Vol 1 Chapter 4

Alright then, now it’s time to go check up on those ruins


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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As the 11th & 12th Recon squads completed their mission, Kazuya waited for their return back to their outpost. In the meantime he thought it be best to see if he gained any benefits from the death of the Otherworlder.


・ Mental Resilience (Strong)

・ Physical Strengthening (Strong)

・ Linguist (Universal language)

・ Good luck (Medium)

Oh I only received one additional perk, huh?…

It appears like my Original perks only rose just by a little bit too.




Perfect Healing

・ As long as the recipient is not dead, you can cure any illness or injury.

※ This ability can not be used on oneself.


Peerless Stamina

・Vigor immediately increases 10x.


I appreciate the first ability, but this second one is a little……

Ah well, it’s better to have something than having nothing, right?

That’s strange, I can’t read what’s in between the parenthesis (–), What is it saying?


Finishing up browsing his gains from his subordinates battle, the Soldiers who were out on mission returned.

「11th & 12th Recon, have just returned!」

「Good job everyone, get some R & R boys, you guys earned it」


Returning from their missions without serious casualties, Kazuya ordered them to get some well deserved rest. Meanwhile deciding to check out the ruins 9th Recon discovered, Kazuya picked a Soldier who had not gone out with the reconnaissance squads and had them prepare a platoon.


「Alright then, now it’s time to go check up on those ruins」

「Eh?…..What was that?…. Um, Master? What about me?….」

「Oh Chitose, I want you to take command of this place after I leave. Also, just in case of an emergency, I’ll increase our stockpile of ammunition, so if anything happens out there, I’ll be requesting for your help」

「For it to turn out like this……. Master!! Please take me with you, am I not your assistant!? Do you not need me anymore, Master!? 」


Having said all of that, Chitose’s aura began to warp in sinister manner as the light within her eyes began to go dark.


What the, that’s not what I meant…… This is dangerous, she’s turning crazy.


「No, I didn’t mean it in that way. It’s because Chitose is my Second in Command that, I can leave this place to you」

「…….R-right…..Master isn’t thinking of abandoning me here…. that’s it, right?」


Reacting to Kazuya’s words, Chitose smiled in relief.


「Y-yeah, so I’ll be leaving this place in your hands」

「Understood, I’ll take care of this place for you, Master」


From Kazuya’s response, Chitose couldn’t help but smile as she saluted back.


Woah, that surprised the hell out of me, in one moment she turned full crazy on me (Yandere).


Even though Kazuya grew increasingly wary of Chitose’s sudden change in behavior, none of the words she muttered managed to reach his ears. 

「……If Master ever abandoned me…. I wouldn’t know what I’d do?…Fufufu, fufufufu」

Several insane things were said under her breath as Chitose’s words blended in with her surroundings, the severity of her thoughts never reached anyone ears.


「Alright men, time to go on your first mission」

「「「「Sir, yes sir!」」」

After giving orders to the platoon of Soldiers who were waiting, Kazuya departed towards the ruins.

This should be like a walk in the park.

「Greetings General, we were expecting you. We’re here to guide you to the ruins」


Huh? Did they know I’d be coming?


After leaving the safety of his military outpost, Kazuya had encountered a pair of Soldiers from 9th Recon within the forest.

Following the two soldiers from 9th Recon direction, they exited the forest into a little meadow of sorts.

And there it was, square in the middle of the meadow, the remains of a stronghold.

「These ruins….. this definitely used to be some kind of fort. It looks like the outside walls are covered in overgrowth, the gate looks in good condition though」

Gazing at the fort itself, it was made of large stones, some of which were growing trees, thinking to himself Kazuya realized it was bigger than what he initially thought.

A lot of time passed since it was left abandoned, vines entwined the structure, covering almost half of the place with vegetation.

「General, I’ll go inform the Captain of your arrival.」

The Soldier who had been their guide, left ahead of them, in order to inform the rest of 9th Recon.

