Vol 3 Chapter 17

Falling straight from the heavens, the two War Maidens Chitose and Amira appeared.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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The source of the demonic creatures anxiety and the cause for their retreat―― Falling straight from the heavens―― the two War Maidens Chitose and Amira appeared.


Almost as if time had stopped, everyone in the vicinity held their breath in silence from the intense intimidating aura emanating from the two.

Clad in a dark miasmic aura, Chitose grips her unsheathed katana with both hands raising it high like a flag.

From a distance, one could call it a giant lump of metal, but Amira shoulders an enormous Great sword weighing several hundred kilograms with one hand, dressed for war her body radiates calamitous magical power.

Following Chitose and Amira’s landing, Parabellum’s elite guard and Kazuya’s maids Luminous and Wilhelmina descend via parachute as the two war maidens steady their postures.

Furthermore, in clear view, soldiers of the elite guard mobilized themselves at the valleys edges in exceeding number, aiming their rifles towards Adel.

「What’s this!?」

We’re surrounded!? What have the other units been doing!?

Surprised by their encirclement, Adel was unaware of the annihilation of his allied forces.

Ugh!….. No, for such a thing to happen… what are… who the hell are you!? That woman is the same…..  just like the Demon King!!…. I don’t like it, it’s troublesome!!  To fight these women ――it’s the absolute worst thing!!

Adel became bewildered by the spontaneous encirclement of enemies, before suddenly realizing a stronger presence before him, the appearance of the entity whom they should not fight against, was Chitose.

Damn!! What is this bloodlust!?

With the arrival of Chitose and Amira―― especially Chitose’s extraordinary full-blown aura to annihilate her enemies, Adel felt the urge to immediately run away from the area.

But having fought as a Hero, his pride wouldn’t allow him to do such a thing, Adel managed to square himself towards Chitose and Amira.

「Feene! Are you injured?」

Master… … a little more… … just wait a little more, I’ll clean things up real soon

Just as Amira turned her head to call out to Feene, Chitose glares heavily at the enemy before her. Even though Adel held his Holy Sword and readied himself, his face paled as the subordinates behind him stood petrified as if it was by a demons magic.

「Mother!! I’m alright, but Kazuya is ――!!」

「Mmm….I got it . A~ah, Adel―― Chitose, those people over there, I want them alive… if possible!! Please…」

At the bottom of the valley Luminous, Wilhelmina and several combat medics rush over to provide healing magic and first aid, just as Kazuya calls out his orders.

Sigh This should be fine…… there must be something I can do. ―― Inform all units not to engage, standby for orders. Relay my commands, do not fire until ordered to do so」

Watching Kazuya give orders to their subordinates, his disfigured appearance revolved through Chitose’s mind, his body cut up and tattered, caked with blood and grime. Incomprehensible savagery detonated within her soul, Chitose turns towards Amira voicing her thoughts as she grips her swords handle.

All of these people right here, are my prey. Do Not… lay your hands on them.

「…… If you say so, then I guess it can’t be helped, you don’t have to worry about me lending you a hand. That’s what I’d like to say, but… … things aren’t going to turn out that way. There’s some trash I need to clean up, and also… … my body has been boiling for some time, I’m about ready to go on a rampage」

Receiving a simple explanation from Feene about what occurred, Amira grasped the situation as she caught sight of Nelson and the traitorous Elves. The thought of her daughter being played and used as toy infuriated her, not losing out to Chitose’s bloodlust, Amira’s figure exploded with rage as she raised her large sword.

…… Do as you wish. But don’t spend too much time cleaning up the trash

「I know」

If you’re ready… … Let’s go!!

「I already am!!」

As Chitose’s conversation with Amira came towards an end, she lifts her Katana, the tip aimed towards her prey as the blade glistens with its sharp edge.



Meanwhile, amidst Chitose’s conversation. Finally managing to avoid the two women’s gaze, Nelson trembles with fear.

「Waa~uuwaaa, Why is the Demon King here……? 」

「Who, is that woman next to the Demon King?…. She can’t be an ordinary person.」

「Those people are, they could only be monsters … … there’s no way we can win」

「We need to run away … … If we don’t escape, we’ll only be killed!!」

Witnessing the disparity between the two women and themselves, Nelson’s subordinates and the Imperial soldiers who had prepared themselves for death, unconsciously faltered.

