Category: Rant-dom

I will be on Hiatus for a while

Several life issues came up back to back. Right now I’m trying to grasp my bearings on several different events. Where to start…. Okay, so I will go with what just recently happened, um… My vehicle was towed just yesterday from my street, I had to pay close to $200 to get it out of

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I caught a cold

Yes, I am not feeling to well. I caught a cold over the past week and I am still recovering from it. My releases are late, but I’m still trying to pump them out I owe people my other R18 story too (Still working out how to make widgets and stuff). The weather lately, can’t

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I’m Sorry

I’m not really the type to bring up personal things. But lately, I’ve been a little swamped in real life, my expected chapter today will have a late release. My reading list has been posted for anyone curious about my genre tastes. I didn’t link or list any novels that have been taken down, from

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