Ramblings 0.55

Another start of a new week. Well, I’m trying to acclimate to a new sleep schedule. Actually it’s not really new, it’s just been a while since I haven’t worked nights.

Well my work day is no longer in the mornings, but starts in the late afternoons and continues through the evening.

So, it’s like starting work at 4pm and working until 12:30am. And sometimes if I do my 2nd job it’s either 10:30am-2:30pm or 1:15am-5:45am.

Man, hard labor and retail. Gotta do, what you gotta do to survive in a competitive world these days.

Sure the pay is more than minimum wage, but my locales cost of living is rough. Hence the 2 jobs, my primary job covers my living costs, rent & utilities. And my secondary job sorta just gets me by on meals and transportation.

Well I’m saving up, to eventually move onto greener pastures, so I’m looking forward to that.

Anyways gotta go, cheers and enjoy the week.

I’m doing midterms

So for the brunt of my real life issues. I am doing my midterms and all that shenanigans.

As for chapters and all. Your assumptions aren’t wrong, in the fact my concentration was actually directed towards my studies.

Once all my classes are okay. I will use a couple of days during spring break to work on my projects.

That’s the short and simple. I wish everyone the best and I look forward to giving more content, after some edits.