「Don’t be shaken!! Advance forward!!」

Adel’s voice reverberated as he stimulated his allies in the valley’s bottom … …

Removing the cover off of Hell’s cauldron.

「Move, forward!!」

「Hyiii! Hey stop them!! Stop those two!!」

「Ah, fire, Fire!! Shoot them!!」


Smashing the ground’s surface and accelerating at tremendous speeds Chitose and Amira approach their enemies as arrows and magical bullets are shot at them en masse.

But as attacks incessantly rain down on them, Amira and Chitose easily avoid them all.

「Wh,why aren’t they hitting!?」

「Aim properly!!」

「Bring out the Machina and Automata!! We’ll force them back with our numbers!!」

Large numbers of Magical Machines and Automata were pushed to the front to stop the oncoming two. But.


You’re in the way. So irritating

Resembling a lance the Machina stow away their magical cannons, drawing out their short swords to assault the two, but as three magical machines approach Amira, they are struck down by the power of her great sword. Concurrently, Chitose faces a horde of automatons surrounding her, slashing at their necks, preventing their combined assault.

「… …It’s, it’s working, the Automata are holding them back!! All Magical Machines aim at the areas where the enemies feet stop moving」

At that moment, Adel roars for magic to be shot towards the outsiders.

Great, just great another nuisance … … Tch, you’re in the way!!

「Oh is that so!?」

Observing the wall of Automata, believing it was a success, Adel orders for more Automatons to blockade the incoming war maidens. Knocking back and slashing the attacking Automata, casting them aside like rag dolls, Chitose and Amira look at each other in agreement.

「If that’s the case!!」

Then we’ll cut our way through!!

Appearing from behind Chitose and Amira, two shadows emerge plunging themselves toward the oncoming automatons, wedging themselves onto their enemies.

… … Funasaka, Major, your movements are all over the place….. well, this is fine

「Oh, they’re actually not that bad」

As Chitose and Amira cut their way through the Automata, from behind joining the fray Warrant Officer Funasaka strikes with his military Sabre together with Major Jack Churchill equipped with his bagpipes and longbow, he wields his Scottish broadsword.



「「――Over there….. Move out of the waaaaaaayy!! 」」

With their President’s sworn enemy right before them, Warrant Officer Hiroshi Funasaka and Major Jack Churchill cut open a path for Chitose and Amira, wedging themselves before the enemy.

「Good job!」

Thanks for the assistance!!

Running past the wall of fallen Automata, Chitose and Amira yell out words of appreciation towards the two in passing.

「「These guys are too easy!!」」

The two responded back with smiles while haphazardly destroying the remaining Automata, before once again attacking two more Machina.

「Tch!! It’s one setback after another setback, this time there are five enemies!! You got any ideas!? 」

Fending off the hordes of Automata, with a sudden wall of five Machina, Amira calls out to Chitose.

「Why are you stopping? We need to keep on moving」

Oh, I just got a great idea. Don’t worry you’ll understand

Amira’s eyes burn with hatred to reach Adel, questioning Chitose who had dropped her pace, before inciting her to keep on going.

――Lieutenant, Kill them


And in that short amount of time, the Empires Machina raised their short swords towards Chitose just as she calls out over the radio. Immediately following sounds of gunfire from a distance, five of the Empires magical machines were riddled with holes.

「What was that!?」

Surprised by the unexpected events, Amira twisted her neck looking back for where the sound originated. In the far distance, Lieutenant Simo Häyhä propped his Simonov PTRS1941 as white smoke exited the muzzle.

「Targets have been silenced. … …the shots are dropping, the strong winds are affecting accuracy, if you continuously fire…… your hands will go numb」

「Shut up, be quiet and standby for orders.」

「Understood, as you command」

From the valleys opening, his face full of respect, Warrant Officer Clemens jokes openly but was immediately reprimanded. After successfully sniping the targets, Lieutenant Häyhä removed the empty cartridge from his rifle, replacing it with a new cartridge of bullets, peering down his scope he readied himself for their next instructions.

Leave them… … those guys are only small fries

「Seems to be the case. Well then, should I let your subordinates clean up the trash?」

Breaking through all the Magical Machines and Automata Chitose eases up from running and begins to walk, tantalizing Adel as she moves toward his direction. Parting from Chitose, Amira moves to face Nelson and the traitorous elves.

