Vol 3 Chapter 11

“At that time, I really should’ve turned down Captain Wong’s invitation.”


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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[Summoned Armaments]

It is now possible to summon weaponry designed, developed and manufactured before the year 2013.

[Summon Limit & Force Composition]

Your present level is 65.

Soldiers  ・1200000

Artillery  ・15000

Vehicles  ・15000

Aircraft ・8500

Naval Vessels ・6500


In the case for Artillery, Vehicles, Aircraft & Naval Vessel summons, the required amount of operating personnel will be summoned alongside.

  Logistical Combat Support personnel  (Combat Engineers・Maintenance/ Mechanics ・Communications Specialists・Supply & Food Specialists・Medical Soldiers・etc.) are not included towards the Infantry summon limit, currently the available summons of LCS personnel  can reach a scale needed to support『Theater of War』operations.

  There are no restrictions for the extent of summoned small caliber arms or heavy weapons that soldiers can operate.


[Important Ability Notes]

  • It is possible to summon via thoughts or by voice commands, without viewing the menu screen.
  • Military supplies, resources and facilities which are summoned can be recalled or dismissed, but personnel (Soldiers) cannot be un-summoned.

(It is impossible to erase the dead body of a deceased summoned Soldier. Furthermore, it is impossible to summon the same deceased Soldier again.)

  • In the middle of combatThe ability to summon is restricted.  Self defense for logistical combat support personnel will be enabled.

――Inquires regarding the summoning of soldiers and the ability for perfect healing. ――

At present, regarding the ability to summon soldiers. The reality is that, these Soldiers who are summoned from Earth, are just mere copies of the original person. They possess the exact same skills, knowledge and memories.

For summoned Soldiers their attributes (Gender, Age, Disposition, Weapons & equipment) will be random unless set in advance, on rare occasions past heroic figures will be mixed in.

(Exceptions are for specific weaponry ― ― The existence of Heroic individuals can be summoned to operate artillery, vehicles, aircraft, naval vessels and more. An example of this, is the A-10 Thunderbolt pilot Major Hans Ulrich Rudel¹)

Additionally, the Soldiers who are summoned by master, a sense of loyalty would be instilled in them, in favor of their Leader (President Nagato Kazuya).


Now in regards to the Perfect Healing Ability.

What can be understood about the perfect healing ability varies from individuals treated and their type of injury or illness. Depending on the persons skills, strengths, their severity of the illness or injury――these points would determine their attachment or overenthusiastic desire for Nagato Kazuya.

In particular, individuals who are cured from missing their body parts or who are on the brink of death ―― are more susceptible to harbor fanatical desires.

(Such is the case for, Reina, Raina, Elle, Cher, Luminous, Colette & Wilhelmina. As for Amira Rosinger, who had lost her left eye and right arm from the elbow down, and was perfectly healed from her severe injuries. While she does not currently display such fanatical desires and appears to be well, further observation will be necessary to verify her progress.)

It is but a speculation, as to why those treated with perfect healing harbor frenzied emotions, but it appears that during treatment Nagato Kazuya’s magic power happens to influence the patient to an extent.

As for this ability, regarding the numerous obscure aspects, from this point forward continuous observation will be necessary.

〜The above report, is the 4th survey on a user’s abilities〜




sigh I guess this is it, for now.」

Alone and silent in his presidential office, Kazuya was reviewing the fourth completed report about his abilities. Having let go of the report in the middle, he massages his stiff shoulder as he brings the cold tea to his lips.

「Nnghhh!! But I have to do this, I must do this.」

Taking the opportunity to stretch, Kazuya peaks outside his offices’ window, mumbling to himself about Camp Dallas’s growth.

The Parabellum military had nearly annihilated the Imperial forces, within the Monster Kingdom. And during that same period of time, setting up a defensive network, Camp Dallas began to recall their troops. As thanks for the Soldiers pains and efforts, an informal celebration was organized with merrymaking and revelry.

Knock knock

「Yes? Come in」

Excuse the intrusion.

Kazuya gazed with warm eyes, as Captain Wong entered the presidential office with an excited expression.

「What’s the issue? Is there something wrong?」

No,  nothings wrong. But I do need Mr. President’s signature on these official documents. My apologies, but please sign this.

「Hmm… I understand…. Here.」

Glancing over the official documents, Kazuya signs the papers before handing them back over to Captain Wong.

Thank you very much. A~ah, right…….by the way, isn’t Mr. President going to join the party?

