Real Life Updates 2.25

First let me apologize for the tardiness. Unfortunately stuff happened and its taken me away from my hobbies.

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I’m sure a few of my readers may be wondering what’s going on and how come the latest chapter (Vol4 Ch16) hasn’t been released yet.

First let me apologize for the tardiness. Unfortunately stuff happened and its taken me away from my hobbies. I’ll try to be light as possible.

While I sort of don’t want to blame this all on the Pandemic that’s occurring. The past few weeks have been stressful. My locale is still in lockdown with travel restrictions and such. I’m still working my everyday job though, as I’m part of an essential workforce. At the same time my job, has sent people home who are considered high-risk or live with love ones who are in the high-risk category. Also workers with children who are out of school due to lockdowns have opted to take paid-time off to take care of their kids.

So I’m part of the skeleton crew that is working, since I’m not at high-risk to the current pandemic, nor do I live with people who are high-risk, or have kids. So I’ve been sort of working 6 days a week with roughly 10-12 hours shifts.

And this is where I sort of messed up, just recently due to built up fatigue. I was involved in a slight tool mishap. I work with large pieces of metal, and I was cutting & grinding it to meet a certain shape for my job. I don’t recall exactly, but my right hand became injured and there was a lot of blood. I am thankful to still have all my fingers and not stubs. First aid and applying pressure, saved everything, hand was kind of swollen, but that’s enough details.

Due to my worries over the economy, I’ve chosen to still work, but have been reassigned to light-duty, 5 days & 8 hour shifts. My hand should heal in about 2-3 weeks. (The incident occurred last week).

Edit: (4/23/2020) So the initial gash across my three middle fingers has healed up decently, but I don’t have much articulation yet. It feels weird but there isnt much feeling, or rather my sense of touch in them has dulled. I’ve been told it may take a month & a half to go back to normal.

Again I apologize for the tardiness of chapters. For now, please consider my work on Hiatus, at least until my dominant hand heals. I don’t want to reiterate a date and not fulfill that promise. I feel bad for all the previous times, I’m late. Even though things happen to me which are out of my control.

In closing for this update, I just want to wish all my readership and visitors best wishes, live long and live strong!

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