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This Glossary will be updated periodically

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~Basically this Glossary contains spoilers so read at your own risk~

*TL Notes: I’m going through various chapters to find various terms, locations and stuff. I’m adding things as I find them so it will take awhile.

Parabellum (Military Nation)

An Autocratic nation helmed by Kazuya Nagato.  Their military is structured similar to both American Military Doctrine & German Wermacht.

  • Parabellum HQ [Mainland Island Base]
  • Camp Dallas (Dallas Base) Forward Operating Base located in Canary Kingdom

  • Armaments spans Earth’s modern era to present day

Canary Kingdom

A Monarchy with a division of authority.  The Queen is more of a figurehead, while day-to-day management is decided by its Prime Minister.

  • Central Capital
  • Fort City Nāshist (Nashisuto; ナシスト)

  • “Cursed Children”; children with abnormalities (e.g. different colored eyes, etc)

Alsace Magical Empire

A Monarchy lead by Slave Alsace Budweiser.

  • Imperial Capital
  • Desolate Forest w/ Ancient Fortress

  • Magical Machina (formerly translated as magical weapons)

  • Automata (Automatons)
  • Summoned Otherworlders (Renya Mutaguchi, Ota, Adele Saxony)

Monster Kingdom

A Union of various races, tribes of demi-humans, monsters & demons, which follow the Demon King.  Demon Lords of various tribes can compete for the seat of power and authority.

The Monster Kingdom’s current ruler is Amira Rosinger who is also the Chieftain of the Ogre tribe.

  • Capital Belgrade
  • Olga City
    Binderg City 

Loewen Religion

Ancient theology which once produced & wielded an Immortal Army.

Regals Empire

During Parabellum’s reconnaissance around the world, this country was found across the oceans expanse. Although natural barriers were in the way, it was recorded that their technology is similar to Earth’s 1920’s Era.

Principality of Albaum

A small independent country which had been invaded by retreating forces of the Alsation Empire.

  • Cardigan Castle
[Volume 3 Chapter 25]


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