishima and Lieutenant Suzumiya both return their salute, affirming that they understood. And that was the last thing they did before leaving 4th Army Division’s headquarters.



「Tatebayashi, come here for a sec」

「Huh, oh, Captain, sir you need me?」

After returning to 5th Company’s area, Captain Kirishima informed his men that they’ll be trying to save as many civilians in the city as possible, and that several of them will be escorting the Serpent Tribe to the evacuation site.

「Hey, when you take the Serpent tribe back to the evacuation site, try to find one of the Elite Guardsmen――If possible, try to find someone who is an officer….. Tell them Kirishima sends his greetings. And make sure to give them this paper」

「???…….What? Uh sure, got it sir」

「Don’t forget what I said」

「Ah, uh Captain!! Hold on for minute!!」

Having been handed a piece of paper, the Soldier calls out to Haruto, just as he’s about to turn around.


「I’m not sure if I can ask this, but I don’t think I’d get another opportunity to do so, but Captain……..Who are you, really?」


「I always thought how weird it was, that you have connections with the Elite Guardsmen, even now, when you telling me to do this task, straight to my face……」

……Hmmmm….Well, I did do quite a bit of stuff, which may have given me away.

Scratching his head Haruto pondered for a bit, while his subordinate waited on him with a quizzical expression.

「……Sigh, Well, no one else knows about this. But, don’t tell anyone okay?」


「……. I’m part of a special taskforce called the『Eye』」

「……………………Wait, are you serious?」

For those who’ve never heard the rumors, what Captain Kirishima said wouldn’t mean anything to them, but for those who did, they’d probably look really surprised, just like his subordinate, just now.

「Dead serious」

「The very first group of Soldiers who were summoned by the President. The guys who went went with him and fought for dear life at an old beaten down fort? Those very guys whom he trusts with all his life and who are all big brass officers in super high positions in Parabellum?……And the『Eye』that only exists in mere rumors, which is a spy agency that is composed of the most decorated Elites in Parabellum’s military….. that…..group?」

「It’d take too long to explain. But yeah」

「…..Um, if that’s the case, what’s, what’s your actual rank?」


「Ehehe….so…uh….Captain? How about I say, I never heard anything. Or something like that……. I feel like I might die in some kind of accident, if someone knew, I know this story」


「…….Hahahaha, why, why are you silent? Is it that bad? Is it really that bad!?」

「 It’s not like you’ll really die in some unforeseen accident. Anyways, the story I said earlier, was just some random story 」

「Wait, hold on, Captain, Captain!? Please don’t leave me yet!!…… Ah, ah Captaaaaaiiiiin!!」

Captain (Colonel) Haruto Kirishima, shook off his clingy subordinate, and managed to walk away casually as though nothing happened at all.


As most of 5th Company was sent to the frontlines in order to recover civilians stuck around that area. A minimum escort of Soldiers from 5th Company had gone along with the Snakemen tribe, to help them evacuate them towards the rear.

「Man, the Captain can be a real piece of work…..」

Whispering to each other in casual conversation, Soldiers from 5th company were currently pulling guard and helping civilians from the frontlines onto their Type 73 Heavy Duty trucks.

「When a bunch of these guys wanted to join and fight as a way to pay us back. The Captain retorted back to them,『Do you really you think “you guys” can fight along side us?』Even while I was guiding them into the trucks, I wouldn’t have said anything condescending like that」

「Well it was pretty effective in getting them on board the vehicles, anyway the Captain had good intentions」

「I know that…..But whatever, what do I know」

「Yeah yeah, what do we know」

In the midst of pulling guard, the two Soldiers thought about their awkward, yet kind commander who was not there with them.




……What the, is someone saying bad things about me?

Nah, I should forget it, I have “this” to take care of now anyway.

At the same time, in another place. Brushing away some idle thoughts, Haruto returns his focus back to recovering civilians who were late from escaping the monster wave.

「I have to go to the church!! Let go of me!! Get off me!!」

「Hey, easy there, stop causing a scene!! The church is already a part of the combat zone, the fighting over there is intense!! You can’t go over there now!!  」

「Please calm down!!」

Soldiers of 5th Company were trying to restrain a rowdy girl who was creating havoc, raising a fuss about people stranded inside a church, which already became part of the battlefield.