As Captain Wong checked the signed papers, he had already turned heel before suddenly asking a question he had in mind.

「Hmm? Oh, If I come out things may become strange, don’t worry about it, its fine.」

Is that right? I’m sure everyone would be delighted if Mr. President were to pass by.

At Captain Wong’s words, Kazuya floated a regrettable expression.

Well Mr. President…. If you’re not planning on going to the party, shall I introduce you to a fine “establishment”?

As Kazuya didn’t feel like joining the party, Captain Wong thought to ask.

「A fine establishment?」

Oh~ yes, it’s a great “place”

After speaking, Captain Wong floated a fearless grand smile towards Kazuya’s query.

「What kind of “establishment” is it?」

It’s like a place to pass the time with some fun

Towards Kazuya’s inquiry, Captain Wong gave a vague reply.

「Well, let’s see. I guess I can go out for a little fun…. Shall we go and check this place out?」

Great, I’ve already prepared your ride

As Kazuya thought about turning down the invitation, he was intrigued by Captain Wong’s daringly big smile and decided to leave Camp Dallas.

But from that time, Kazuya was left in deep thought.

At that time, I really should’ve turned down Captain Wong’s invitation.

「…..You didn’t say we were going to a brothel!?…..」

Entering the Monster Kingdom’s Capital Belgrade, Captain Wong and his elite subordinates (men) begin to escort Kazuya towards the red-light district. And turning the corner into the red-light district, on the eaves of a building『Den of the Dirty Devils』was the brothel.

It would be strange, to have snuck out from the base and not notice this place…..

So the name of this pleasure palace―― is the Den of the Dirty Devils. They’re the finest establishment in all of Belgrade, standing above all other brothel houses. With outstanding service, the price is a little on the high side, but with such excellent service you’d think the price is fair. Without a doubt, Mr. President, you’ll like it too.

Kazuya was repulsively shocked by Captain Wong’s proud sarcastic declaration.

「…..If the possessive Chitose were to find out about this…..We’ll be killed. Which is why, I’m leaving.」

Ack, Mr. President!! It’s okay. Vice President Chitose is still back at our home country, and when we left Camp Dallas, I’m absolutely sure no one witnessed Mr. President leave

As Kazuya quickly turned on his heels, Captain Wong desperately tries to hold him back.


Wouldn’t this be amazing!? Even if you were to go back, you’ll never be able to relish the finest of pleasures known to mankind!!


If you miss this opportunity, who knows when you’ll get a second chance!?


Oh just to let you know, everyone here and including myself, have become addicted, after experiencing the Den of the Dirty Devils


「「「Mr. President!! Please decide!!」」」

Kazuya hesitated as Captain Wong and the elite guards all shouted in unison, pressing him to make a decision.

「…..I’ll go…..」

Unable to resist Captain Wong and the guards pleas, Kazuya was guided by the brothels bellboy to one of the many rooms. The rooms setting was obviously beautiful, furnished with a single large bed, shower room & bathtub, and at the corner of the room all sort of various adult toys lay in a row.

Kazuya sat on the bed with his back facing the door, muttering to himself, with a mixture of anticipation and guilty feelings towards having sex.

「…..Uuhhhh well, I’m here already so I might as well enjoy myself. Alright, let’s do this」

Deciding not to waste Captain Wong’s goodwill, Kazuya changes his mood and tries to enjoy his first experience at a brothel.

Knock knock

It was at this time.

Knocking on door to the room with perfect timing, just as Kazuya had a change of heart.

「Hi~ iee!!」

Kazuya’s reply was a mix of nervous curiosity, with his tone rising in a frightened pitch.

Excuse me

The doors opened with several salacious succubi entering without making a sound, Kazuya recalled hearing a familiar dignified voice.

Huh? This sounds familiar….?

Kazuya’s sense of discomfort increasingly grew, recalling the voice of the Succubus he just met for the first time.

Kazuya was lost in thought trying to remember, as he gazed at the back of the Succubus who entered.


Thank you for coming today, to our Den of the Dirty Devils. Dear customer can savor a variety of the finest of pleasures, pleasing your expectations


Well now, let’s begin


Hm? Is something wrong dear customer?

Smiling sweetly the devilish vixen floats a dark smile ―― from Chitose’s sultry question, Kazuya trickles with cold sweat, pouring out in large quantities.

「…..h~a..a…ah..hah..umm.. that..」

Yes? What was that dear customer?

