Vol 3 Chapter 26

Chitose questions the validity of the Demon Kings request.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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As Parabellum’s dignitaries, Kazuya & Chitose decided to stay overnight in a guest room within the Demon Kings castle. Negotiating with Amira and the Monster Kingdom’s ministers over various issues in hopes to create a better alliance.

「――If we continuously make concessions towards our allies, we’ll eventually be recognized as state which can be bullied for favors. Besides the Monster Kingdom as well as Canary Kingdom, other countries may take advantage of our foreign policies」

「… …I see. Well our reputation is fairly good for now, but I’d rather not be looked down upon by others. Since that is the case, Chitose I want you to push forth with that plan. 」

「Yes Master, I understand」


Having came from the conference not long ago, Kazuya and Chitose were going over several different issues concerning their foreign policy. Looking at ways to improve their overall position amongst other countries.

Knock knock

「Forgive me for intruding at this time, but there are several things the Demon King wants to discuss privately with you Ms. Chitose」

「Seriously? At this time of night?」


Chitose questions the validity of the Demon Kings request.

「Yes, I am incredibly sorry for this, but it is a legitimate request.」


Bending perpendicular at the waist, the castle’s maid bowed towards Chitose.



Unwilling to leave Kazuya’s side, Chitose sends a sidelong glance in his direction.

「Hmm? It’s fine, you don’t have to worry about me」

「I’ll be leaving master in your care, do you understand? 」

「「「「「Yes ma’am」」」」」

「「「「「Oora!! (Understood)」」」」」


Given permission to check what Amira wants to discuss, Chitose leaves the room after giving direction to the elite guards and maids staying with Kazuya.

「Hey, how far are you intending to guide me? Am I really meeting the Demon King in such a place?」


Having followed the castles’s maid for some time, Chitose’s patience was dwindled as time went one.

「We will be arriving there shortly, please endure it for just a bit more… …」



Becoming restless, Chitose grunts while giving the maid a gaze full of suspicion.

「We’ve arrived」


Opening the heavy iron clad doors, the maid invites Chitose into the dimly lit hall.

「… …It’s dark in here. Hey, is this――why’d you bolt the door!?」


… …Damn, I’ve been surrounded.


Entering a hall like arena, the room was filled with stair like seats ―― As Chitose had been guided to the arena’s center field, filling the seats of the arena a hoard of onlookers emerged from the darkness. Reaching for her sword at her waist, Chitose poises herself into a battle stance.

「… … I’m sorry for deceiving you, but this is all for our Demon King and the princesses. In order to fulfill their deepest wish, we’ll need you to stay here for a while」

「What’s that!? Why you little..!!」


Damn it! Was Master their goal, this whole time!?


As if signaling the surroundings, following the end of the maids explanation, the room began to light up as people began appearing with weapons in hand.

Implying that if she wanted to leave this place, she’d have to do it by force alone.

「… …Do you realize what you guys are doing!? There will be serious diplomatic repercussions from all of this!!」

「Yes, we know the what will happen. There is nothing for you to worry about, we won’t harm Parabellum’s President. We’re just giving them an opportunity… … in order for her majesty & the princesses’ to realize their desires――!?   」


We will have you wait here for some time.


But before the maid could finish her sentence, a glistening sharp blade descended towards the maid.



Why is it so heavy!? Our race should be much more superior… …!!




Sensing the dense bloodlust emitted toward her, the maid pulls out a rod  she concealed in order to block Chitose’s blade. But in time the maid would be forced to kneel as the swords pressure bore down on her.

「… …Are you trying to mock me?」


Retorting at the maid, Chitose’s eyes blazed with fury as she increased the force which she applied onto her blade.


「And why are you trying to go after my Master!? Did you think that just because he is kind person, he would accept the whims of your of race!? But towards… …such selfishness, I will never tolerate it, ever!!」



Oh no!! I can’t, I can’t hold on much longer!!


As Chitose increased the force of her down-strike, the power struggle between both weapons began to crumble ―― fearing her end, Dahlia grit her teeth.

「Dahlia!! Get away!!」


Firing a round tipped arrow, directly at Chitose in order to prevent severe injury, was a Centaur, Dahlia knew as an elite archer couldn’t miss a shot.

――Fwwuin!! Sound of arrow flying

――Pashii!! Sound of arrow being caught


「Huh!?… …This can’t be!?」

「「「「「It was stopped!?」」」」」

「That… …how…!?」


Grabbing the arrow which came at a tremendous speed from the air without glancing once in its direction, a feat no other human could replicate.

Like many of the monster-kin in the surroundings, surprise colored the faces of the Centaur and Dahlia, feeling the pressure that Chitose would kill them.

「Was this little ‘thing’ just for me?」

「Guagh!! Hyuk, cough….Hack!!」


Tossing aside the arrow she caught, Chitose grasps the neck of the maid before her. Lifting Dahlia with one hand, raising her up and displaying her before everyone else.

Gasping… …Hyuak… …ah… …」


Can’t… …breathe… …almost!! My mind… … fading… …I… …can’t… …


Struggling restlessly in the air, Dahlia’s expression begins to pale.

Unable to intervene, the monster-kin in the surroundings are held back by the dense miasmic aura Chitose was expelling.

But eventually, the light from Dahlia eyes faded out, as her limbs became limp, dangling as she lay suspend in Chitose’s grasp.




The surrounding onlookers were lost in a daze, as Chitose released her grip, leaving Dahlia on the floor soiled with her own fluids.

