Vol 3 Chapter 10

Alright!! This gunship and Gluttony 02 will directly engage the line of battleships. All hands to battle stations!


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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In skies over the forest bordering the Monster Kingdom and the Alsace Magical Empire, two AC-130 Gunships and three F-15E Strike Eagles fly smoothly in formation undeterred.

HQ this is Gluttony 01. ~Break~ Entering designated airspace, standing by for orders, over

Deep within the forest, the Imperial Army Forces were secretly constructing their base camp. But Parabellum’s Infantry unit which was tasked to thwart it’s creation, was stuck in a close struggle.

Requesting for air support, Two AC-130’s immediately sortie (Their call signs were Gluttony 01 & Gluttony 02) along with three F-15E Strike Eagles as escorts (Vegas Squadron).

Equipped with AIM-9 Sidewinders short range air-to-air missiles and AIM-120 advanced medium range air-to-air missiles. Arriving within the designated airspace they contacted HQ.

Acknowledged Gluttony 01, We’re patching you through to the 8th Infantry Battalion. Your orders are to link up with them as they are currently engaged with Imperial Army forces. ~Break~ Until the end of this support mission, Gluttony 01 & Gluttony 02 will take all commands from the 8th Infantry Battalion. Good luck and godspeed, over

「Roger HQ, Gluttony 01 acknowledges」

『Message received HQ, Gluttony 02 acknowledges』

Right when HQ transferred communications, the sound of gunfire was transmitted through the radio to Gluttony 01

『 This is Lieutenant Colonel Morrison of the 8th Infantry Battalion. We took a large number of casualties from the enemies fierce resistance. We’ll be marking the enemy locations by smoke, blow’em up for me, over』

「That’s a hard copy Colonel, Gluttony 01 will comply」

In the middle of being attacked by Imperial Forces who were constructing a base within the forest. The 8th Infantry battalion requested air support from Gluttony 01 & Gluttony 02.

As their support stood-by for the designated coordinates, the 8th Infantry Battalion had used prominent colors as markers. Red, green & purple smoke began to rise, billowing up from within the forest.

「This is Gluttony 01, I have eyes on the target coordinates. ~Break~ Commencing close air support, watch out for any stray rounds, over」

『This is 8th Infantry, we’ve completed evacuations from the area. Light’em up boys!!』

Receiving the 8th Infantry’s reply, the two AC-130s began to lean left, heavily raining down 3 kinds of shells to the ground. Towards the centers of the gaudy colored smoke.

The gunners aboard the AC-130 would watch the situation on the ground using infrared sensors from black & white screens. Enemy soldiers would appear in either white or black. They would manipulate their joysticks, controlling the direction of their guns and pull the trigger to fire.

Boom The deadly 105mm howitzer cannon shell landed in the center of the base built by the Imperial Army. The crimson flames and black smoke danced ascending higher, as the enemy soldiers were completely erased from the world.

Alright next! boom boom Like the beating of a drum, the 40mm automatic cannon fires, luckily hitting a magical weapon causing it to burst, scattering shrapnel.

The unique spurring sound of the 25mm Gatling guns motor echoes, as bullets run across the ground, mowing down trees. Giving the Imperial Army just a taste, before breaking down the spirits of those who had been bravely fighting to this point.

Once the two AC-130’s completed their third rotation, the Imperial Army base which the 8th Infantry Battalion struggled against disappeared without a trace. Many of the young and thinner trees of the forest were burnt like a bald tree without leaves.

After that patch of forest became scorched earth, the 8th Infantry Battalion, set out to confirm any sign of enemy activity as their air support ceased firing and stood by in the skies.

『This is 8th Infantry, we will be confirming for signs of enemy forces as well as what’s left of their base. You have my thanks for the support Gluttony 01 & 02, over』

「Colonel, Gluttony 01 acknowledges. Support mission complete. Returning to base, over」

Receiving the report of the annihilated Imperial base from 8th Infantry Battalion, Gluttony 01 & Gluttony 02 direct their aircraft’s noses towards Camp Dallas, concluding their mission.

『Huh!? What is that!?』

A flustered voice of a soldier from 8th Infantry, was heard through the radio as the connection hadn’t been disconnected yet.

「What’s wrong?」

Gluttony 01’s Captain reacts, questioning the Soldier from 8th Infantry, but a reply was returned by Vegas Squadron.

