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My haphazard life pioneering C1

“What the hell happened to me?” I just turned a corner, thinking it was shortcut to my house. But here I find myself in some strange woods. Looking behind me I’m completely lost, there are just woods surrounding me. I wasn’t that lost in thought, I was just daydreaming about confessing to this girl in

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A Tale of Knights part 1

We move onward while the wind howls fiercely, darkness lay abound as lady twilight goes to rest. Marching upon the orders of our king, we were to subjugate the rebellious citizens within our borders. My men begin to feel the cold enter their bones as the wind gusts between our ranks. “Light the torches! Stay together,

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New Chapter for SIMP

Well I got back into writing, well I’m also drawing every now and then so, I will try to balance out both. (I currently owe 10 chapters more from my hiatus[3/23], I’m trying to catch up ) For the Latest chapter read  HERE Also for the month of June , I will be training in the wilderness, I

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