Month: November 2018

Real Life updates 0.6

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!  Even if you don’t celebrate it!!  Just wanted to wish everyone an awesome time! And so the month of November is coming to an end. I have 1 more month of college and then I’ll be studying for finals (realistically its less than a month).  But looking back at the amount

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Ramblings (v3ch23 News)

<< Old Rambles || New Rambles >> Here’s the 2nd chapter for the month of November, for your reading pleasure Volume 3 Chapter 22 Here is Volume 3 Chapter 23’s analysis. After so long we are back to the normal standard Character count. 5228 Japanese characters which roughly makes up 4986 words.  At 182 segments, I can

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Vol 3 Chapter 22

Outside the mansion, were a group of children waiting for Kazuya’s return.