That’s strange, why doesn’t this place appear on my map? Is it because it was an abandoned fort.

Anyway why is there a fort her in the first place and why can’t it be registered on my map?


And just as Kazuya had been lost in his own thoughts, the 9th Recon’s squad leader comes towards him.

「General, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, sir. We’ve completed our preliminary search and have secured the area, do you wish to look for yourself, sir?」

「In that case, please show me around」

「Understood sir, it’s this way」

Following 9th Recon’s Squad Leader, Kazuya entered the ruined fort. 


…… There really isn’t much here.  There’s only several decent structures inside the fort and not much else.


After touring the most sturdy building in the place, Kazuya ordered his communications Soldiers to set up their equipment inside and be ready to contact their Command Outpost at any time.

Furthermore, with his fresh platoon of Soldiers, he instructed them to search every inch of this place for any hidden doors & passageways.

And within about an hour the men managed to investigate the whole place.

Reporting their findings to Kazuya, was 9th Recons Squad Leader Captain Ibuki Aoba.

「Sir, here’s what we’ve learned, this place is about 3 kilometers from our Headquarters. The size of this ruin is roughly 250 meters square and right now the only way in and out of this place is through the front gate.  No hidden doors or passageways were found within any of the structures」

「I see, well it’s not like that last part will be a problem either」

「Understood sir. We also investigated the forts exterior walls to see if there were any issues. Having been left abandoned there’s obvious aging on both the walls and the surrounding buildings, but besides that there’s not much else」


In the middle of Captain Aoba’s report, Kazuya casually glanced towards the window. He noticed the sky’s orange glow, signaling it was almost dusk.

Whoa, did we really spend that much time exploring this place?


Thinking to himself, Kazuya watched as the suns last light shone through the window, making way to the creeping night.

I guess its fine, we aren’t in a rush to return back to the Outpost, but we’ll have to spend the night her in this ruined fort.

What’s more, it’ll become dangerous since monsters become more active at night.


Thinking about safety first, Kazuya decided to spend the night here, versus heading back at this time.

And after relaying their plans over to Command, everyone began to prepare camp.

「We’ll be delaying our departure and be spending the night here within the fort. Since that is the case, I want everyone to know never to act by themselves, always move in groups of at least two. Get some rest, but stay vigilant when out on watch duty. We’ll leave around the early hours of morning, so in the meantime I’ll prepare some equipment and handheld radios for all of you」

Before heading to rest, Kazuya summoned up various weapons, gear and sleeping equipment, such as tents and began placing them within the fort.


A lot of things happened today, I’m so exhausted.

Should I have Captain Aoba bed down first?


Although he himself was tired, Kazuya had 9th Recon and their Squad Leader rest up first.

But when it was time for Kazuya’s turn, Captain Aoba immediately enters his sleeping quarters.

「…….Hmmm? What’s wrong Captain? There’s still some time till morning, is there a problem?」

Fighting of his drowsiness, Kazuya asked Ibuki while rubbing his eyes.

「General, I’m so sorry to disturb your rest. But one of our sentries who was observing the surroundings, saw a shadow moving in the woods」

「What was that!? You should’ve notified me earlier」


Getting up, Kazuya dresses himself quickly, equipping his gear and weapon. He rushes over to where Ibuki reported the disturbance.

「It’s over here」

Reaching the western wall of the fort, Kazuya

「Tell me what’s going on」

「Sir, there’s something moving out in the forest」

Listening to his subordinates words, Kazuya put on some night vision goggles and looked into the forest.

「There certainly is something moving out there…..  But I can’t clearly see what it is」

Because of the distance bewteen the fort and the forest, even after putting on the night vision goggles, Kazuya couldn’t determine what was actually moving.

「Captain, have the men to prepare for combat」

「Roger. I’ll order the men into defensive positions」

「Did you report this to Command already?」

「Yes sir, they’ve received our report. In case we need it, Command said they can provide artillery support in under 10 minutes」

「That was quick, good job, Captain!」

「I’m honored by your praise, sir」

After conversing with Captain Aoba, Kazuya got on the radio informing his platoon and 9th Recon’s Squad members, a total of 80 Soldiers.

