Rambling 0.63

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Oh and I’ve finally completed Vol 3 Chapter 11.

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So originally I wanted to complete translations for this chapter and post it on June 22, but as I sorta mentioned before I was swamped with work. So in reality I just began translating that day (Friday) for a few hours.

Saturday was my extra shift (8 hours) and I was really fatigued from doing 6 days of laborious work.  I only did an hours worth of translating.

Sunday I stayed in to complete a majority of the chapter hence my 0.62 rant.

Monday was more of the final, translation checks and editing.

And today was a lot of proofreading and double, triple checking my work. Also with a few references here and there.

I didn’t feel comfortable with looking up the cosplay stuff or lewd acts, because heck, some people read this story at work. And I don’t think its right to just place a surprise, that may get my readers into trouble.

*Violence may be a sorta-included thing, but sexual stuff is kinda a no go for me to post.

All in all, I’m going to go rest. Next Chapter will be out next month. Soooo enjoy the week & enjoy the rest of the month!!