「… … Ah~ there’s nothing to worry about, she isn’t dead. But, if you still plan on standing in my way, I may not feel the same way towards you.  I will cut down all who appear before me――brace yourselves」

「「「「「Hiiee!! Shrieks in fear」」」」」


Towards Chitose’s extreme bloodlust & dark declaration, the surrounding monster-kin became filled with terror, causing their entire body to freeze.



But on the other hand, moving back in time, just when Chitose had been lead away from Kazuya’s room.

「Excuse me~」

「Ex, excu… …se….me….」

「Ah, Sorry to bother you!!」


Amira barged into Kazuya’s room wearing a daringly risqué China dress, leaving little to cover her chest while accentuating her lower half, exposing her golden tanned skin haughtily.

Amira moves while proudly showing off her bountiful chest and curvy bottom. Feene walks timidly, gripping her clothes taught, trying to hide her embarrassment, as her dress sticks tightly to her skin. Lena chuckles boldly, revealing her sultry devilish style sending an invitation for indulgence towards Kazuya.

「Ah, Ami――Amira!? You’re all dressed up!! Huh? Even Fe―Feene, and Lena too… …what are you all up to!? 」

「Ahahaha, oh Kazuya you~ I wouldn’t want to bore you, but it’s quite a long story」


Laughing nonchalantly Amira cradles her arms while boldly displaying her breasts.



Well, I guess this is fine… … I can already guess what this is all about anyway.


Kazuya sighed with closed lips, realizing immediately the reason why Amira and company snuck to his room all secretly.

Sigh It would be inconsiderate of me to turn you away, after you’ve come all this way… … We’ve been acquainted with each other for quite some time, and yet we know so little about each other.  Which is why, we shou――」

「Since that’s the case, let’s learn every inch about each other on that bed of yours, in the corner over there?」


Grinning from ear to ear, Amira quips at Kazuya’s drawn out reply.


I feel like I’m at a old man’s bar, where a parent tries to get me to marry their daughters.


Towards her enthusiastic outburst, Kazuya resigns himself to Amira’s whims.

「… … Alright, I get it. All personnel, are exit the room at this moment」


I don’t… … think I can hold myself back anymore, ever since embracing Iris and Karen.


Having gotten together with Iris and Karen not too long ago, Kazuya’s sense of control wavered. Unable to suppress his desires any longer, he decides to fulfill Amira & her daughters wishes, directing his maids and elite guards to leave the room immediately.

「「「「Yes, sir」」」」

「「Yes… … Master」」

「…I … understand…」


「… … By your command」


Even though the elite guard left without batting an eye, the surrounding maids fumed, vexed by the situation while following Kazuya’s orders.

「Alright, follow me」


As the last of the maids bowed and left the room, Kazuya made one last check before, leading Amira and her daughters towards his sleeping quarters.

「Fufufu~ Get over here you playboy」

「Kazuyaa~!! Hurry, take me now~!!」


… … So much for setting the mood, nevermind, to hell with it.


Diving for Kazuya’s bed the moment they entered, Kazuya shakes his head as Amira and Lena beckon him to embrace them.

「… … 」

「Oh, Feene, are you okay?」

「I-I’m okay!!」


Unable to keep up with the enthusiastic two who dived for Kazuya’s bed, Feene stood by at the rooms entrance fidgeting by herself. Suddenly feeling a hand nudge her at her waist, Feene raises her voice in surprise.

「Feene… … don’t you want to?」

「Sis is overthinking it, as always… …」

「That’s!? I- I can’t just jump in like you… …」


As Amira and Lena were quick to curling their fingers at Kazuya, Feene felt a little dreadful towards her families abrupt actions. Choking with anxiety, she stiffens.

「Fufufu~ Well if you’re not going to do anything, I’m going to have my fun… Deep Kiss


Amira’s sultry aura changes, turning into a predator as she steals Kazuya’s lips moving swiftly like a cougar.

「Aaahー MOM!! That’s so sneaky!! I want to kiss him too!!」

「Huh, wha, I, I… …. … I want a kiss too!!」


Abandoning her hesitation, Feene rushes toward Kazuya, wanting his affection.

Thus began a sensually sweet and intense session between four people.

「Nngh~ mmmm~… … Forgive me~…mouuu~!! Hah~ haa~ haa~, ah~」

「Don’t~ Stop~ Haa~ Haa~… …More~… Ah~… Hah~」

「Ka-kazuya~!! No, no more, I can’t take much more!! Hah~ Hah~ Stupid! Nngghhーーー!! 」


Incidentally the loudest and rowdiest amongst the bunch was Feene.



「So why did you want to do this all of a sudden?」

Exhausted Breathing Ha~a… …Ha~a… ….Huh? Oh, um… well… … you see… … it’s just “that”, alright… …」


In a room filled with the sweet aroma of an intense erotic battle, Kazuya turned towards the Demon King, whose eyes had a hard time staying open due to exhaustion. While Feene and Lena laid near the sides of the bed, passed out with a  euphoric expression.

「It’s just that, for us… … we couldn’t stay idle, watching someone we longed for, be taken away by someone else. There’s no way we would stay silent, after all… … our race is attracted to strong men… … it… it’s actually hard for us to resist… our natural impulses…. …but… more than that… …you’re… …」


Without confessing her true feelings Amira fell into a deep slumber, after straining to stay awake for Kazuya’s sake.

「.. … Ah, seems like she passed out too… …」


Aware of everything from the very beginning, Kazuya had been avoiding the issue, up until he couldn’t avoid it any longer. gazing wholly at Amira’s expression Kazuya strokes her hair affectionately.


「… … … … … … …We’ll need a Change of plans―― Rather, I’ll just fix this myself」


Quietly murmuring to herself behind the bedroom door, Chitose enters Kazuya’s room silently, burning with the desire to have him take responsibility for this mess.

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