「… …Ridiculous, it was too quick, there wasn’t even any time to spare」

While observing the enemy Adel grumbles softly, as Chitose treads tranquilly, approaching one step at a time.

「Everyone, you have to help me!」

Ignoring Chitose, Adel faces his subordinates requesting their aid as they question him in return.

「What do we do?」

「I will use my trump card to defeat her. But in order to use my trump card, I will need time to accumulate even more magical power, in other words… … why don’t you guys buy me some time!」

「… … … Understood. Everyone protect Adel!! Do not let the enemy reach the Hero!!」

「「「「「For the Empire!!」」」」」

Having been gripped with fear, the Imperial Soldiers become enamored by Adel’s encouraging declaration for victory, holding onto that hope, they all band together in order to win.

And so in order to use his trump card Adel begins to collect magic from his surroundings as the Empires Magicians create a magical barrier to protect the defenseless Hero. The Empires musketeers, drew out their longswords and charge directly at Chitose.



We will be your opponents!!

Advancing towards Adel, Chitose gazes coldly at the Imperial Soldiers as they cowardly howl with high spirits.

「I won’t let you reach the Hero’s side!!」

「Taste my sword!!」

「You’re gonna die right here!!」

Unanimously the Soldiers wave their longsword and wildly assault Chitose.


Without taking a proper fighting stance, Chitose grips her katana in one hand as she walks naturally towards Adel, just as their swords nearly reached their opponents body the Imperial Soldiers were convinced of their total victory.

… …Get out of my way――

But, after a few words from Chitose, the soldiers all froze as if they were frogs caught by a snakes stare.

My body can’t!?

It won’t move!?

Why is it like this!?

The Imperial Soldiers were shocked, their bodies wouldn’t budge no matter how much they willed it to do so.

――useless deadmen

As their thoughts were caught up on Chitose’s words, the instant she passes by them, their view distorts as their bodies begin to shift sideways.

………………Ah~h…………So that……was that why!?……we were already……we died at that moment……。

The instant they realized their deaths, their bodies had already begun to separate, as their top halves slid off from the middle, their bottom halves spewed blood all over the ground.

Tch, small fry

For some time, one by one Imperial Soldiers continued to crowd and attack Chitose. As they were unable to perceive the speed of her katana’s strikes they only added to the mountain of corpses behind her, as she continues to advance towards Adel.


…… you’re in the way



Knocking away the Soldiers longsword, Chitose stabs her katana through Soldiers chin all the way through his skull’s crown

Having been impaled through his skull, the Soldier’s eyes roll back inside his head just as his body convulses after having fallen to his knees.

Having her katana lodged inside the dead Soldier, Chitose decides to leave it behind as she had her reserve katana still attached to her waist, its blade still sharp within its sheath.  Advancing forward once more, she decides to handle the oncoming Soldiers barehanded.

「「That’s!? U~UOOooooooo!!」」

Unable to understand why Chitose continued to walk towards them without a weapon, two Imperial Soldiers saw it as an opportunity and had charged at her.

「Do it now!! Granger, Barker!! Everyone load your bullets while they’re still fighting!! We’ll give’r some consolation up close and personal」

「「Yes Sir!!」」

As the two Soldiers rushed towards Chitose the Empires musketeers began preparing their guns to fire.

「Come on!!」


You’re in the way

Yelling and charging straight at Chitose the two Soldier swing their longswords without thinking, but just as their blades near her, Chitose breaks their attacking stance and in an instant clutches the two  by their necks.

「Guagh!?  Ah, Ahaa……!!」

「Koph!! Ack…..!?」

As if their necks were held by a vise, their bodies slowly rose into the air, suffering under their weight. Chitose’s fingers began digging into their necks causing them to drop their longswords and their violent struggle to escape almost disappeared.


Struggling to breath the Soldiers writhe like worms as Chitose observes them, lifting them higher and tightening her grip.

――PSSssSSssSSssSSss … … SNAP

Wheeze Hyuk!」

Clenching teeth Kuogh!」

Like strangling a caught bird, instantly Chitose crushes the two Soldiers necks, leaving them to breath their last.

Not long ago both men had been exhausted from flailing their arms and legs, as their tongues dangled from their mouths and a putrid yellow liquid flowed down their thighs .