『Break break break! Five Imperial battleships directly below us, multiple Dragon Knights inbound!! 』

From the latest report, Gluttony 01’s Captain gazes towards surface, five cleverly disguised battleships discard their camouflage and begin to ascend to the skies along with their Dragon knight escorts.

「Shit! Our altitude is a problem!! Engines to full throttle!! Time to get the hell out of here!!」

「Engines to full throttle!! Starting to climb!!」

「HQ this is Gluttony 01!! We’ve encountered enemy battleships as well as Dragon Knights!! ~Break~ Immediately send reinforcements!! I repeat ― ―」

Requesting for reinforcements through the radio, the Lieutenant gives a sidelong glance towards the Captain before pulling the throttle lever, trying to force the aircrafts engine to increase its propulsion.

If not for 8th Infantry’s discovery, the AC-130’s may have already been attacked. Concealed in the vicinity of the enemies encampment, five battleships arose intending to escape as fast as the can towards the Magical Empire’s territory.

The battleship’s escorts, the Dragon Knights tried to attack the AC-130 gunships which had descended to a lower altitude in order to provide close air support for the 8th Infantry Battalion.

「Vegas Squadron, all units weapons free! Prioritize fire on the Dragon Knights guarding the line of Battleships!!」

『Understood! Vegas 2 engaging!!』

『Roger that! Vegas 3 engaging!!』

The AC-130’s three Strike Eagle escorts, broke formation, dumping their extra fuel tanks to increase their maneuverability. Aiming their noses toward the Dragon knights they begin their attack.

Despite the unexpected development where a line of battleships suddenly emerged from below. The attacking Dragon Knights began to struggle against the Vegas Squadron in a dog fight due to a difference in relative speed. The AC-130’s escorts succeeded in eliminating the Dragon Knights without receiving a single scratch.

「Battle complete!! Return back to formation」

『『Yes sir!』』

After defeating the Dragon Knights, the Vegas Squadron returned towards the two AC-130’s in a trail formation. While verifying their statuses.

「Weapons & Ammo status」

The Captain of the Vegas Squadron, asked for his men’s equipment status.

『This is Vegas 2, I’m empty on machine gun ammo and empty on air-to-air missiles, over』

『This is Vegas 3, I’m also out on machine gun ammo and air-to-air missiles. Does Captain have anything left? Over』

「I’m also out of munitions」

While it was a good idea to intercept the Dragon Knights to protect the AC-130’s, they had run out of ammo and the enemies battleships were still intact.

「…..Aww don’t leave now」

「Ahem… But we somehow managed to escape this crisis」

Listening in on the open comms channel, Gluttony 01’s Captain and Lieutenant watched the line of fleeing battleships.

「What happened to our request for reinforcements?」

「Reporting. Immediately following the appearance of the Imperial battleships, we requested for reinforcements, but they probably won’t make it in time. By the time reinforcements arrive, the line of battleships would already be deep within the Empire’s territory」

「…. it’s just, this is quite vexing to let them escape from us」

After hearing the report, Gluttony 01’s Captain made a disappointing face, but as he stared at the line of battleships his eyes began to sparkle like a lit candle.

「… Can you please stop? Don’t say such weird things――」

Noticing the glint in the Captain’s eyes the Lieutenant tries to rebuke him, but the Captain interrupts by declaring his grand scheme.

「Alright, I’ve made up my mind! Our ship will combine with Gluttony 02’s and we are going to cross cannons with the enemy line of battleships. All hands to battle stations!!」


『Alright!! This gunship and Gluttony 02 will directly engage the line of battleships. All hands to battle stations!!』

「…..Ha~a?! So we’re going to fight a mid-air battle!! With this aircraft, really!?」

Even though the sound of the engine reverberated, the gunships crew could not hide their shock from their Lead commander’s words. Since it was transmitted directly to their helmets radios.

「Our Captain sure does a lot of crazy things. Hey Gluttony (over-eater) do you want to eat even more enemies?」³

「We’re gonna have a cannon battle in mid-air, this is awesome」³

「Well, this will be a good first experience」³

「This is great!! Our first experience!!」³

Inside the gunships cabin, the crew grumbled and complained, but everyone prepared for battle just as their Captain had ordered.

