In between a rock and a hard place

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Well, I’m going through several story revisions at the moment, and a few of my peers have been nagging on me to refocus and stuff. So I decided to take some writing classes and also do some self-study, in between my college course and work and the rest of my everyday life.

Also I’m in the middle of studying for my midterms too. Hopefully my retention of the homework and course stuff, will kick in once midterms come.

I once had an experience where I knew all my stuff, but come time to sit down and do answers, my brain went ka-puht. And I barely passed that test. *sigh* what a memory.

Well, I’m not gone gone, so no worries. I’m still thinking about my readers. And I know you probably hate me for inconsistency. For all that I do, I apologize.

Well, if anything I wish everyone a great week, from the middle of the week. and Cheers to all!

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