Frightened Scream  They’re…Granger… Barker… were killed!!」

「Muh, Monster!!」

Having watched Chitose lift a grown man and crush his neck, the Soldiers cowered in terror.

「――Prepare to fire!!」

Chitose threw the two Soldiers she had just killed to the side, just as the enemy finished preparing their muskets.

「All right, make ready!! Granger and Barker’s deaths will not be in vain!! Fi――Guagh!!」

Finishing their preparations he was about to order his Soldiers to fire, but the moment he was about to give the order to fire, the commanders head exploded, like a smashed pomegranate his brains splattered all over the place.


For a while now… … I’ve been saying it over and over again… … You’re in the way

If one looked closely at Chitose, within both hands she held 10.5 inch large caliber revolver, the Smith & Wesson 500.

Utilizing a .50 caliber magnum round, the model she carried was a 10.5 inch S&W 500 “Hunter”. Causing three times more damage than the .44 Magnum rounds. The recoil is so strong that if the ordinary Joe Schmoe were to fire ten times in quick succession, his hands and arms would be severely numb, to the point he wouldn’t even be able to write anything.

「AH, AH, AAAaa……」

「No way, it can’t be….」

Frightened by the atrocious firearm the Soldiers panicked whenever the muzzle was pointed in their direction. Furthermore adding to their fear, the sound of Chitose cocking her revolvers terrified them, right as she aimed at the group once more.

「Ah! My ARM? My Aaaahhhh!!」

「No, no, I don’t want to die…..someone… help….someone….」

Cough…… Ma, mama….」

Chitose’s .50 caliber magnum round blew through the Soldiers standing before her, they writhed on the ground as their guts lay across the grounds surface.

「This, this is bad… ….」

「Aaa… Oh God」

While enhancing the magical barrier, the magicians aiding Adel sorrily grieved as they watched their friends die right before them, pawing the ground as they floundered around Chitose, it was at that moment ingrained within their minds, they could not win.

「Everybody, the wait is over. Get back!」

Announcing himself to all, Adel moved forward wrapped in a turbulent stream of whirling wind.


「With this… … With this our victory has been set in stone!!」

The Soldiers who completed their duty to earn more time, raise their voices in jubilation as they created some distance between Adel and Chitose.


「How dare you kill as you please. But, your fate ends right here!!  I am invincible, using magic strengthening and a full body armor of wind, no attack shall harm me, I have bec――Guahk!?」


In the moments when Adel boasted about his Wind Armor’s invincibility, Chitose drew her katana from its sheath and slashed Adel, blowing him away without any resistance.

The wind … … armor… was cut… its gone!? This is…  ridiculous!! … Why couldn’t… too fast… the movement was too fast… I couldn’t even see it… !!


Embedded into the nearby rock and able to maintain his consciousness thanks to the pain, Adel was bewildered to be blown away.

「Invincible? To what extent? Don’t make me laugh」

Unable to maintain the supply of magical power Adel’s armor of wind disappeared. After boasting about its invincibility, he became shaken having lost his wind armor from a single blow.

「Fuck!… … This, thiiiisss――!! 」

Having lost the armor of wind, Adel’s defense was like being stripped naked, as he frantically charged towards Chitose, losing himself in the stream of events.




Putting all of his strength into his Holy Sword, Adel swings as Chitose counters with her katana.

… …Is that your limit?

「This is!! You stupid brute!! ――I will defeat you!!」

Locking swords with Chitose, Adel sneers as his face grins with a plan.

「Let me tell you something nice!! I posses a Holy Sword with the ability to take away my opponents magical power!!」

So what!?

「Fool, let’s see how long you can keep that complacent attitude!!」

Thinking that Chitose used magic strengthening to boost her physical abilities, Adel thoroughly believed that by activating his Holy Swords ability he’d be able to snatch away all of her magical power, just like the time he fought and beat up Demon King Amira.  But!!

「… … What this … … …impossible… … YOU… … … … You’re not using any magic… … how is this?」

Completely activating the Holy Swords ability, Adel finally realized the truth as he wasn’t able to suck any magic power from Chitose.

「This can’t be happening, it’s impossible… … you bastard, where does you’re power come from… …This can’t be real, I don’t believe it!! This sort of thing c――」

Devastated by the reality of the situation Adel shook with hesitation, and in that moment Chitose slashed him just like before.

