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A new month and another distraction

Yes, I’m still writing and collecting my thoughts. Drawing is rather rough at this time. because I’m having a bit trouble as to how I want my characters to appear. Everyone who has read my story thus far can usually picture their own version of my characters. But as I progress through with the terminology and

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Well I’m out of the field and back in civilization, I have a bunch of things to edit. I finally have my R-18 shorts up, you can click on the link, it should be working now. Original Shorts <<< Please check it out One story thus far, I finished editing, I have a stockpile of

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My Randomness

Ok Ok, this will be my random blog for Wednesday. I’m just trying to gather my thoughts and things together, and to remind my readers I play Valkyrie Crusade. I really like the art of this game, besides playing it and it gives me some inspiration towards what I do. I play it at least once

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