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I’m a fatigued from overtime this week. Plus it’s like I sort of partied a lot, so i need a few days to recover. Mainly one day, but the other days I just need to get my head focused again.

It’s like a waste if I start trying to translate and I can’t think properly. I’m better off sleeping in, getting more vitamins and nutrients and recovering.

Today is like Monday for me and I will probably start translating on Wednesday when I’m free. And depending on the Character count, Formal & informal speech patterns it may take roughly a week again.

I’m going to forecast that Vol 3 Ch 11 will come out on Saturday maybe.  If all goes well, and if not, it will be out before the end of this month.

So enjoy the week, Happy Father’s day for all the Father’s and cheers

Enjoy this picture dump of Scifi