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It’s your second chapter for this month and without further ado here’s

Volume 3 Chapter 24

If you’re wondering why I’m using all the pictures of Scáthach. It’s because I feel, like Duchess Karen Lautrec is a girl that resembles Scáthach from the Fate series (appearance-wise).  I know there are very little descriptions on her appearance, I’m just arbitrarily assuming her appearance. Until I find out otherwise.

And here are my image credits, for people interested in these artists.

Featured Image by Rei_kun  Pixiv | Twitter

Bonus Image by Kelinch1 Pixiv | Deviant Art

2nd Bonus Image by ice [お仕事募集中!] Pixiv


On another note. I forgot that when conferring titles there are male and female versions. Duke is Male and Duchess is female.  So I’m going to go back to previous chapters and make those conversions. In previous chapters I called Karen a Duke instead of Duchess.

Moving on, Here’s the chapter character analysis for Volume 3 Chapter 25.

Well this isn’t one of those slice of life chapters, briskly looking over it. I may have to do some technical research again. So please bear with me.

Also WordPress has updated their page editor to WordPress 5.0, so I’ve been having a steep learning curve when it comes to coding each page.  In particular everything follows a block format, so it divides each section in a very particular way that annoys me & I can’t do what I usually do. Okay so not to bore anyone, I will stop at just that.

As for a timeline, if I’m not enjoying the festivities of the winter season, I’ll probably be working on this.

Cheers for the holidays and the Yule season, Celebrate Pancha Ganapati and Kwanzaa have a  Happy Merry Christmas for all!!