Vol 3 Chapter 8


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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As the Parabellum military assisted the Monster Kingdom in clean-up operations against the Imperial Army of Alsace. A certain person was working from behind the scenes.

Knock knock

「Come in.」

Sound of the door opening  ―Ga~cha~ri―

「Pardon me. I’ve brought the results of the recent survey」

As the soldier entered the room carrying documents, sounds of clicking from a ballpoint pen, echoed throughout the room.

「And the results are?」

Working from behind the scenes, Chitose was at the desk devoting her mind, body & soul, repeatedly signing documents one by one at tremendous speeds. Not even bothering to look up and take a glance at the subordinate that entered the room.

「Reporting! The outcome of our investigation is extremely dark, Mrs. Vice-President. In the Magic Empire, we came across many forbidden magical drugs as well as their circulation of it. It begins at their trade networks, and from there we learned about their illegal slave trading, bribery and so on. The further we dig, the darker it gets.」

「I see…. Well then, keep on investigating with this in mind. That this is all for the sake of realizing our goals」

「Understood, Mrs. Vice-President」

While hearing the report from her subordinate, a cold dark smile floats across the room’s master, Chitose suddenly declares.

「All of this, is for Master’s sake」

「For our Commander in Chief!」

Straightening their spines and saluting, the Soldiers matched their words with Chitose’s declaration, afterwards the messenger left the room.

「Pardon me.」

A little while ago another subordinate enters Chitose’s Office, passing by the previous Soldier that had just left.

「What is it?」

And just like the previous report, Chitose’s attention was focused on the documents before her.

Since this was a normal occurrence, the men did not mind their superiors actions. They could only address their reports in a smooth and brief manner.

「Reporting! Mrs. Vice-President previously we were investigating the whereabouts of the captured citizens of the Monster Kingdom, whom were dragged away by the Imperial Army. And we have just found out where they had taken them.  」


「An ancient fortress in the Alsace empires desolate forest. Furthermore, this has been unconfirmed, but we believe there have been human experiments and weapons development from within that fortress.」

「Have you already informed Master about this yet?」

For the first time, Chitose’s hand stops moving and she slowly raises her face towards her subordinate.

「No ma’am, you are the first we have reported this to.」

「In that case, don’t mention this to Master.」

「Er, But…..」

The Soldier turned hesitant and became slightly confused by Chitose’s order not to report this matter.

「If you report this to Master, you can joyfully investigate the actual site by yourself.  We will handle this my way.」

「…..Y..yes Ma’am. This is the report that contains all the information we gathered at this point in time.」

As the Soldier bobs his head up and down, he leaves the report, salutes and exits the room. Chitose picks up the phone which was buried under paperwork and immediately contacts Parabellum’s Special Forces unit.


The Special Forces Unit that Chitose called 『Black Phantom (The Dark Specters)』received the emergency call. Members of the unit began to assemble within one room of the command center for a briefing.

「All right, everyone’s gathered. I’ll be giving you boys a synopsis of our mission.」

The Leader of Black Phantom, Major Glenn begins by pressing the switch of the projector.

「Men, this is our target. An ancient fortress within the Alsace Magical Empire’s desolate forest. We have unconfirmed reports of experiments and weapons development using humans as well as monster tribesman who’ve been captured from the Monster Kingdom. Based on the size of the fortress, we may be facing an enemy force of 2000〜3000 personnel. And we are fortunate, that their Magical Weapons and Automata are not being deployed at this location.」

Receiving the Top-Secret report from Chitose at Camp Dallas, Major Glenn continued to flash satellite images on the projector one after the other.

「Our main objective is to investigate what is going on at this fortress, and if we come across any new weapons being developed, eliminate it. Also, this Top-Secret mission is being conducted by Mrs. Vice-President Chitose, and not our Commander-in-Chief. Keep that in mind. So, any questions?」

Several men shivered before raising their hand to ask the Major a question.

「How are we infiltrating the fortress?」

「An Airborne Assault, we’ll be using aircraft to approach from the sky.  」

「Are we taking any prisoners?」

「You can detain one or two people, but eliminate all others. Anything else? No questions, alright we’ll sortie in three hours. Dismissed!!」

「「「「Sir, yes sir!」」」

At Major Glenn’s command, the men got up from seats to salute and began exiting the room.

At an Altitude of 4000 meters.

Under the glistening stars of the night sky, the Combat Talon II’s go dark, turning off their anti-collision lights (C-130 Tactical Transport Aircraft for Special Forces) These two aircraft begin to blend in with the nights darkness.

「T-minus 10, before jump!!」

Within the cargo hold, the cabin rocks, rattling, shaking up, down, left and right, as the sound of the engine reverberates throughout the plane. The Dark Specters of Black Phantom prepare to drop with their weapons and gear, everyone equipped with their signature balaclava’s, a ski mask depicting a skeleton.

「T-minus 5, before jump!!」

As the men make their final checks on their gear, the light on the planes rear hatch changes color from red to green. The heavy compartment door begins to open, a roaring gale is heard as the wind surges into the cargo hold.

「Arrived on target!! Start the jump!! Good Luck!!」

As the airmen of the plane shout loudly over the sounds of the engine and billowing winds, the Dark Specters silently nod in unison. One by one they move to the rear hatch and with controlled movements jump out into the dark sky.

As members of Black Phantom jump out of the two Combat Talon II’s, a total of 60 parachutes safely deploy in the air, but it will take one person to infiltrate the enemies sphere of influence and succeed.




