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Greetings and here’s the very first chapter for the month of December.

Volume 3 Chapter 23

Yay for girls with different colored eyes (Heterochromia).

And this is volume 3 chapter 24’s character analysis.

Another slice of life chapter incoming *hint hint*  well its something besides all the heavy battle military stuff and I don’t need to do as much research either.

I’ll be preparing for Semester Finals, so this may come out in the middle of December somewhere. Maybe before a certain special day, maybe.

On another note, you may be seeing “That One a Day” posts going up every so often. They are just some things I have, to remind me about staying focused.  I’m being vague because I’m not ready to share the content in those posts. Just that they are my thoughts on life and they really do range from a few sentences to maybe several paragraphs.  At a later date I may be opening those posts up or giving the password in another post for them.

Other than that,

I wish everyone the best, Cheers & Happy Holidays to all!!

Featured Image (Kurumi Tokisaki) is by Bison倉鼠 Pixiv | Twitter

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4 comments on “Ramblings 1.1 (v3ch24 News)”

  1. Thanks for the hard work!
    I honestly thought Kazuya would be pissed at Eris. I know I would be.
    From being fed with poison(sex drug)(i forgot the spelling of the word)
    I won’t be suprised if the next one is Karen.

    1. You mean an aphrodisiac? Yeah, honestly that kind of act can be perceived as an act of war! A future leader of a country poisoning a stronger country’s ruler? That’s just asking to get liberated and invaded but as usual because the MC is a peace loving, naive Japanese, they get to come out easy. If it was a hot-blooded American then that’s another thing.

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