Ramblings 0.9 (v3 ch22 News)


First translation for the month of November!

Volume 3 Chapter 21

Its also not appropriate for most work or public environments

And for your next chapter analysis and stuffs

It’s roughly the same amount as this past chapter (v3ch21). So a little bit more than the standard chapter character count.  looks like another dialogue heavy chapter.

Depending on how complicated the dialogue is for this chapter, I might be able to breeze through this.

On another note, midterms are over and I’m passed the halfway point in my college courses.  And as always, thank you for the support and I look forward to bringing you guys another chapter!

Enjoy your weekend!!

WRLD – Hang Up (feat. Savoi)

Featured image is by Rosuuri   Twitter|Tumblr|Pixiv|Patreon

5 comments on “Ramblings 0.9 (v3 ch22 News)”

  1. Honestly I’ve never commented on your site or novels but ever since you took over modern weapons the story has been so much better, it’s actually readable and you make it make sense. Thank you for your translations and care you’ve put into the story. Thank you for doing this, and I hope life goes smooth sailing for you even if there’s a couple waves

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