「This is a call to arms, report to your battle positions!! I want everybody in full battle rattle, get to the front gate on the double. Once you’ve set yourselves up and taken cover, no one is allowed to shoot until I say so!!」

「「「「Roger that!!」」」」


About 5 minutes from the time when Kazuya called out his orders on the radio.

All the Soldiers reported to the front gate, readying themselves in a defensive position. As soon as everyone was in place, Kazuya decided to fire flares in order to reveal what was moving in the woods. 


Following Kazuya’s orders, Soldiers using a Type 10 flare gun, firing two flares in all four directions, 8 lights pierced the night sky.

Drifting down, the flares illuminated the area with a great brilliance.

「Heey…hey… Isn’t this quite bad?」

As far as Kazuya could see countless monsters appeared out of the forest, moving in droves as they aimed for the fort.

「How many of them are there? During the day, not a single monster was seen during our recon of the area….. Where did they all come from?」

「I’m not sure, but our situation isn’t getting any better」

While Kazuya and Ibuki were going back and forth, the amount of monsters coming into view increased.

「There’s a goblin, an orc, a troll, even a kobold」

The monsters approaching the fort held things like sticks, clubs, rusty swords and some wore beaten down armor.

「We’re surrounded, there’s no way we can escape…」

「Affirmative. The only way we can survive is to annihilate our enemies」

Having said all that, with the amount of Soldiers I brought there were 60, adding on 20 from 9th Recons group, we only have 80 people.

Of the weapons and munitions I summoned, 8 are heavy machine guns (M2 Browning), 10 Type 2 120mm Mortars, 10 Type 89 Grenade Dischargers and 5 Type 97 automatic cannons.

Even if I request artillery support, will the bombardment be enough to annihilate all these monsters? Actually if I call for reinforcements, will they make it here before morning?…….

Wait a minute, we haven’t started battle yet, I can still summon more weapons, right?

But just when Kazuya thought of trying to summon more weapons, pulling up his menu screen something unexpected was displayed instead.


[The First Trial from God]

Survive the Monster Horde

Total amount of enemies

・ 17829 Monsters

…….. Is that why so many monsters are gathering?

I can’t even summon anything. The fuck!! Sending me to another world, intentionally making Otherworlders battle each other and now God’s giving me a trial. This isn’t a damn apology, what the hell…..

It can’t be, is God just doing all of this just to pass the time…..


Moping over his predicament, Kazuya’s thoughts were actually spot on, with the message he missed from the computer in that white room.


「*Sigh* Ha~a…. Captain Aoba How long, until morning?」

「Roughly two hours, sir」

「I see…. Hey Soldier get on the radio!! Call up Command, request for artillery support and for immediate reinforcements」

「Roger, understood sir」


Ordering one of the Soldiers who had been on standby, he relays Kazuya’s message over to Command.

For things to happen at a time like this.

As if waiting for the moment when Kazuya’s subordinate finished relaying his request to headquarters, the monsters roared aloud as they began to charge the fort.

「Shit, they’re starting!!――To everyone listening to this message, whatever happens!! You must Survive!! 」

「「「「Sir, Yes Sir!!」」」」

As the ground rumbled with the monsters fierce charge, Kazuya aimed his StG44 assault rifle on a goblin, barking orders into his personal radio, he pulls the trigger.

With the stage set, the curtains of Kazuya’s nightmarish battle opened.  

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Chapter Technical References

Mentioned Weapons

 M2 Browning 
 Type 2 12cm Mortar
 Type 89 Grenade Discharger
 Type 97 Automatic Cannon
 Type 10 Flare Gun

Military Lingo

・Full Battle Rattle – Soldiers in full battle gear, weapon & ammunition.

・Watch duty – Patrol

・ R & R – Rest & Recovery

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