Month: December 2018

Real Life Updates 0.9 (Thank You)

Featured Image is by Mika Pikazo  Pixiv |Twitter| Tumblr Thank you for your support!   Seriously, I never saw myself continuing to translate this series. I just wanted to do two missing chapters (just v3ch6 & v3ch7) and find another title to translate.  But here we are. Here’s a snapshot of my site from a

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Ramblings 1.3 (v3ch26 News)

The action you’ve all been waiting for and my parting gift for the year 2018. (I know 5 6 chapters for December right) Volume 3 Chapter 25   Now the Nitty-Gritty stuff for the next chapter. Yup standard chapter length. Meaning dialogue and slice of life stuff. I’ll be working on this intermittently as I want

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