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I’m done translating and I’m very happy, that I managed to finish it.

Well here’s Vol 3 Chapter 7 of MWFW

Well now that I finished my personal goal of filling in the chapter gaps. There’s currently an active translator on this novel. But I’m just going to do a little clarification thingies with the novel.

I’m going to re-read a bunch of stuff and dig through all the previous chapters, to find the best translation terminology, if possible.

I noticed that the author Tomahawk, likes to use a lot of well-known foreign names, so besides the character list, which I will add characters and fix descriptions, I’m going to also work on a glossary.

Also, the military side of things sort of annoys me. Ranks being jumbled or unit terms too. For example:

Team < Squad < Platoon < Company < Battalion < Brigade < Division < Corps

Well anyone can look it up, but for story consistency, I just felt that this was lacking.

Um.. I will also say this, I’m not a linguist where I am able to do perfect translations. English is my primary language, and I’m still learning Japanese. 3 years of schooling, does not make me an expert, and I’m still trying to learn as much as I can.

So If you believe I translated things incorrectly, I accept that. I’m human, I tried my best okay.

That aside, I wish everyone the best for the weekend! I am going to be taking a break before I pick up more things to translate. Cheers!

3 comments on “Ramblings 0.5”

  1. please please please don’t stop translating
    there is no active translator for this serie please don’t stop translating it D:
    every one is dropping this because they hate how the story is written so please don’t stop the translation 😀
    do 1 chapter a week, every 2 weeks or every month is always better then having to wait for a translator that douse a good job on this and douse not use google translate for this xD

    1. Well, at first I picked up this project, assuming no one was going to translate it. I can assume why this is hard to translate at times, the chapters aren’t consistent by word/character count. Some chapters are short and some are really long.

      My releases will be sporadic, because of that reason. Example: Ch 3 has 4867 characters to translate, then Ch 4 has 9325 characters and then Ch 5 has 5732 characters. Ch 3 may take me 4 days, but Ch 4 may take me 2 weeks (Complex kanji or informal speech) and Ch 5 might be finished in 6 days.

      I will do my best, and if life really gets hard for me, I will announce it. And thank you for stopping by *bows*

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