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Ramblings 0.78 (v3ch19 News)

I finished a day early so here is your chapter without further ado Volume 3 Chapter 18 So here’s my projection of Chapter 19, with consideration for RL, I can probably get this done before the month ends. So possibly around the week of September 24-30. The usual technical analysis, 252 segments with 9108 characters. 

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Ramblings 0.775 (v3ch18 News update)

I’ve finished 132 segments out of 217, and that’s roughly 56% of the chapter.  And for any math people don’t be alarmed. I know 132/217 is equal to 60.8%.

Ramblings 0.77 (v3ch18 News)

So after translating  12 chapters until this point. I am going to do an editing overhaul on all previous translations [Vol 3 Ch 6-16]. Just for consistency-sake and mainly because it bothers me a bit.  And that is the conversion of “Magical weapons” to either Magical Machines or Machina.