「Guuhaa!! … … This can’t … … this is a lie!!」

And now Adel’s silver armor was cleaved and tattered From beneath the tattered armor, a thin undergarment dress could be seen through the gaps.

Is it over, already?

Having destroyed Adel’s armor and nicking her blade, Chitose casts her Katana aside and approaches Adel.

Get up

「…. ….ugh!」

I said, Get up!


Having lost the will to fight, realizing the absolute difference in strength, Adel had lain on the ground, but Chitose forcibly picks Adel up before striking hard at him.

「Ugh! Gah! Augh! Ah, khugh!!」

Adel emits soundless groans, every time Chitose’s fist digs deep into his body.

What’s the matter… …you’re invincible right?  Right!?


Headbutting Adel, Chitose grabs him by the collar, twisting him over her shoulder before hurling him aside.

「Guah!! Urgh…khogh!!….Damn you!!」

Revealing silky white skin and exposing a voluptuous chest, Adèle leaks her pained voice as her undergarments were ripped to shreds.

… … You, so you were woman huh?

Realizing the truth before her, Chitose eyes narrowed in astonishment as Adèle was stripped naked from her waist up.

「Urgh!! … …Damn you…. this isn’t any of your business!!」

Is that so? That’s fine, it’s good that you’re a woman… … quite the convenience.   This increases the amount of ways I can interrogate you when we return to base

Acknowledging that the Hero Adèle was indeed a woman, Chitose floats a devilish smile as she muttered her thoughts.

「Haah… … ha… … I, I still haven’t lost yet… … … Gyahugh!!」

Sensing a chill from Chitose’s smile, Adèle shakily tries to regain her footing, trying to stand up once more. But the moment she gets up Chitose strikes Adele’s jaw knocking her completely unconscious.

Even if she claims to be an Otherworlder… …  this degree of power is nothing

Overpowering an Otherworlder with her own extraordinary strength Chitose accomplished capturing the Hero Adèle Saxony.

That side is finished… … so, its finally over

Taking her eyes of Adèle, Chitose looks towards Amira’s direction just as her fight comes to an end.

「I dont wanna die, I dont wanna die, I dont wanna die, I dont wanna die, I dont wanna die, I dont wanna die, I dont wanna die, I dont wanna die, I dont wanna die」

Surrounded with the corpses of his Elven bodyguards, Nelson shakes deliriously.

「Well now, just one more left」

Stubbornly climbing over his fallen brethren trying to save himself,  Squish  Amira flattens an elven corpse as she approaches Nelson.

「Pp, please spare me, spare my life, I just want to live… …I, I, I’m, not actually like this, I――」

「You reap what you sow」

Disregarding Nelson’s plea for his life Amira swings, bringing down her large sword.


Like a crushed tomato, the sound reverberates around the area.

And like that, this was the end for all of the traitorous elves, as Amira crushed every single one with her own hands.

「Everythings finished over here」

Is that so?

Chitose drags the defeated Adèle by her ankle, as Amira appears from the side drenched in blood.

「The Hero was… … we’re finished」

「For it to turn out like this… …」

「R, run awayーー!!」

「Oh, well I’ll be… are we going to let those guys run away?」

With the defeat of their magical machines and automatons, the soldiers watched as their last ray of hope disappeared with the loss of their Hero. With Adèle’s capture, Amira and Chitose watch the surviving Soldiers try to escape, turning toward Chitose for guidance.

Do not let them escape. ――Rudel. Leave no stone unturned

Quickly answering Amira’s query, Chitose picks up her radio and bellows her orders.

『Ja! (Acknowledged)』

Immediately following her orders, a high pitched engine roar cuts through the ashen gray clouds from above breaking its concealment. The SUU-23 gun pod mounted to one of the eleven pylons howl (M61A1 Vulcan modified gas operated design using the GAU-4 as its base). Piloting the A-10 Thunderbolt II, Wing Commander, Major Rudel shouts with fervor.

「Those who harm our Commander-in-Chief are worse than filth!! I will sterilize… … these carrions ~Raaaaa!!」

Utilizing the best method to strike――Sharply aiming before dive bombing towards the enemy, Major Rudel pulls his trigger.

