Family comes first

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Hi everyone, I’m still on a Hiatus, but I still want to update you guys on some things.

I will be returning later in the month to writing my chapters and a few more stories. It’s currently in a half-assed state, so I want to fix it up quite a bit more.

Today is my Mother’s birthday and Mother’s day is coming up as well. So I’m scrambling for a second gift for that as well. Tonight I’m spending some time for a family dinner.

Outside of my work schedule, I will be honest and say I’m concerned with my countries(USA) Economic and Political situation. So a portion of my work wages has been going into SHTF supplies. I don’t know what will happen if the US Dollar goes to crap or if Central banks will be strict on withdrawals on cash, but it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared. Also I am just fed up with the politics, the presidential race is going from ridiculous to over the top. With Riots and violence alike, a long time ago I didn’t see how peaceful protest over your ideas, became a violent struggle for your personal beliefs.

I can only sigh over the mess my country causes toward itself. Hopefully, things will get better, and the generations that come after us will consider this timeline similar to the Hippie Era.

Now that I’ve spoken most of what’s been on my mind. I’ll just digress and say my website, will probably change here and there. I haven’t put an exact date on it, half in part to my procrastinative behavior. But I have goals to add to the content I place here.

Thank you guys for your time and patience, I look forward to providing you guys with something enjoyable or otherwise worthwhile.