「Sir… are we really doing this?」

「I shouldn’t, but I’ll do it anyway!!」

Not listening to his Lieutenants counsel, the Captain stubbornly declared his answer.

「Haa~a I get it. Let’s do this. … Enemy battleship fleet towards our 11 o clock, distance is 4000 meters, they’re fleeing in a line formation」

The Lieutenant shook his head, realizing he couldn’t sway the Captains thoughts. Instead the Lieutenant decided to stay composed in place of their Captain for their battle against the enemy.

「Good, let’s Halt their advance, bring them down」

「Aye aye sir!」

All in all, it was quite convenient that the Imperial battleships were fleeing in a single spread out column. Gazing intently at their formation the Captain’s expression changed, smiling like a devious delinquent.

「….Eeyy, let’s fire the flares」

「Huh? What, why?」

「To scare them」

「…Ooohh, that may be a good way to intimidate them」

「Also relay that Gluttony 02」

「Aye aye sir!」

Initially the Lieutenant retorted, confused by the Captain’s request to deploy their flares, but in return the Captain gave clear and simple reply.

And together, the gunships Gluttony 01 & Gluttony 02 timed their flares, deploying them at the same time. Emitting a sense of godliness, the sight surprised the line of battleships, causing their military formation to crumble.

「I would be scared too, if I were the enemy」

The Captain declared, while laughing aloud and smiling

「Enemy proximity is 500 meters and counting!! We are almost in range!! 」

「YES, All hands prepare for battle!! Move our gunship within weapons range!! COME ON!!」

『『『『Aye aye sir!!!!』』』』

After grasping his Lieutenants report, the Captain roared his intentions to the rest of the crew. And this marks the beginning of the first, close-range aerial combat for an AC-130 gunship.

「Portside cannons at the ready! Firing!!」

Following the Captain’s commands, the two gunships released rounds in succession directly at the Imperial battleships.²

「Hit it, damn it!!」

The last battleship in the formation was the first to be targeted, two 105mm high-explosive rounds were fired from a distance of 300 meters, but they flew off their mark due to the wind.

「The rounds are going low….. how about….. this?」

「Come on! Get some! In your face!! A~and it’s going down!!」

Although the first salvo scattered and missed, the 40mm automatic cannon & the 25mm Gatling gun, managed to hit their targets, striking the mast and main decks. Creating chaos aboard the enemy battleship, the 40mm automatic cannon round struck the ships central mast, causing them to loose propulsion and navigation.

Furthermore the 25mm Gatling gun’s incendiary rounds caused a blaze that spread over the hull, enveloping the battleship.

In a similar fashion, the two gunships fiercely struck the Imperial fleet, reeking havoc to their ships.

The last battleship in formation (5th warship) drifted aimlessly after losing it’s central mast, slowly engulfed by flames.

In a stroke of luck, the 2nd and 4th battleships exploded into smithereens, receiving direct hits from the 105mm high-explosive shells.

The 3rd battleship was showered by 40mm cannon fire, creating holes along the hull. Causing the ship to snap in various places, before crashing in a scattered heap.

The leading battleship was unlucky as the 25mm Gatling guns bullets struck its naval magazine creating a grand conflagration, secondary explosions occurred throughout the ship as it slowly dropped towards the surface.

「Going for another round will not be necessary」


This would be a first in the history of close-range aerial combat, where two AC-130 gunships would one-sidedly defeat the Magical Empire’s Aerial Armada, preventing their escape. Gluttony 01, 02 and their Strike Eagle escorts returned to base in high spirits.

And this concludes the battle, with the annihilation of the Imperial Armies (Chain of Command), from the Monster kingdom.

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TL Notes: This took 18 hours over the course of 5 days. Translating, editing & referencing.

1. Here are some videos of an AC-130 in action 10 minutes It shows, all the explosive weaponry and stuff like that. Here is a compilation of F-15E Strike Eagles.

2. Well you are free to interpret/ imagine the enemies flying ships, this is just a reference.

3. The crew was very sarcastic in their remarks. Also they were jokingly hinting that this was like a good sexual first experience. “Eating more enemies”, “Cannon battle” & “our first experience”. I guess the summoned men might be deprived…

4. This is just my speculation but, their “Magical weapons” might be some kind of power armor, like a mech of some sort. Chronon mentioned this in his translations, and I kind of follow that logic. This is just a reference and not part of the story though.

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