「…Chi….Chi..chi..chi..Chi..Chi…Chitose? Wha..Wh-what are you doing here?」

Like playing a broken record tape over the radio, Kazuya stutters before asking a question, as Chitose stood right before his eyes with a lavish black smile.

Well, I finished my work early so I went over to Camp Dallas, only to find Master was missing. After checking with my subordinates for where you were, learning that it was a suspicious place, I quickly flew over. Oh! And Master, those unreliable people that took you to such a place have been purged, ah don’t get me wrong, but it was necessary


As if timed to match Chitose’s words, Captain Wong & his men’s agonizing deaths could be heard.

…….Shit, this situation is the worst.

The girls who entered Kazuya’s room that were behind Chitose weren’t Succubi but his exclusive maids. Reina, Raina and the rest of members entered without knowing why they were dressed a certain way.


Their appearance stabbed at Kazuya’s preferential tastes.

Chitose wore an alluringly innocent Japanese style kimono.

The vampire sisters Reina & Raina wore dark blue school swimsuits with white knee high socks. Incidentally, written in Hirigana to tell the difference, their swimsuits name tags were labeled with Reina and Raina.

Elle’s petite figure beautifully matched her black Gothic Lolita dress, which didn’t really match her age as an ogre.

The lamia Cher wore a white nurses uniform.

Like a baby doll, the dark elf Luminous’ tanned skin shone, accentuated by her transparent garter belt.

Colette’s beautiful foxy figure contrasted her scarlet & white Shrine maiden dress.

Wilhelmina’s wolf-kin body was dressed up in a grey suit with black tights, wearing scarlet no-lens glasses, like a female school teacher.

……..I’m done for.

Chitose smiles as Kazuya steadies himself, almost dying from the cosplay.

「I… Chitose its all my fault. All of this ――」

Master, please don’t apologize


Chitose interrupts Kazuya, who tried to make an excuse like a husband who just got caught for having an affair.

Master is still a man, moreover with an unparalleled sexual desire, that is stronger than anyone else. So it’s understandable to see why, you would be interested in a places like this. Rather, it is us who are at fault

Am I forgiven?

Kazuya feels a ray of hope within his chest.

And so―

But Chitose’s next remaining words stab Kazuya

―we have changed our way of serving Master, after this moment and from now on, everyday and at all hours of the day, in the morning, midday and at night we will serve Master with all our might, so that your hips give out and your lustful desires disappear


From Chitose’s words, Kazuya’s face immediately turns pale.

「…..uh, Chitose? Your not angry, right?」

Kukuku…Of course ♪』

Harmonizing towards the end Chitose floats a smile, as her eyes boiled suspiciously.


As Kazuya realized his predicament, he became even more resolute.

….. If I don’t satisfy Chitose (and company) here, and get them to forgive me, I may really die later on!!

But towards Kazuya’s tenacitious spirit, Chitose laughs, signaling the start.

Well now, I will be the first, to start off today’s service. Oh and by the way, Cher, Colette & Wilhelmina just entered their mating period so just be prepared to do it even more than usual amount

…..Seriously!?  ….Damn it!!  We’ll see who will become the desperate one!!

Kazuya despaired as he inwardly screamed, accepting Chitose’s challenge. Later he would have no memory of the events which would take place.

Messing up her long black hair, her belt sash stayed fixed as her kimono began slipping off. Straddling her master passionately, Chitose drew long and heated breaths, sighing ‘Master’, leaking her voice deliriously. (Did it 5 times)

Sprawling face up on the bed, Reina & Raina’s expression turned florid and their eyes became moist, as their figures invite one’s eyes to violate them. (Did it 8 times in total)

Against her sound reasoning, having tried to dominate her partner, Elle’s petite frame succumbs to the overbearing pleasure as she lay faced down, in her black Gothic dress.  (Did it 3 times)

Cher’s snake like body would coil and wrap around her partner, preventing any movement. Stuck close together, she would use her long tongue going for a deep kiss, sloppily making lewd noises. Deliciously violating her partner’s mouth with saliva as their lips would part. (Did it 6 times)

Excitedly stressing just the important areas, Luminous innocently tries to cover what remains of her see-through lingerie, awkwardly with her hands. (Did it 3 times)

Colette’s figure timidly shakes and her back arches as her furry tail was caressed in an affectionate manner. (Did it 6 times)

Wilhelmina’s body quivers with ecstasy as she tears up with gratitude & joy.  (Did it 7 times)

Kazuya wasn’t able to remember Chitose’s exposed and bedraggled figure.

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