Ramblings 3.25 (Restarting translations)

Returning from Hiatus, I’ll be restarting MWFW translations from Volume 4 Chapter 16.


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Returning from Hiatus, I’ll be restarting MWFW translations from Volume 4 Chapter 16. I know I’ve been MIA for about a month plus, almost going two months, but this is my anniversary month from when I first started translating. My pride being on the line, I at the very least want to have something in May.

Moving forward I will scale back the scheduled mandatory 2 chapters a month to 1. Every thing after will be extra.

But don’t despair, I’ve been contacted by other translators that want to help me out. So in those cases, I’ll be supporting them as an Editor/Proofreader. I’ve received their permission to host their translations on my site. And on that end, I’m super thankful for their support. I’ll be tagging their chapters and promoting their names in the top & bottom of each chapter as well.

Real Life-wise, I’m doing okay, my right hand just cramps up every now and then. I’ve been massaging it and trying to stretch the fibers in my fingers, but not so much as to tear them. I’ve revised the way I’m typing recently with my right hand, just using my thumb and pinky. As for my job, not much has changed either on that end. And that’s the short and simple of it.

With everything that’s been happening around the world, I do wish everyone the best of circumstances. I hope you all succeed in fulfilling your dreams, goals & aspirations. Be safe, Take care, Cheers & Aloha!

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  1. Welcome back. A question, when you mention others will be helping in exchange for hosting their translations on your site, is it refering only to Modern Weapons Cheat?

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