Ramblings 0.62


I’m about 78% done translating, I’m still working on it so this update will be pretty short.

I’m not scheduled for any overtime this week, so I definitely will post Vol 3 Chapter 11 as soon as I finish it (editing & stuff too).

Like if nothing crazy happens like last week, in which work just dramatically increased. I was machining some things and then my bosses told me we need to finish more projects. So to meet the demand, I had to stay and do more labor.

Anyways enjoy your week and the end of this month. Enjoy some game trailers below


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    1. Oh yeah i forgot to ask, why did you started translate MCAW from V3C6? instead of V3C17 Which is the latest chapter
      PS : sry for my poor granmar *tehepero*

      1. No worries about your grammar. But as for why I started at Vol 3 Chapter 6, I just did it on a whim. A part of me felt annoyed by the inconsistent names of characters and places. And the other part of me just wanted this web novel to shine a little bit more.

        Originally I was just going to translate the missing 2 chapters from the NU directory (Vol 3 Ch 6 pt 2 & Ch 7), because there was still another translator on this series (Since they posted Vol 3 Ch 17). But after after finishing both Ch 6 & Ch 7, I just felt like continuing from that point on, so terms, names & places stayed consistent.

        My past ramblings links below sort of explain it better, If you feel like reading.

  1. Even though its early, thank you for your hard work. Looking forward to your translations, Mr. Translator.😁👍

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