Ramblings 0.76 (v3ch17 News Update)


So if you didn’t hear the news, the storm has passed where I reside. My island didn’t receive heavy damage like our neighboring islands (Hawaii & Maui).

Well in that mean time, I wasn’t twiddling on my thumbs either.  This is just a current status update on Volume 3 Chapter 17 translation.

I managed to complete 214 segments out of 325 of them (58% complete). I have 111 segments I have to work on left.  And I want to gripe a little now, there is a lot of informal speech and implied meanings with this chapters dialogue. There are other things too, but never mind about those.


For example オラァ [Ora] If you read the Katakana as is, most people would assume its a sound effect. But really this is a taunt or a grunting sound with meaning.

The Japanese vernacular has a lot of intonating sounds which do have informal translations.

Long story short, the translated meaning would be either “Come on!” or “Bring it!” or any variety combo of insult used to taunt a fighter into attacking.

Alright I’m done griping, so as for another estimate on when this chapter comes out.

At best maybe this upcoming Thursday August 30, maybe.  I’m just assuming this because 5 days is reasonable if my minds in top shape.

At worst it will have to come out next month, Maybe September 2, next week Sunday.

So in the meantime please enjoy your weekend and I look forward to bringing out this chapter for you guys!


Audien & 3LAU – Hot Water
(Feat. Victoria Zaro)