I have received…

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Quite a bit of criticism. And to be honest it was quit harsh. So I’ve been trying to rethink my stories for a bit. Oh don’t worry I’m not abandoning my first trial novel “Science is my passion”.

It’s just I’m reworking the next line of format and stuff. I’m not killing the adventure before it even got to start. It’s just i’m trying to tackle a list of complaints and though brutal, some honest responses. Yeah I took this over to a few teachers and while they like my premise, I received a lot of feedback.

Frankly, my motivation took a blow. Or should I say my ego did. And to drown my sorrows, besides actual real life stuff. I went towards sketching and drawing. So I’ll just upload those, while I’m at it. And just to let people know, I’m not a fast sketcher/drawer. It take quite a bit of time to flesh out a character and to get proportions going in a a nice aesthetic way.

But I digress, the next chapters for SIMP may have a different feel to it, and I hope they incite many to follow along.


Well the pictures are of my phone so quality is questionable-ish. Again, I’m starting to get my writing mojo back, and as for drawing I will do it when I need a break here and there. I’ll probably post those other sketches I have too. Just to give people an Idea how long this took me, the pencil sketch took about 2 & 1/2 hours and the color marker took about another hour, but this was spread across a week. Like 15-25 minutes here and there.

So Thanks for looking I hope to bring you guys more content in a organized fashion and not, all over the place. I’m working on it, so I ask for your patience again.