「Shut up…….. Shut up, shut up, shut up!! Let go of me!! Get off me you pervert!!」


The girl who was dressed in red armor, kicked one of the Soldiers at his crotch in order to escape their clutches.

「Hohohoh――….. Nice try, but that won’t work!!」

「Why didn’t!?」

Turning her eyes toward the spot, which was a man’s weakest place, she couldn’t understand why he didn’t collapse.

「Hahah, I had my body armor’s groin protector equipped to protect me from blind spots――Hyuk」

Two types of body armor were developed with additional protective gear in an effort to protect Soldiers from severe bodily injury to their genitalia and anus from things like IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device) planted by extremist militants in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, etc.  That was the reason why the Soldier was grinning from ear to ear, having bested the rowdy girl’s surefire surprise kick. Seeing that her kick had failed, she threw a straight hook to his face, causing him to stop in mid-explanation.

「……. Lieutenant, PFC Vermeer, get the Captain, he can take care of this」


「Will do!!」

「Ugh!? What are you!? Stop it, let me go!! Hey!!」

After restraining the rowdy girl in an instant, Private First Class Tina Vermeer sped off in a hurry for the Captain. Part of the Dog-kin tribe, she was one of the new Soldiers attached to to reinforce 5th Company after they had suffered casualties against the Hydra.

「Ummmm…. ah Captain? Sorry about this, but we have a situation that needs your…..」

「Alright, that’s enough. Everyone just return back to your duties, I’ll handle this young girls issue」

「「「Oora!! (Understood)」」」

Just as Captain Kirishima turns to follow his subordinate, the rest of his men go about their mission.



「I’m sorry about this, but we are in a state of emergency, I need you to follow our instructions. Even if we have to make you comply, with force.」


Watching PFC Vermeer guide her superior officer while holding onto his arm, Lieutenant Suzumiya’s body trembles as her demeanor turns dark, ready to tear the two apart.

Meanwhile the rowdy girl who was restrained to the ground with a knee on her back, unable to move she glared at Haruto with a piercing expression as if he was responsible for her parents deaths.

「Private Vermeer, take her to where the evacuation vehicles are located 」

「Yes, Ma’am!!」

Private First Class Vermeer picks up the girl while saluting back to her direct superior. In mid-salute her tail waves back and forth happily, like a young puppy whose owner praised them for fetching something.

「Uwaaugh!? Wait, listen to me!!」

While being pulled away by PFC Vermeer, the rowdy girl shouted towards Captain Kirshima once more, tears streaming from her eyes.


「As I’ve been saying to everybody, I know a lot of people taking shelter at the church!! Please help me, with your help I can get to them!! 」

「….. Lieutenant, how far away are we from the Church?」

Hearing the rowdy girls plea, Captain Kirishima turns to question his Lieutenant.

「I’m not exactly sure….. about 3 blocks away, more or less」

「…….. We can’t. It’s already too late」

After hearing Lt. Suzumiya’s reply, Captain Kirishima shakes his head.

「But!? That’s!! You don’t know until you try!!」

「That’s not a distance we can easily cover, we could easily be surrounded by the horde of monsters. Just give it up」

「If, if, if that’s the case…….Just let me go, I’ll go there on my own!!」

I won’t bother you in any way. The girl gives a pleading expression while tears continue to fall from her eyes.

「Our Soldiers are currently fighting at the front, If I let you go, you’ll get in their way. Private Vermeer, take her with you」

Even though her expression said she wouldn’t get in their way, Captain Kirishima couldn’t accept the possibility of her not causing some disruption with the rest of the troops at the frontlines.

「Yes, sir」

「Wait, at least……listen to me!! Just let me go!! Wait, please, just――」

As her arm was held by Private First Class Vermeer’s grip, the young girl was led away from Captain Kirishima’s sight.

「I’m not wrong」

I understand how you feel, but…….

With things the way they are now, there’s no other way.

That’s right, this is for the best.

Conflicted and feeling sorry for the girl, Haruto reassured himself that he made the right choice, convincing himself he wasn’t wrong.

It would only be at a latter time, that Haruto would regret his decision.

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