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August delayed chapters

Well here are the delayed chapters from August. I won’t make excuses, so please enjoy. Chapter 11 Chapter 12 September is a new month and I’m currently working on the story. Real life aside, I will try to churn out more before the month ends. As you may already, deadlines aren’t my strong suit, but

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SIMP side story

Just to say, this doesn’t count as a chapter so it will not change my 3 chapter quota for this month. This is just an extra I felt like posting because I managed to finish it a lot faster than I initially thought. Enjoy the side story. Click Here for Chapter 10 Side Story

SIMP chapter 10

Alright, a new chapter is out. I finished with the brainstorming and writing and I’m working on chapter 11 right now. This is 1 out of 3 for this month. Again my goal is to push out three chapters, everything else I post will be extras. I’m taking a break from playing Overwatch and stuff, in

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