I’m doing midterms

So for the brunt of my real life issues. I am doing my midterms and all that shenanigans.

As for chapters and all. Your assumptions aren’t wrong, in the fact my concentration was actually directed towards my studies.

Once all my classes are okay. I will use a couple of days during spring break to work on my projects.

That’s the short and simple. I wish everyone the best and I look forward to giving more content, after some edits.

Chiming in

So, I’m quite depressed as of late. I’m boarding with a couple people, and we are renting this place. We came to an agreement where we all were in charge of some type of payment. I said I would cover utilities.

Well, to make a long story short. My last few utility bills, basically dwarfs, my buddies combined rent. Hence why I’m upset.

I was really looking forward to my paycheck, and picking up a few things. To inspire my writing and some hobbies. But now a vast majority of my check, will go to bills.

I’m laugh-crying because after all my bills and stuff, I will have a pocket money of $68…

*sigh* now I’m going to have to stretch that for the next two weeks, until my next paycheck.

Okay, now for stories. While I’ve started several projects, I’ve only focused on 2 this past week. I’ve revised the stories several times and I’m currently on a 3rd draft. Once it meets my liking I’ll post it up once more.

To give you guys an idea how jumbled up some of my projects were. Think of a story that keeps time jumping and has flashbacks, but it sorta confuses the reader.

Yeah well, I don’t recall what my original train of thought was. Maybe it made sense then, but after rereading my work I realized how weird the chapter came out.So I’m in the middle of revisions, snipping parts and adding parts here and there.

So I wish everyone the best, have an awesome week, and take care!