Author: Kur0_Oni

4. Meetings & Greetings – 2

This is a bonus chapter, that I managed to finish ahead of schedule. Please Enjoy! Mahalo! << Previous Chapter  |Table of Contents|  Next Chapter >> Chapter 4.: I’m Sorry… Not so sorry -Arend’s PoV- “YOU IDIOT” The messy girl who was with Sister Lia and me got all mad over pulling her from the river. Was

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3. Meetings & Greetings

<< Previous Chapter  |Table of Contents|  Next Chapter >> Chapter 3.: Or Greetings and goodbye? “Who are you people?” In front of me was the Sister who saved me and behind her were several children. I myself was reborn into the body of a child by the name of Arend. I tried to think or recall

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2. Being Born Again

<< Previous Chapter  |Table of Contents|  Next Chapter >> Chapter 2.: Being born again is great but…  I disappeared from the Goddess’ special place, it was above the world that I would be born in. A place up high, staring at the planet below. I seem to recall the continents and the vast oceans below,

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