Using his 20mm & 30mm Gatling Guns at the same time, entirely like a gale he tears through the south end and tempestuously fires at the enemy.

「Orrraaaa!!! No Mercy~」

Amira turned her head to the rear laughing and smiling, amazed by the shockwave of the blast.

Like threading a needle through a tiny pinhole, Major Rudel’s aircraft swooped through the 20 meter wide valley. Infinitely firing both his 20mm & 30mm cannons through the Imperial forces below, blasting them away.

Despite the attack lasting for several seconds, all the Imperial Soldiers trying to escape were minced without exception, dying the bottom of the valley in a deep crimson.

All units ceasefire, we’re returning to base!!

After capturing the Hero Adèle and annihilating the rest of the enemy, Chitose orders the men to wrap things up.

All of you, recover the bodies of our people, destroy the remnants of our fallen aircraft

「「「Yes Ma’am」」」

An MV-22 Osprey hovers overhead, as Chitose orders several troops to recover the bodies from the crashed Presidential Hawk. A winch slowly lowers to carry Kazuya up into its cargo hold. Once on board the plane rushes to return back to Camp Dallas.

Somehow we were saved… … speaking of savior, I wonder how much Chitose’s level increased.

Having been treated by Luminous’ and Wilhelmina’s recovery magic to temporarily prevent further damage, inside the Osprey Combat medics and Military surgeons began providing emergency treatment towards Kazuya’s injuries. Suddenly recalling Chitose’s figure defeating Adele with overwhelming strength Kazuya immediately invokes his special ability.

[The Second Trial from God]

Survive from the magical beings inhabiting the valleys bottom.

Has been completed.

This isn’t what I… …. ….



No Benefits nor Abilities were obtained from the capture of Adèle Saxony.

Is that right? … … No, wait. That’s not what I’m looking for… … This is it.

After making a few blunders, Kazuya was finally able to open the management menu he was originally aiming for.


Katayama Chitose


The Convictor・The Fanatic


Long Silence
What!? Her level is infinite!? …… This is? …… The strongest!?
Why are these titles?….   The Convictor & The Fanatic? Why is it like this!?

With both hands Chitose clasps Kazuya’s hand, enveloping them as she stares at Kazuya’s face anxiously.

And like that Chitose’s and Kazuya’s gazes overlapped, but in the middle of it all question marks began to revolve inside Kazuya’s mind.

Aside from Kazuya’s doubts, the rescue operation came to an end.


「Get the President into the first operating room!! Take everyone else to the next available treatment rooms!!」

「Get moving!!」

As soon as everyone returns back to Camp Dallas, Kazuya, Misha, Feene, Reina, Raina and Elle are rushed to the base hospital.

As Kazuya suffered several serious injuries, he was immediately taken towards the emergency operating room, while Misha, Feene, Reina, Raina and Elle were taken to treatment rooms for their minor injuries.


Restlessly pacing back and forth in front of Kazuya’s operating room, Chitose was unable to settle down as Kazuya was in the middle of his surgery.

「Ms. Vice-President!! It’s terrible!!」

A siren resounds throughout the base notifying everyone of a state of emergency, at the same time a soldier runs towards Chitose in panic.

The enemy is attacking two regions simultaneously!?

Within Camp Dallas’ Central Command, Chitose questions the flustered soldier’s report.

「Yes ma’am, reporting!! We’ve identified invading enemy forces at grid points 2-3 and 4-5!!」

What is the status report on the enemies current military composition?

「At grid points 2-3 our border fortifications were destroyed by a gigantic magical machine, our forces stationed there we’re overrun. The gigantic machina is currently advancing towards the Monster Kingdom Capital. In approximately 30 minutes the 1st and 2nd Armor Battalions will be engaging the enemy at the ‘Jar Plains’.

In grid sectors 4-5 ground-style magical machina along with a medium sized unit of flight-type machina at their core are passing through the Principality of Albaum. Our forces are gathered along the Alligator creek bordering the Monster Kingdom and Albaum Principality.

Currently, within the nearby town alongside Alligator creek―― A company of our combat engineers and a Patrol Platoon happen to be in Binderg, with German military equipment and high morale―― troops from our Foreign Legion are poised to intercept the invading Imperial Forces」

What did you say?….

Parabellum’s situation began to develop beyond Chitose’s expectations.

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