Month: October 2018

Ramblings 0.8 (v3ch21 News)

Here’s another chapter for your reading pleasure. Volume 3 Chapter 20 and yes it’s the 2nd chapter for this month, at least I made it before it ended, Yay~ Another analysis page for the next upcoming chapter 21 And we are back to almost the usual amount of characters for a standard chapter. Which I

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Vol 3 Chapter 20

When news of Kazuya’s helicopter crash reached the Canary Kingdom, Iris and Karen had borrowed a flying battleship (actually it was stolen) and flew towards Camp Dallas breaking into their airspace

Real Life Updates 0.4

Another new week and the month is already halfway done. Vol 3 CH 20 news here. For College I have midterms this month, so I just need to brush up on my math and get a groove on equations and stuff. For English I’m going to have to work on comprehension in several areas and

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