「Hey, cut it out, stay sharp.  Geez every time.」

At around midnight, within the Desolate Forest of the Alsace Magical Empire the Ancient Fortress watchtower was lit with a mixture of torches and magical light fixtures. Rogers, a soldier who was recently assigned to this place, shook terribly at the hair raising scream from the laboratory hidden deep within the old fortress.

「It’s just I can’t help it at all! Ugh… I’ll just get used to it! Just get used to it!」

「Ha~a You’re too easily spooked, to get used to this. 」

Ares who was assigned to the Ancient Fortress at the same time as Rogers, could only sigh and avert his eyes at his partner’s disgusting behavior.

「In the first pla― Hyak! Aa~a~a, gyah!」

「Hmm? Hey, what’s wrong? Are you ok?」

Hearing Rogers voice croak, like a crushed frog. Ares turned to find Rogers fainted on the ground, his crotch wet and bubbles foaming at his mouth.

「HEY! What’s wrong with you!?」

Ares rushes over to where Rogers lay and began shaking him, slapping his cheeks in order to wake him up. Then all of a sudden, he feels a presence at his back.

「………………。 MmPHff!? NnGH?! MFFph!!」

Ares nervously tries to look behind him, but the moment he tries, his movements become sealed in a full nelson.   Flailing his arms, he struggles just before his throat was slit.

As blood flowed from his wound, Ares was unable to say a word. Staring intently at what had just attacked him.

「urk! huk! 」

As his vision began to blur, what was reflected in Ares eyes, was a humanoid figure slitting the throat of his partner, Rogers.


As Ares tried to confirm the being that had knifed Rogers, his consciousness faded permanently.


『Alpha team this is Delta. We’ve eliminated two enemy lookouts along the watchtower. ~Break~ No signs of enemy in the vicinity, All Clear 』

「Roger that Delta team, continue mission. Move out!」

The Dark Specters of Black Phantom had successfully infiltrated the ancient fortress, soundlessly moving in quick succession. Breaking windows with specialized equipment and removing the Fortress Guards in a single blow.

Each team of Dark Specters had entered effortlessly, due to the lax security of the ancient fortress. Spreading out and investigating each room.

….. This is ridiculous, it’s too quiet.

Captain Naruse turns his neck, trying to listen for the cause of silence within the ancient fortress. Commanding four teams out of the Black Phantom’s fifteen, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta, he is currently Alpha’s team leader.

Continuing to search around the fortress without making a sound, turning his neck back and forth, a sense of doubt reaches Captain Naruse. As his team members haven’t come across a single person from the time they infiltrated the fortress.

「All teams respond, this is Alpha team leader. I need a sitrep, over」

This is Bravo Team, we are currently exploring the tower on the eastern wing.
~Break~….. no signs of enemy, over

This is Charlie team, we’re exploring on the second floor of the fortress, same as Bravo Team, no signs of enemy, over

Alpha team this is Delta. We’ve found what appears to be a supply tunnel, located at the central area of the first floor, it seems to be leading underground.
~Break~ Also, no signs of enemy here as well, over

What is going on? There’s no signs of human presence. There were supposed to be more than a thousand people in this fortress, but we’ve only managed to come across the 10 lookouts guarding this place.  Could this be a trap?

「Roger on the Sitrep, Bravo Team after you complete your search, secure our exit out of here.
~Break~ Teams Charlie and Alpha will rendezvous with Delta, and we will converge toward the lowest level, over」

『『『Copy that!』』』

While listening to each teams report, Captain Naruse becomes uncertain about their situation. Taking into account that the fortress itself is a trap, he directs each unit to complete their duties, as his team begins to move toward the supply tunnel, that Delta team found.

「Is this it? ….Shit, there’s a restrictive magical barrier deployed. Reyes, help us out over here.」

After rendezvousing with Delta team, Captain Naruse notices the the magical barrier deployed over the supply tunnels’ entrance, blocking a wooden elevator. As Delta team’s tight lipped magicians work on lifting the magical barrier, he orders Alpha teams’ magicians to assist. (Each team within Black Phantom has 5 magicians, Chitose purchased these magical slaves from various places.)

「About how long will this take?」

「It will take about three minutes」

「Too slow, do it in half the time.」

「Yes sir!」

The magicians start blasting the magical barrier after Captain Naruse advised them to release it quicker.

「It’s done」

And in just a minute and a half, the magical barrier that covered the supply tunnel disappeared.

「Good job!」

Captain Naruse pats the shoulder of a nearby soldier, and reassigns five members from Delta team to secure the supply tunnels’ entranceway. The remaining ten members of Delta combine with Alpha and Charlie, forty Dark Specters prepare to go underground.

「HQ this is Alpha Team Leader, be advised, we’re headed underground to the deepest level of the fortress, over」

『Alpha Team, HQ acknowledges』

After ending the transmission, nobody knows what to expect as they go underground, Captain Naruse steps aboard the wooden elevator, their only means of escape.

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1. Unit size, the original texts uses “team” but the group can either be a “squad” or “platoon”.  They are a Special Forces unit, so 60 people can be considered a “company.”

2.  “Dare mo Shiranai” (Nobody Knows [2004 Film]) this was part of the original text. And its the authors way of foreshadowing, by implying its reference. 

3. Radio etiquette, are just my additions to the translation and sometimes are not part of the original text. “over” signifies the end of a senders message.  “~Break~” messages over radio are usually short burst responses, usually any long message will have breaks in between.  Reddit has an awesome  example.

4. In the future I may use “Camp Dallas” or “Dallas base” interchangeably. Since it is a forward operating base within the Canary Kingdom.  This article can explain my reasons.

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